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The Great Reset and the collapse of an Empire

America, once considered the "Beacon of Hope to all Nations" and the light of the world, a country that has arguably done more in 235 years than any other in 5000 years is now in great peril. Today, in the world wanting to rid hate out of existence, our country, not others, is ironically hated by its own, for is alleged isolationism, its racism and its xenophoia. I suspect we are hated from outside not only because we have accomplished so much more but succumbed to a brilliant propaganda campaign that has brainwashed the minds of Americans, people that live in their own country to hate their country. Ironically again, we are still the number one desintation for white and non-white foreigners seeking aylum and freedem from the oppressed country they came from.

Don't you think if we were really as bad as we are told we are, the foreigners would be the one's not coming here and making such accusations, not our own people? Surely you see the irony here? Additionally, I remember reading quotes from our Founding Fathers stating we would be taken over from within. As I pondered this, I thought, well they must have meant the govenrments being infiltrated but the more I read on this topic, there is far more brilliance in those quotes because it doesn't necessarily just mean government itself, it means brainwashing the youth as well as the parents that will become instrumental in the desired change that the propagandists desire. In this case and anti-God world government. The advantage for the insiders is that they can implement their plan incrementally so it will be constructed while people remain uanware. They can't move to fast or people will wake up. They will need to silence the truth to perpetuate the lie and all of these things require control on multiple levels...on every level and as impossible as it seems the average soul, they have done it, al least so far.

People don't recognize "history repeats itself for those that don't know it" and for those that do, what is happening becomes crystal clear. The problem then is the people that know are being disregarded by the masses because the masses have become lambs to the slaughter. You see it, I know you do and you also wonder like I do when these people are going to wake up and get it, hoping and praying they will as you worry about your future and that of your children.

Also, consistent with history is the human collective desire to control others. While there are people that say "People are generally good" murder, suicide, theft, divorce and abortion and government abuse is at an all time high and as much as people stand for their cause like "Abolish hate in public school," they refuse to see the root cause of the problem or they see these as single issues and in no way connected to one another. the problem in my mid is that these issues are ALL CONNECTED.

Take America and Great Reset for example. America was touted to be the best country in the world, where people are free to do as they please. Governments were instituted among men controlled by the constitution and the consent of the governed and today, the people have been led to believe, not only are we a democracy, they feel they have no control but believe the govenrment is still legitimate? It isn't. Through this slow incremental decay in every area of human life, there is an empowerment of another entity, by default, that will, if allowed, take control from the governed (the people) and themselves, the takers, become the governorsand the new controlling govenment entity. The People, over time, have incrementally given up their authority only to be reigned by tyrants and magically and pathetically decry "There is noting we can do?" Wasn't it Khrushchev, and I think, Lenin that stated that that "Americans won't fall for socialism all at one time but piece by piece we would fall like ripe fruit...?"

Wasn't it Lincoln that was quoted saying:


"the Philosophy in the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."


Although America has been declining for some time, it continues to do so and either seemingly far more rapidly or seemingly because enough damage in so many areas has now become evident. Either way, with the shirking of our personal responsibilities, a new government has to emerge and "we will get the government we deserve." Whether by accident or intentionally, this will need to happen. This is why The Great Reset is being pushed, not only because we need someone to govern us but because we have been led to believe we need to be governed. I know you can also see we don't even act like we can govern ourselves which is why we have more laws and the need for more enforcement. it may also help to know that our Founders quoted that Democracies are short lived and violent in their deaths and yet we are taught we are a democracy?

America, to most people was seemingly one of peace and prosperity, one where we felt like government, for the most part, appeared to have respect for its position and the people they admitted to serve. We are commonly called "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" and we were touted as one of the world's superpowers, the world acknowledged our currency and "greatness" then we had a wake up call. As if the world wars weren't enough, we were faced with 9-11. In a time where patriotism seemed to be waning, it was revived, if only for a short time, many were hopeful it was a sort of patriotic revival, it wasn't but it was a warning that somethiong was wrong and we ignored it. Although we were allegedly attacked, we were still resilient enough to enjoy our freedom and even Bush said it. On one hand told us that things weren't going to change and on another a well accepted emerging NAZI police state with the boundless power created federal bureaucratic law enforcement entities like the DHS. While others were unaware, this was another noose being placed about the neck of Americans and the noose was tighened and easily accepted. This was another warning.

Several years we ended up with another advancemwent in totalitarian, each time more oppressive than the time before but people woke up in the big way. Major restrictions on freedom in every way and threats by the govenrment on the livlihoods of humanity and political prisoners across the globe, almost like it was a well orchestrated brilliant collective global plan for governments at every level to provide a united totalitarian front to implement a predeternined desired outcome and it wasn't to rid ourelves of COVID. This was another warning.

During that time unbeknownst to people Klaus Schwab and insider elites formulated the Great Reset and openly wrote about using COVID as an excuse to bring about the change the world needed, thus "The New Normal." In his books, (I read two of them), the things he explains if read by a reasonably estute reader would see what I did, there was nothing Americanist about any of it. Instead everything communistic or what we call globalist. Schwab openly admits the desire to "merge identities, phyisically, biologically and digitally" and "we won't own anything and like it" and scary enough, this dystopian idealogue's plan is not dying but gaining steam around the world as the fearful ignorant masses focus on their issue de jure, one arguably created by the elites to keep us overwhelmed while not being able to identify the creators of these issues. This is another warning.

Biden even spoke about "Build Back Better," but apparently people didn't get that either. Simply stated, if you need to build something back better, the former needs to be destroyed and this is clearly what I saw when researching this topic. Today, Even just since Trump, our currency is in jeopardy, our ability to enjoy travel is restricted, governments have been co-opted by or colluding with NGO"s and corporations maintaining the globalist narrative leaving the violation of people's rights without remedy, controlled outcomes, constant fear, loss of property, children subjected to gender identity issues, food and supply chain breakdowns and a questionable future. Are these all single issues? No, but it was another warning.

What we are experiencing today as the Great Reset infrastructure is being completed is the abolition of the old system, old traditions, religions, businesses, relationships, travel, family structure, belief systems, all of it needs to be destroyed to Build back their new dystopian dream of global human enslavement ruled by oligarchs, the same one's pulling the strings for generations.

I recently read in an article in the New American, a Biblical significance to what is happening and I can't say I disagree at all. The areas of reference were 1. Pestilance, 2. War, 3. Famine and finally description of why. If there were ever a time to consider the Biblical truth about current events and history, this was a great article to put that all together. Although the articles are rather lengthy, I think they are worth outlining and if nothing else they serve as yet another warning. How many warnings are readers willing to accept before they act or we suffer the consequences for our failure to act upon them?

To learn more about The Great Reset, please go HERE

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” - Esther 4:14

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