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America enters the new Dark Age

America has experienced tremendous loss of life, property and liberty and has reached, in my opinion, the proper time to show support of your next administration because he is the man along with his cohort that come to pound that last nail in the coffin of this once great country and if we do not stop them, they will and they will laugh at you while doing it as they commandeer, rape, suck the blood out of and eat your children.

Morning radio and media in general are spreading the message of what sounds to me like defeat-"just lick your wounds and go home," whoa is me, "Biden is the president and Trump conceded." Never in my life have I realized how foolish, ignorant, arrogant and cowardly this nation has become! While we used to make fun of the "snowflakes" it seems that the more I see things, the more these people are more like them than God fearing Patriots! Nations cannot abolish tyranny when we experience an emotional event then go home, especially now when we have everything to loose or everything to gain...the cards are on the table and one side is playing to win at any cost, and the other is just playing till they get their feelings hurt.

People say after what happened at the capitol "we are a nation of law and order!' And we should call for peace and "obey the law" and just accept things for what they are? All while they speak of being "for the good of democracy?" they even blaspheme our Founders by saying what happened at the capitol was un-American?

I am left asking what most of us already know, "what happened at the capitol?" The media will have you focus on all of the negative things that they instigated. We know they do that but because we do not realize the level of programming we have all undergone for so long, we cling to their narrative.

The capitol event was a rally for President Trump attended by his supporters, not a murderous riot, that is until the communist Agent provocateur's showed up. The event was hijacked and the proof that it was is overwhelming but again, the commie news media decided to carry their un-American narrative anyway and once again, the media gets away with it.

As for proof of our brainwashing it was the repetition of Trumps call for peace. We heard it all over the airwaves and even all over social media but who was he talking to? It appeared to me he was talking to everyone, not just those who were violent and destructive. Either he was playing social justice warrior or he didn't know who did it or perhaps didn't care. If I were president as I would in any other position, I would have called out the bad actors and held them accountable. Well, sadly, after today, it won't really matter.

Looking back, Trump made some great decisions, when you look at the list of accomplishments, how can one not think so? Trump also did a few things I think were way beyond his scope but his intentions and outcomes for the most part I believe were good for America or intended and implemented to be, not like previous administrations and certainly not like the incoming one.

The fools killed the president's second term and arguably this country. People that didn't like his hair or the way he spoke or believed what they did about him in the media that, based on that information alone, decided not to vote for him. Do these people not realize we could always end up with worse and now we will? This is what the ignorant un-elected do. Sadly their ignorance will affect the freedom of the rest of us and we kind of deserve it in a way because we could have done major outreach to help them learn but we didn't and now we all get to suffer for what is coming. Will we learn from our mistakes?

If you think America has a chance to recover out of where we are today, I believe, without a miracle, you are wrong...very and dangerously wrong. What we witnessed with he Obama administration and before and with the 4 year assault on Trump by the deep state globalist insiders and their ability to side step the law, commit open acts of treason and assaulting an entire class of people based on skin color and how they voted is only the beginning. Now they are coming for you and I mean in every way possible that includes your kids and everything you own and of course your freedom.

The communists/globalist insiders are in control of all three houses which means that there will be no resistance on what they can do. The Constitution is dead with the exception of it being on paper. So what do we do now?

The time is now to focus and hold your state and local governments accountable or we will lose everything. Your education and actions on a local level will determine the future of this country and the future of your community and your children. If you choose not to learn and act, we lose period. No if's and's or butt's. WE LOSE!

People have spent so much time watching the election folly few consider what is happening behind what they want you to see. I know it is difficult not to be drawn in, but we must keep our head's on a swivel and see what is happening behind what we are told to see.

Sure, there are no shortages of fires burning on our liberty but if we know ourselves and we know our enemy, we may not be imperiled in every battle. That being said, if we know who is in control, we know what their plans communism.

Some ask how can I tell. I say, I read and I look for clues in current events that align with what I see coming and right now, if you have never heard of United Nation's Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 I strongly and most urgently request you pick it up and read it now. I have read it twice and what is even more frightening is they wrapped it in a fancy name, repackaged it and now are calling it: "The Great Reset."

What most of you may not know but I hope you do is that the infrastructure is almost complete and it will abolish this country, collapse our economy, further divide us, measure, monitor, manipulate and control every fact of your life from the food you eat, your ability to travel, how you travel, what your family structure will look like where you can live, what kind of job you will have, what you can say and the rights that you have will only be those that are authorized by the UN Charter. And they even say: "You will like it?"

My prediction is a very bleak one but in the most optimistic pessimistic way, I am thankful that they will do things so quickly enough to cause a major awakening more than what has happened in the last few years. The question for me though is will enough people wake up while we still have the time before they accumulate so much power that numbers don't matter?

Time is of the essence. I am not a prophet but as a man witnessing what I have, I can tell you very bad things are coming and we don't have much time but our success is dependent upon what you do today and tomorrow.

If you are unsure of what to do consider your options, then look up and contact me to consider getting involved.

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Tom, you NAILED IT! Thank you for speaking out on what needs to be said. Of course, many will probably ignore this because doing things takes effort. I'll be the first to admit that I'm just as guilty as the next person at not doing my part but dang it, I'm trying to change that. May God bless, guide and protect you and this country always.


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