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The Epitome of Irony

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I have been plagued for years now on how and what to say to help us all through what we are all facing. I have been trying different methods to achieve that end which seems to only confuse people. With each attempt I find myself father and farther removed from my comfort zone because I don't want people to misunderstand me, what I am doing, why and how. It wasn't until recently, since people believe what they want to believe, no matter what we may say, I had to and still try to work on doing what I feel I must do and not care so much since so much is riding on more people knowing what is happening and why. To make things worse, As if walking this line isn't hard enough, I hate making mistakes ever!

I don't know what frustrates me more, the issues we are facing and the dark future that is ahead or our inability to properly see what is happening. I am comfortable saying I am far more bothered by the way people are handling what they think they see than what is coming.

Is the solution to blame others or to identify what we see and share it so that people become more aware of things they perhaps should be? Is there a difference? Am I being to angry or judgemental?

People, for example, blame others for all of our problems. The one thing missing from every equation regarding this topic is us in almost every instance I have encountered.

To try to better make my point, in an email to a friend, I wrote:

Corruption does exist and is getting worse but what people will tolerate is also getting worse. My question, as always, is, where are the people and how educated are they to see what they need to see?

If someone was arrested, for example, and it was an illegitimate arrest, how many people knew that and how many people fought it? 4 or 5? Furthermore, how much effort was expended on outreach to local governments either before the election of these people and how much accountability afterwards? During that arrest, how much effort was expended upon educational outreach to the citizenry and how many people stepped up and engaged in making things right and what were their actions and how were they perceived?

I remember when we had people arrested here in Boise for public trespassing. Once someone gets arrested, they are now isolated from others as not to be aligned with that person no matter how right or wrong he was. Little to no education was brought to the people, no public forums, no live virtual meetings and what’s worse, not enough education to prevent this from happening in the first place and no heat sufficiently applied from the people. If this wasn't sufficiently done, you can bet not much was done in previous elections to addrress the concerns people may have had preemtively. Why weren't people more willing to look at all sides of an issue, because it wasn't them?

If people hate something, why are they not only not fighting it but working to educate others to know the truth about why it is wrong? Some say it is too late to fix it. If that is true, why fight? Why live? Why not support Gates/Soros Population control and end it all now since we all claim “its too late” anyway? The better question is who is willing to stand on the principle and lead by example? If no one leads, I am lead to believe their claims are hyperbole? Remember the old saying, “lead, follow or get out of the way.” If one does lead and "leads wrong" in some way, does it mean why they did it was wrong? Was there any question about knowing more about all isdes of an issue in that it may be a concern? In my view, no. People just go along with what they are told...still and anyone that chalenges that narrative is bad and anyone that fully complies is good? Is that even American? I agree it isn't!

Boise has a "Pride" parade. This parade has been going on for 20 years! We have allowed it (except for when I went down there myself because others were too scared to join me). Today, you mean to tell me NOW people are outraged? Wait! "Let’s wait until something becomes so hard to stop them try to stop it?!" NO!!! If we see something that needs to be addressed we address it then, not allow it for 20 years (tacit consent) then oppose it like we are delusional bi-polar lunatics? Seriously?

People complain about cops and politicians and lawyers and on and on and on and they wait for 150 years or more then try to rein in the abuse of power that we literally have allowed for decades and decades? Was that not tacit consent? Again? Are we delusional bi-polar lunatics? It sure looks like it, doesn’t it? But today, people emotionally proclaim "its everyone's fault but ours," right? - The cops, the politicians and lawyers?

Let’s go back to Marxist creep in public schools. The system has been around for a long time and we allowed it! Our answer was to walk away and say "I am too Christian" or “I can’t be involved in that so I left?” Look what is happening now, people don't like what they see so once again they are leaving public schools not realizing they are not only still funding it but that the children they remove from that system will still be conditioned by it, isolated by it and chastised because they are not part of it! Who then defends them from the short-sighted decisions we make? Shall they be on their own in economic issues like they will be as military defenders of our freedom and other elevated classes live on the govenrment dole at the expense of their children?

What kind of critical thinking is this and is it prevalent today? More than ever! Examples like this prove that we have learned nothing from our mistakes while we presuppose WE have not also been brainwashed to tolerate it, while we ironically blame others, pointing fingers at others for our problems?

Every issue we face comes back to us, every single issue. I was told the first sign of recovery is to admit one has a problem. If this nation has a problem, we, the people, in our arrogance, still have not admitted it yet and because we haven’t, things will get worse until we not only admit it but before admitting it, recognizing what that problem is. It isn’t cops, the government or politicians or special interests that is the problem, they are mrely symptoms of the problem. The problem is us because we have allowed it all to happen.

If Franklin said he gave us a republic is WE can keep it, shall we honestly question who "We" was? We are an arrogant and prideful people, so much so now, we can act like we are above those that abuse us, while we think they are above us and are somehow okay with it on one hand while we complain about it on the other?

American’s are suffering from what I would consider a deep strange psychosis while they blame others of being in that condition without realizing they suffer from it themselves. This is why I say that America has become the epitome of irony.

The bottom line is if you don't like something, stop complaining about it and do something about it! Don't blame others for the problems we face or for your inaction. Feel free to share what you feel and see and help others see things that thay may not see to do your part in helping to educate others. Don't be afraid to be held accountable for what you say and do, others, those that accuse you may be trying to help you when you think they aren't. Disregard those that condemn you. Educate yourself, Educate others and share what you know, if not for yourself, for your posterity since their future will be based on your actions. You certainly wouldn't want them to blame you for your ignorance, apathy and inaction now would you?

Just my two cents…

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