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Square Peg in Round Hole

Ever feel like you are all alone in your perspective on any particular issue? Ever wonder if anyone is listening to what you know to be true? Ever wonder how this country is going to come back from this idea that opinions trump facts? Ever wonder why the government, and agencies and corporations are working together to mandate their will rather than listening to yours according to what is lawful? Is there anything wrong with collective government agencies that further collectivize to continue to mandate its will against the people in the name of security or for the sake of the children? I, personally, had it a long time ago. Corruption is so blatant; they are out in the open with it and they don't seem to care and part of that reason is because they know the informed few can't possibly be successful in stopping what they planned and that the ignorant don't know any better, heck, maybe I don't.

I feel like a square peg and world of round holes. Do you feel like a man alone on an island, or the only one crying out for help amidst a people that wish to destroy you while others seem to prefer enslavement?

I heard a long time ago that "the Issue is never the issue." If this is true, shouldn't we be asking what the real issue is? And why does it seem like no one is doing it?

I guess it is no secret that this country is in trouble, but what becomes clearer is that people either still don't know why or say they care and don't or are just so confused it doesn't matter. My concern is the deviation from the foundation of facts in favor of random unsubstantiated opinions and when relativism trumps consistency (based on Principles), then what? I try to never post anything out of disrespect, just what I see. Although some get it (Thank you), some clearly don't and that is the void I am trying to fill.

I did write a series on the drug issue called the Marijuana Menagerie and a few about Fentanyl and the manufactured crisis and I may need to repost them in an effort to try to get people to see the consequences and unintended consequences of a thing and to open up this topic, like I try to with all others, to see the bigger picture, from the governments classic desire to create a problem, to instill fear in the people and finally, as it always does trying to become the hero coming in with a solution, that never is.

What I don't think people understand is that every time the government advocates for something, Whether it be Mandatory minimum sentencing it, Teachers carry conceal in schools, by default, expands government power so if one supports the expansion of this power, one also supports the loss of liberty, expanding the power of government without a care for what this incrementalization will do to future generations and creating a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter government that is based on their rules and laws rather than the plight of the individual. This moves us towards collectivism not individualism as our Founders had intended.

We say we hate traffic, but we all create it by being careless, We hate tickets but continue to allow them, we hate endless administrative regulations but few fight them, likewise, we all hate drugs but have allowed the government the power to do everything to create the crisis, instill fear in the people and as it always does, get people divided on whether one does or doesn't not realizing things are not that simple. There are endless other examples from speeding tickets to regional trade agreements to economic insolvency. If people really don't like something, why do they continue to allow things to happen without doing anything about them? They must not care that much and if they don't, they should stop complaining.

People can take sides for different reasons, just because one does or doesn't support a bill doesn't mean they love drugs and hate cops, for example, anyone that makes statements like this are manipulating you by using mob-rule tactics (since they most likely believe we are a democracy rather than a republic) or are so passionate about a subject, they need to instill fear in people to get them to buy their narrative.

The warring political classes also seem to enjoy beating each other down but what I have realized is that it seems few are interested in both sides of a story not realizing that one side may make points worth consideration. I see this as another manipulative tactic. "Let's get everyone angry about one side of the issue without telling them the other side and get them to apply pressure with little to no understanding of the topic," whether it be a bill or otherwise.

The one that bothers me most is that people focus more on a person than an issue. Sure, at some point, we realize who we are dealing with but does it mean they need to be placed in a (collective) box (like Democrats bad, republicans good) because from that point on they will always make poor decisions? Our country's problems are partly because we look at people rather than issues and as our country collapses, few seem to realize this kind of thinking is part of the problem. These tactics are extremely dangerous and when you see it happening, you need to attempt to silence it. When you address an issue ask yourself does this further collectivism or individualism? At the very least that should help understand an issue more clearly.

So, what is the bigger picture on these issues? In my view, World government. Drugs, for example are a byproduct of a much bigger issue and no one wants to talk about it. Do they not know? No one asking why the borders are open or assuming they are to change the election demographic, that's it? How narrow minded.

The reason why the borders are not closed is because the government doesn't want them closed. One reason is elections, another is multiculturalism, the continual division of people, exercising Cloward and Piven to collapse our country, but more so, to merge countries into a "soviet bloc-style" nation like the EU. We have seen this before, but most ignorant Americans don't realize it and think it will never happen here when it already is. Trade agreements are all a part of that puzzle, and so are agreements like The New Declaration for North America and The Declaration of Interdependence as well as the wording in trade agreements and achieving the "global consensus" outlined in The United Nations Agenda 21/2030. Every issue you are concerned about and many you don't even know about are all connected to this end.

While the global agenda is advancing, here at home inciting fear about drugs, law enforcement, for example, focuses only on drugs (The obliteration of the 4th amendment and other violations) and even they don't even call out the feds for burdening the states with drug issues while law enforcement commits to take more federal money to further increase its power and authority? It's not about drugs or minimum sentencing It's about world government! FDR said, "if it happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way." If you support more government, I would simply like to ask you where your authority comes from, and it is a proper use of that authority?

Typically, people don't think of such questions which is not only problematic but what we find typically is that the ignorant and apathetic are the ones that enslave us all even at the cost of seeing those like us as their adversary, while you praise abusive government authority?

Finally, I am less worried about what the government is doing than I am concerned with those that don't know better that to allow so much to happen. I am comfortable being that square peg in a world of round holes because at least I try to challenge the narrative while being blessed enough to stay out of the muck of the political sphere of right/left politics. Maybe that is why the founders didn't seem to want them. If this is the case, I agree wholeheartedly.

We need more square pegs in a world of round holes. Will you become a square peg?

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