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The Dangers of the Health Districts and the Healthcare Industrial complex

Meet Dr. Sam Summers, appointed Board member of SWDH. From what I have witnessed a man with a God complex and a man that needs to have the last word and the perfect example of a man that proves that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." I consider him Canyon Counties Dr. Fauci and I consider him dangerous and a hypocrite for violating his hypocritic oath in the name of ego preservation and unwilling to consider other perspectives by other experts in different areas that his.

I have been politically active for probably 15 years now and I can remember reading years ago what we are seeing today and I must tell you, a part of me thought that some of what I read would just not happen or to the degree its happening even when I saw the potential for it back then. Most recently, I have chosen to let others fight this battle as I allowed myself to focus on others since I travel the state with more than enough on my plate.

After watching the People's Rights group and the media and the lies and spin and deception and tremendous propaganda thrust on an otherwise unsuspecting public believing the media that thinks people should just go along and trust the government, I see that the media incessantly spends a majority of time discrediting those of us that are focusing more on the loss of freedom that our desire for security and there is enough cause for concern and I decided to chime in and join others in this fight and as if there is not enough cause for concern on a million other fronts, here is one more and this one is not only dangerous it is part of an elaborate plan, a conspiracy if you will to enslave all of humanity that I call absolute crimes of Humanity. A conspiracy so large that many involved are even unware of the conspiracy.

Who are Health Districts and what do they do? Well as far as I know, they are appointed bureaucrats empowered by the Governor and the NGO's, the "experts" and those generally toting the globalist narrative. When I attended the meeting yesterday, even a guy asked the board what they do and they looked as if the question had never been asked and they were clueless on how to answer citing only personal opinions. Wow, another tax payer funded entity that has no idea what they do?

What jurisdiction does the health district have? Well they are regional entities that I see as absolutely unconstitutional since it breaches the separation of powers and fits more of the globalist model than one of our republic. Our constitution guarantees a republican form of government and the jurisdictions are city, county, state, and federal so where and how do the health districts fit in? They don't unless you are a globalist in support of regionalization.

Where do they get their authority? Board member and Doctor Sam Summers says they get their authority from the Governor? That is interesting. So an unelected bureaucratic agency is empowered by the governor to craft policy that somehow becomes "Law?" From what I see the health districts are nothing more than lobbyists for the health care industry that instead of lobbying the legislature, they are given special privilege to circumvent the law making entity and lobby the cities and counties to use administrative mandates as law punishable with fines? In my heated conversation with Dr. Summers I told him he could wear a mask if he wanted to but didn't have the authority to make me wear one and his reply to me was that he did have that authority and the Governor gave it to him! My question then would be does the Governor have the authority to create mandates and does he have the delegated authority to delegate that authority to unelected bureaucrats? The answer is We allso need to keep in mind, if this abusive bureaucracy has the authority to do this, what don't they have the power to do. The answer according to the Governor as far as I recall is to do anything and everything to protect the public. Wasn't our republic based on the limitations of government?

Who is on the board? As I stated earlier, as I was told, they are hand picked appointees, two I know are elected Commissioners that I would guess are there to represent the people but do they? After all, is the district there at the behest of the people? My answer is clearly no and I believe they even admit it in the meeting I attended. But the commissioner(s) are right? Well, that depends on who elected them.

Commisioner Tom Dale for example that has a horrible track record of fiscal responsibility in Nampa as a City councilman with his support of the Taj Mahal Library, the Police station and the tax payer funded library that the tax payers need to pay to use (which is double taxation), are just a few examples. he clearly is a man that wants what he wants and it isn't what you or I should want to perpetuate good government. Those that voted for him have now placed him in a position that instead of defending the liberty of the people (as part of his oath and pledge) has instead chosen to go all in to support the Healthcare industrial complex. I should also mention that he will remain on the board after he is no longer commissioner? May we inquire on our Commissioners as to why?

In my attendance to all sorts of different meetings one thing is very clear, you are there as a formality and although you get to voice your opinions, they are disregarded even if you are an "expert" in the field." If you do not tow the healthcare lobbying narrative, you are not only ignored but chastised publicly. The multitude of experts that disagree with them very well evidence based and the testimonies from all of us about the distrust, the obstruction of liberty, the invasiveness of their future plans for us were completely disregarded as conspiracy theory.

Not only are their huge ramifications of the abuse of authority, rights, the bastardization of our constitution, their oath and the disregard for the oath they took, there is something far more sinister and what they ridicule to the highest degree, the conspiratorial elements undermining American Liberty. Just how far the conspiracy has been implemented and what is the overall scheme?

I am not sure where you are in the formulation of your worldview but chances are if you are reading my page, you realize something just isn't right and you are now awake! the grand scheme as many will criticize me for is that I unapologetically state that this is part of the United Nations Agenda 21, the newer version now called Agenda 2030. Although I could go into detail on Agenda 21, it is best for another time. For the sake of brevity, this Agenda is what AOC has been pushing for, its the same agenda the global elites like the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum, Gates, Fauci, and even the Pope are advocating for. It is safe to say that almost everything the local governments support, the state governments, the national government and the globalist multi-national corporations support and that is why NO ONE is questioning this "COVID CRISIS."

The ultimate goal is ultimate control of all living beings on the planet, to use healthcare and technocracy to measure, monitor and track everything you do from spending to your political views. It is a blueprint to reorganize the entire planet under one supra-national governing head.

So what does the healthcare complex have to do with all of that? Because it is the perfect mechanism to fulfill some of their agenda items: total control, population control and reduction, zero economic growth, the brainwashing of the people to abandon individual rights in favor of a communal mindset (Communism/Globalism). It promises to force vaccines, reduce food, reduce water usage, eliminating access to outdoor activities, to label everyone with a behavioral dysfunction, divide the people, to limit childbirth, to destroy those of color, to eliminate the use and ownership of cars and use mass transit, limit travel, require ID that in order to exercise your "rights" that can only be exercised with forced compliance to their dystopian edicts.

So, by now, from what I have written so far, this doesn't even cover the common and detailed talking points regarding the use and efficacy of masks, the ambiguity and arbitrariness of the edicts they desire to impose on us, the seriousness of the "Pandemic", the dead and comorbidity rates, or the solutions to "flatten the curve" which ironically in them mandating masks, they don't even bother to mention the effective supplements that work to build and maintain that strong immunodefense mechanism?

What is really troubling to me is the acceptance of truth being relative. Think about it, how can two doctors with the same degrees and understanding of the body come up with two or more different truths? Masks either work or they don't right? The infection rate is what it is? Chloroquine either works or it doesn't, and on and on.

This is clearly a political agenda geared toward silencing the people, increasing the power of government, NGO's and Corporations and subjugated Masters of the republic as servants and empowering the servants to become masters.

This issue has so many tentacles so it is difficult to find a place to stop but I promise you the more you dig, the more you will find the truth that can only lead to one conclusion.

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