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Statism, Nationalism and Globalism

"Statism" or "statesmen" in my circles has been defined as one that supports and defends the state (from the people.) However in my reading of history and our Founders, I have found that Statism and "statesmen" were considered those upstanding individuals that are more statist than federalist meaning they support and defend their state as their "Homeland" from the federal overreach or worse and/or Globalist entrenchment.

There has also been much hullaballoo about the word Nationalist, especially the white kind. The media in full display working on the globalist agenda that ironically in the name of unification under a one world government finds the most successful way to do so by creating division through race, national identity, politics, color of skin etc. All of the negative media connotations are not meant to tell the truth but rather meant to chip away and create a disregard not only for one another but for national interests and for those that love, and defend their nation in much the same way a stateman would his state against those that oppose it.

A globalist shouldn't need much time to define. Their position is that they are not supporters of the state in a patriotic sense or the nation and believe we would all live more inclusively if there were no borders at all. As a matter of fact, all they do is work to destroy state borders in favor of regional entities like the Health Districts. They desire to abolish national traditions, religions, laws, economics and collapse the state or nation in order to build dependence upon a utopian global supra-national governing entity with the most sinister intentions that will also become plain to see before long.

Ironically in pursuit of this destruction, they incrementally increase the power of the state and the ability to use law enforcement to defend itself from the people until such time as the new governmental overlay is in place that includes the power of the multi-nation corporations and of course, Non-governmental organizations (NGO's). COVID has been the best way to see all of it on full display with he rise of medial tyranny by NGO's, along with the Corporations violating the rights of citizens in the name of "Constitutionality" and "because private businesses have that right." The globalist plan has always been to use our Constitution and "Christian Forbearance" against us and its working.

In mentioning these three "ideals," the global conspiracy that I have written quite a bit about can be clearly seen even for those that had never heard of it before even if just having one choice to ask: "if not this then what?" Its quite simple to see in this light.

Why would a nation loving, freedom loving people want to destroy their state or their nation? Well, I argue many don't really want to, they are just not well informed enough to know what they are supporting or have been successfully brainwashed...these, with no disrespect are called "Dupes." The others are those that do, in fact, want to destroy boundaries and they do so intentionally. These are the true "enemies of the state," not those desiring to defend it from those that seek to destroy it. I sure wish our men and women in law enforcement would understand at least this much. Imagine how much easier it would be for them if they did know?


In real life and not dystopia, those that intentionally want to destroy this country are the true "Enemies of the State" not those desiring to protect it. The difference is in the "state of the state."


If you had to ask someone why someone would destroy their state, more than likely they have it in their minds that there is something better, something worth destroying the old to bring in the new, right? "If not this, then what?" Well, all one would need to ask is "what other options are there?" As I recall, one could desire to live in a tribe, township, a city, in the county, the state or a nation, right? Up till now that is all the globe has ever known, until more recently... Enter globalism.

I have written about conspiracy and how the global agenda is real and how there are and have been people that have worked for generations to abolish borders in favor of the Globalist Agenda which is an Anti-God, One World Government and these people are even open about it and all they do is conspire, brilliantly I might add, to find ways to incrementally break down borders, as I believe (I could be wrong) Mikael Gorbachev said" to comfortably merge with the Soviet Union." It really didn't matter to me who said it, the fact is that it was said by people with much greater power than you or I and this should concern us but why doesn't it seem to?

Every facet of politics and policy today can be traced to the incremental abolition or America in supporting this "merge," the problem is that either we have been so dumbed down or we have been so overwhelmed or we have been lied to so long, the average American, for example, can no longer "see the forest for the trees." If I had to guess one more reason why American's don't understand is that they have been fed a lie about The John Birch Society and spent more time believing the lie than realizing we were the "The Tip of the Spear" when it came to exposing globalism. Its been almost all we have talked about for more than 62 years. Our belief was that if people would have just looked at our material and adhered to our simple education and action plan, we very well may not have been in the position we are in today.

Since there are people that still believe the lie and I have been as active as I have been for so long in local politics and being on morning radio for so long without people knowing I am a Birch member and now still currently as Coordinator, and I have been become trusted in those years by many without being questioned about where I get my information from, I thought with what I have learned I could do my part the best way I know how to help people understand the issues without separating themselves from me because they still believed that lie. I saw and still see my work as a bridge to bring people a message they would not get otherwise.

In full transparency, just because people may not have known about who I work for doesn't mean it was done in secret, far from that being the truth. In reality, there was a separation of sorts in my mind that caused me to attempt to provide a separation from my personal position from my professional one, which, I find out was never acknowledged anyway so I am way more open about it now and have greater opportunity to be more open. Not to mention, that openness has also been increased because of people's renewed interest in wanting to know more about The John Birch Society. This interest, I believe is because people are waking rapidly to the fact that we were right all along. For more information, please visit or

If today, isn't time for Truth and Action, when is? We certainly don't have much time left and if you aren't active currently, every day you sit on the fence is another day the enemy advances on your liberty and that of your posterity. If we are American's we better start acting like it knowing that success doesn't come from words, it comes from action.

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So well and accurately stated is the position of this country that only a dupe would really try (unsuccessfully I would add) to say it isn't so. Anyone with a functioning brain and the ability to free think for themselves just has to look around to see what is REALLY going on. Well said Tom, keep doing what you are doing!

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