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Suicide: "Awareness and prevention" and a personal story

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The thought of suicide is horrible and living with the loss of a friend or family member that was a "victim" of suicide is indelibly written in the hearts and minds of us all whom have suffered. Knowing the seriousness and the extreme emotional nature of this topic, the purpose of this post is not to make light of a serious situation, please don't misunderstand me, it is merely to offer a perspective or a variety of perspectives on the topic.

I hear, as we all do with most government propaganda campaigns a lot about different types of "awareness campaigns." My question when I hear them is: "Why does the government feel the need to create an awareness for what people are already aware of it and why if they are is it necessary to make it more public?" "Will this awareness campaign make people more aware and if it does, what would be the goal of such awareness?"

No one is saying that awareness is a bad thing necessarily, what I am questioning is why the government chooses some awareness campaigns but spends our money on other campaigns to keep the people unaware of others? I mean, we never hear about the awareness campaigns regarding the abuse of the supreme court, or the dangers of Marxism in school that will corrupt a nation forever do we? We are never even made aware that socialism enslaves a people or that trillions on debt is a bad thing, but global warming and grid failures and pandemics are all the rage...all of course while we are personally trying to live within a budget while allowing the government to kill our economy and our freedom?

My point in saying this is that in my view I, like you if you have found my page, have become extremely suspect of the motives of government while it seems others fall prey to the propaganda campaigns and follow like good little obedient souls, the whims of the government campaign. Evidence sure proves this with the recent COVID fiasco when people caved when the government instituted its last fear campaign propagating a hoax that removed the rest of any freedoms we had in the name of the "Crisis de jure." Let's look closer at what I mean...

In this instance there was a local county Coroner, a very nice and caring person by the way, without malice in her heart I might add, promoting a campaign to create "suicide awareness." My first question is, why was she on the air promoting a campaign that had nothing to do with her job description? I mean Constitutionally and lawfully, was her job to prevent death? I thought her job was to pronounce people as deceased? (They are also the only lawful entity that can arrest the Sheriff but there was no awareness campaign for that either.) Did I tell you that the Coroner also said that most cases have not been diagnosed? Is being labeled suicidal like being charged with a crime without knowing what it is or being labeled without due process of law? She also said that many cases are ignored. If this is true, what is she really saying and does the desire to become even more invasive become part of the solution? "Being ignored?" Who is ignoring it and why? Is it the government's job, for example to "do something" about people contemplating certain personal decisions? Hell, I even hear that committing suicide is a crime? Truth is, the government's job is to "ignore" or leave people alone not pre-emptively determine their mental status!

Is that the best way to spend tax dollars to try to "prevent" death? Is the government's job now to prevent death and also prevent crime or prevent "Acts of Terror" or Prevent "right wing extremism or whatever excuse they use to gain more power over the minds and bodies of the people they were positioned to serve? If they have this power, what other excuses or crisis can they spend tax dollars to prevent and can they even prevent it? Maybe they could launch a campaign to prevent tyranny or government corruption? Nah, they can't even balance their budget or maintain the integrity of elections! To prevent anything, In my view, they would first need the lawful authority to do so and second, they would need to understand the problem relating to what they want to prevent in order to prevent it and this, I believe is where a big part of the problem lays in not knowing:

  1. The job of the government isn't to spend our money on propaganda campaigns at all.

  2. The job of the government isn't to "prevent" anything.

  3. The job of the government isn't to collude with non-profits to advance the cause.

  4. The job of the government isn't to collude with Big Pharma and Big Psych.

  5. The job of the government isn't to psycho-analyze free people.

  6. The job of government isn't to control people.

Suicide in my view is a problem but it isn't or shouldn't be the government's problem unless it, the government, creates the fertile ground for promoting it. In this case, they don't need to implement programs... they need to stop what they are doing to promote it! They are liars and hypocrites and one way to tell is that if life is that important why does the same government make it legal to kill babies, especially as a choice? In that view, don't people that kill themselves have that same choice? In my view, those that kill themselves have the choice more than pregnant mothers because they are killing themselves not someone else. Now the government not only chooses the language but gets to choose who to apply that language to.

Suicide to me is a Spiritual problem in that since it falls out of the purview of the proper role of government, it then should be an issue dealt with by the family or the church but what if the government is in some way responsible for the suicide of the people? Would it be a conflict of interest to support suicide on one hand while trying to prevent it on the other? We know it would certainly be unlawful and an abuse of power!

Consider other possible causes of suicide that what your government doesn't seem to know as it miraculously knows how to solve the problem. Since the government doesn't seem to know or is willing to admit it here are a few examples that I believe implicate government's promotion of suicide: Sissification of society, Loss of parents, destruction of the traditional family, lack of morality, no Biblical foundation, no belief in a Creator, gender confusion, being labeled mentally ill by your government, abuse by the court system, oppressive laws by the legislature, our injustice system, the inability to get out, the red tape of behavioral programs necessary to comply, the heavy fines, the petty citations, relentless pursuits by the government to force compliance, the indoctrination of our youth, the peer pressure created by politically driven agendas, narcissism, distraction, inability to find the truth, elevating opinion as fact, increased heavy taxation, overall abuse of government and bureaucratic red tape or perhaps and more than likely... a bit of all of the above.

As I listened to this campaign and the question came up about how to prevent suicide, she didn't really know which proved my point. She just made it sound like all that was needed was to create enough of an awareness that the problem would be solved. Or if that didn't solve the problem, they seemed to open up the floodgates for listeners to increase reliance on their benevolent government for help, for counseling and of course for Big Pharma meds. Yeah! that'll do it! Put the government and Big Pharma and Big Psych in control of your mind and body! Are you kidding me? Do you see the motives yet?

As for all campaigns the government creates, historically, it does so to instill fear or gain control by pulling your heartstrings so that written pieces like this one can't be written without being ridiculed by "People with big hearts" by calling people like me heartless. It is another perfect way for the government to instill strife, divide a people and gain control over both as it does continually while avoiding the 900lb elephant in the room!

Here you have a government that doesn't know how to obey its own laws and limitations, working to manipulate and subjugate its people and they want us to trust them? Is that like "trusting the science?". They sell something they don't seem to know anything about and sell solutions? I argue they don't know anything because they don't know the root cause of the problem, and as usual they come up with Band-aid to (literally) "mask" the problem to constantly appear as the Savior to the ignorant? (Just like they did with COVID and the War on Terror/drugs/poverty etc.)

Let me see if I can help, I should be able to because I believe I have way more experience than your government! I have always felt that the people most able to help are those that have been in the place where problems exist that have managed to live through them, not some Point Dexter with some college degree that lived in some box without a clue.

Personally speaking, I grew up in an interesting world. I was adopted at a very early age. I was lucky to come from a pretty well-to-do family so material items were in abundance. That part, admittedly was nice. What was lacking however was Love. My Mom was one of sweetest and most genuine women I have ever known but emotionally delicate and was easily manipulated by her husbands. She was a Socialite and we had nanny's that took care of my sister and I when they were gone. We spent more time with our Nanny's than we did with our parents and to be honest, looking back at it, it was better that way.

When my sister and I got older, we were shipped to boarding schools and summer camps totaling most of the year with the exception of a week during Christmas and a week coming home between camp and school nd vice versa. I remember knowing the United Airlines Stewardess's by name since I was flying alone since I was six.

Several times I was home my drunk step-dad came in, woke me up and hit me. He dropped me from the top of the bunk bed on the ground while I was drowsy and told me if I ever told my mom he would come back and do it again. These were not isolated incidents of abuse but the abuse overall was far more mental than physical and at the time I was thankful, today, not so much.

I open myself up to you today to let you know I understand the feeling of being abused and being told you are worthless and that people wish you dead and that you will never amount to anything, I get it! I have had to live with that baggage for 58 years and no matter how hard I have tried, I have found that is has complicated every aspect of my life from work, to home, to my relationships with girlfriends and even my wife but I tell you today it wasn't all bad and it was because I wouldn't let it be so! To make matters worse and to make my point, why am I concerned sharing a personal bit of myself with you in the event it could help others? Oh Yeah! Because the government takes everything it can to use against you...In our free country? Say it isn't so! That shouldn't cause any mental anguish at all should it? LOL! It's absolute lunacy because the government is the one with mental issues more so than the the people that point it out!

Abuse is horrific, as I stated and no one should be treated that way because those affected are burdened with carrying those issues like I did and there was no amount of government support, or money being thrown at Psychiatrists that will "prevent" that from continuing. My Salvation didn't come from government, it came from the recognition of that small still voice that was with me while I was suffering and every day since. It was God not the government and the difference between the two is clearly seen in our culture. The fact that the government denies God as a healer is another example that proves my point. The government along with its Big money and Big Pharma and Big Psych want to be your God and not even give you the ability to choose.

You see, to me, one that has been through such trauma has three choices: 1. They can kill themselves, 2. they can play the victim card their whole life or 3. they can fight.

The first one, killing yourself is permanent. It affects others that love you and when you feel that way there is little anyone can do to prevent the inevitable, even the government unless it uses its favorite tool, force which only makes things worse as I mention herein. And if they can in some way prevent, even for a short time, it doesn't change the fact that the person remaining alive is still continually burdened by the issue so neither are real solutions anyway.

The second, playing the victim card is a lifelong burden to both the victim as well as the society for which the victim will now depend for life. The victim still suffering constantly will forever be looking for validation no matter where they go and will never find it. They become to clingy to welfare and to anyone that shows them affection- those that do run after a short time because they have been suffocated. This is no solution either and both 1 and 2 are really where the government prefers us all to be and why it is so problematic because the person once in the grip of government will never get out unless that person chooses number 3.

Number 3, the last but more powerful and most successful and most satisfying option, "the fight." Through the culmination of events that happened to me while I was growing up, I knew early on I had the fight instinct. From asking my teachers "why" all the time and getting sent to the Principals office for my defiance against teacher overreach, and watching teachers verbally and at times physically abuse other kids, I fought, not just for myself but others. I even fought when the school told my parents I has some kind of "mental disorder" because I was so angry at times. Who wouldn't be and why is being angry a bad thing? Isn't it a normal human response to bad things that happen? Hell! They don't even want us to be happy! They want people to be controlled! In reality, no one but me and my parents knew why I was the way I was so no one could possibly find a solution...just like society today.

Maybe this is one more instance where the government is scared because they manufactured the crisis and like the Hegelian Dialectic, is just one more instance where they create something, call it extreme or defect then target it for extermination? Additionally, why, in a free country would I have to fear sharing anything personal with you? Because the government will use it against me as it always does. Knowing this, I still felt it that it was important to let you know.

In the decades following, the fight continued. I fought for my friends, my family, my co-workers and every instance of abuse I saw anywhere. Among many many instances that come to mind, I even remember being at a softball game in my pre-teens watching a husband verbally and physically assault his wife in front of everyone, primarily in front of adults and since no one did anything, I did! I knew by this time, my fight was real and it was right no matter what anyone else said and people needed people to fight for them because they didn't want to fight themselves or didn't know how. Am I not my Brother's Keeper?

Many of you know me as a political activist. Those that know me understand what I do politically but few understand why I do what I do or where it came from. Those that are quick to condemn be as "extreme" are ironically the same one's that are quick to judge without even questioning my motivations that most times espouse! I am hoping by them understanding me it will not only humanize who I am but empower others to build and solidify the fight necessary to survive in this world as we wade through increasing control, mind manipulation and lies by the entity that is claiming to be the Savior.

America, the once the "Land of the free and home of the brave" has become a weak, ignorant, tolerant nation that will tolerate anything and everything except that which is right and good. We have not only become weak, we have become prideful, arrogant, narcissistic, Selfish, Godless. We have become okay with throwing our children to the wolves in efforts of self preservation and carry the attitude rather than paying it forward to "allowing them to figure it out?" What family and nation that claims to care for their offspring would do such things and furthermore why instead of fostering good will with other nations as we once did, have we chosen instead to become tyrants? How is it that we as a nation still claim that we don't understand where suicide comes from?

America is based on individual liberty. We were created in the image of the Most High God, given Rights, Power and Authority and yet we have managed to delegate all of what God has given to our government and it is time to take back what is ours while it is still possible.

Know this my dear readers... you are Created by God, for such a time as this to Honor, and cherish that which He has given to you! You have the power and the authority and the discipline as well as the permission if you feel you need it to rise above any issues you have! We all have issues and we all have struggles and we all carry baggage, the only difference is how we choose to deal with what we have and of course to know, you definitely are not alone. I overcame because I made that conscious decision and if I can do it, I know you can too!

Freedom is worth the pain and suffering. Freedom is worth fighting for because not fighting is slavery. You will either take control or you will be controlled. The decision is yours.

God has Commanded that you finish the race and there is no easy way out- There is no reward for taking the easy road in any instance.

"You Got This!"

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