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The Great Reset-Children, mental health, population control.

More and more, I hear people complaining about govenrment control and yet those in government are not listening and feel the people that elected them are the problem. Then the people blame them for not listening while they apparently, and arrogantly maintain their narrative of control almost as if they were abducted by aliens or deep state elites or maybe elected by accident or on purpose?

The first problem with this mindset in my experience is that people's first reaction to something bad is to become emotional and get angry. We know this state will classically reduce ones ability to think critically. The second problem is the issue of misplaced blame from an apparent postion of arrogance as if the one blaming has no responsibility in the issue. The third issue, rather than seeing they are a part of the problem is to try to unseat these people they elected into office ironically, and think that somehow if they can unseat them, someone better will take their place. If the plan doesn't work, they blame the system for being corrupt and if it does, the cycle repeats itself and the people they replace are indeed replaced but once again, not the caliber of people whom they hope for. This repeats itself over and over and people continue to get frustrated. The fourth is that when people act concerned but won't do anything to understand why things are cyclical. The more frustrated they get, the more angry they get, the more angy they get the less clearly they seem to think, the less clearly they seem to think the narrower their periphery, the narrower their periphery, the less ability they will have in seeing the problem, the less clearly they see it, the less likey they are to find solutions to their problem. They aren't the only ones getting frusrated, some of us get frustrated too but not for the same reasons they do.

Anyone that knows me knows I am not some genius, I often tell people "I just give a darn..." I may not be accurate in my thinking at times but I do think there are things everyone says from time to time that should be heard, I call those brilliant moments "golden nuggets." We all have them, those moments of brilliance we are surprised ourselves that we have? I think without our ability to share what we think with others, we are less likely to find solutions to problems and with the restrictions of freedom of speech, and the immersion into social justice, I think we aren't meant to think, just feel and this has far greater consequences than people realize but in the end, all of it advances the globalist agenda.

As I have clearly stated before, everything that happens can be connected in some way to the Great Reset or what many of us call the globalist agenda. Even things that I mention that seem unrelated are interrelated in some way.

We also know that totalitarians have always focused on the children. Why do you think the govenrment uses its two greatest excuses to take control, "for the sake of the children" and "in the name of safety?" And we thought those phrases were American or humanitarian?

Speaking of children and safety, consider that and population control. It is probably good for us to know that one of the most important issues or concerns government has is our explosive "mental health crisis." In speaking with lots of law enforcement, I can tell you this is true and really quite scary to me. The problem with this is that those that declare and define it don't realize, they instigated it but ironically blame others for it. Consider population control in regards to the "climate change crisis", a problem they started. The Great Reset, the way created by elitists to make our world better than it ever was, to rid the world of a large population and become carbon free, then everyone (left alive) would respect eachother and all of our issues will be solved, almost like they are planning heaven on earth. Sadly though, it will become hell and we can already see the writing on the wall. Shall we focus on the issues, make up solutions or continue to kick the can down the road like we have been?

Children: The part of the family unit that was to be jealously protected, trained up in the way they should go and defended against evil now is a target by those that have targeted the strength of the traditional family with gender and genital dysphoria and told that they should worship the state rather than God. Do we really think that empowering govenrment will fix these problems when those that wish to destroy the family are in government wanting to not only control the children but the family? Do we think that somehow the government will eventually stop using excuses to take more control by redefiniing words? Do we really think that the family and children are resilient enough not to suffer consequences from continual agitation and that somehow mental health wouldn't be a crisis created by those defining it and wanting to find solutions for it? I'll bet that wasn't defined as a mental health issue.

Mental Health: A condition not only defined by the government but the crisis level also determined by the government. How quaint and as if that isn't scary enough, these definitions like everything government does isn't static or limited, it is ever changing and "living an breathing" like a plague of locusts that will dessumate all that it is in its path before moving on but a plague may be better than govenrment control because unlike locusts that move on, the government doesn't because it believes it is doing "the right thing" without realizing, they have taken control of defining that too. It all fits into that Hegelian Dialectic doesn't it? What it also does is rob the power of the individual to do as he pleases and forces govenrment to determine who and what is mentally ill, how long and what their solutions are to remedy something they created and the cycle continues.

Population control: To some, that don't know the topic, this is still a radical conspiracy theory but many readers here know it is part of the plan. We have read about it, we have heard elites openly say it in videos and on thier websites but yet, the media that carries their water won't dare parrot that part of the agenda will they? We all know water carriers are to do as they are told, not to think for themselves. We also know that population control is part of the UN agenda to reduce carbon emissions from what they call anthropogenic global warming, they have litrerally called humans the problem.

Well, logically, what can we deduce from them saying people are the problem? Someone will have to take the authority to limit or eliminate the threat so the elitists wouldn't even have to openly tell you they want to remove a large population, all they need to do is to clarify and brainwash people into thinking that "Hey, as a human, I am the problem." It isn't a far stretch really, look at what they did with fossil-fueled cars, they claimed they were the problem and now they are brainwashing people to buy EV's to rid the earth of a problem, food and business prosperity are also targets and we are even willingly accepting the globalist plan to try to rid ourselves of the problems we are told we have so we are not considered dissedents as they have defined that too..

If the plan is to reduce the population, which it is, how would one do that? Well, we can demand globalist education to brainwash children into believeing that they are the problem, we can force alleged "remedies" upon the population that have the opposite effect, we can control the media to tow the line to deny the truth, we can restrict freedom of speech, we can destroy the family by making children and the elderly wards of the state, we can take control or collude with healthcare facilities, hospitals and universites and we can deny national sovereignties submitting to a world authority that can control the minds of the people worldwide. We can overwhelm people with sadness, death, disease, extort their wealth, we can tell them that their faith is a lie, we can destroy the family, we can deny basic contact and access family and to those that are to help us in time of need and after all of that, what is left for people to do? Give up perhaps or fight? Exactly! So who's fault is this or anyone's at all?

It is no secret what the plan is. We can clearly connect the dots.Truth is getting out no matter how much they try to supress it but those hiding the truth continue to become more powerful but there are still not enough educated and active people which is another reason why we are still going down this road and things still get worse.

So, I guess the question before us is...What do we do?

First, try to not get emotional. If you must, try not to allow it to cloud your judgement.

Second, be careful who you blame for the problems that you see and make abolutely sure you are not a part of that problem. If you are, admit it and work to correct it.

Third, is you feel somoene needs to be unseated, make sure you know how they got there and how not to allow it to happen again and know how not to.

Fourth, try very hard to see things for the way they are and work on those things. In other words, Understand the scope of the threat, prioritize it and meet the threat at its greatest level. Again, as not to offend, work at the level you are most confortable but work to educate yourself and others on the grand scope of the threat and work with others to expose it and terminate it while also working on your particular issues.

I guess to summarize what I am trying to say, and it hasn't been easy, we have a big problem in this country and around the world and if not dealt with, will have catastrophic consequences that could be irreversible as mankind seems to desire to go over the cliff than see the truth or care enough to fight for it. We need to humble ourselves and admit we are partly and largely to blame as we misplace blame. Blaming others rather than humbling ourselves and admitting we are part of the problem is resulting in the global societal decline. We need to recognize properly functioning systems from those that are not and stop wanting to destroy systems in the name of fixing the problems when the systems are not broken.

We need to stop wanting to find easy "solutions" to problems by focusing on the branches rather than the root of the issues. If what I am saying is true, is it any wonder why we are here and things are getting worse? Does anyone really care enough to see the issues for what they are and find real solutions or is it easier to say one thing on one hand and not act on it on the other or make up alleged solutions that really aren't?

Plainly stated, I believe we are here because we allowed it. Period. We have incrementally taken a back seat to our reponsibilities and allowed or trusted others to manage those responsibilites in every area of our lives. We trust people to do things we think they will do but don't know enough about these people then become upset because we didn't know better. We get angry and look to removing people we think are the problem only to find out the same types of people are, once again, controlling the people that desired to get rid of them.

The people should have known or know by now, replacing a system or people won't fix our issues, unless we we are informed enough, active enough and only an educated, vigilent, tireless,relentless polulace can do that. We were told as a people we needed to humble ourselves and pray and from what I have learned, empires don't fall because they are full of humble people, empires fall due to arrogance of them.

So, while we face the greatest most brilliantly contrived global conspiracy humanity has ever seen, the solution isn't to ignore it or solely focus on something else less significant, it is to educate ourselves and others about what is happening, educate those we wish to entrust with their representative responsibilities and know to ask tough enough questions to prevent the ignorant or intentional from destroying your country in the name of saving it.

And finally, what good would it do to clean the inside of your house without doors and windows during a war?

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