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The Great Reset- COVID vaccines and depopulation

The words in the title of this post are still so conspiratorial and so hard to comprehend by themselves and putting them together makes it even harder to believe for many people that are focused on other things but make no mistake, they are connected, like everything else happening in today's world.

What I don't mean to say is that if this is the case we should support globalism and rid oursleves of sovereignty but be able to identify the threats to freedom and the incremental globalism that is taking place that is abolishing national sovereignties. In other words, these things are all planned with globalization as a goal. In an effort to get there, the globalist oligarchs have steps to get there, a proverbial wish list if you will of destroying all that humanity has built over all of the generations we have been alive, all "in the name of climate change" which is really a global control and redistribution of wealth.

Ways to destroy humanity have been written about in previous posts through food, water, air, blood, travel, family, borders, healthcare, indoctrination, abolition of sovereignties, trade, environment, religion and more. it is important to know that very aspect of our lives has been considered and plans have been made to deal with it all. I am doing my best to explain them all and how they are connected.

In this post, let's consider COVID, Vaccines and depopulation and how they are part of the Great Reset.

Let's say you are a tyrant and you want ultimate control of everything, what would you do in an effort to do this? I imagine you would control education, media, information, institute propaganda campaigns, health, and many of the things we have allowed the government to do right? So, if what I am saying is true, how is it that people can still think we are a free country when totalitarian tactics are openly used? If you believed the planet was overcrowded, would you want to control or reduce the population if you could? Would you use an excuse to do it so it didn't look like it was your idea? What if you had an ultimate goal to not only reduce the population but control those that remained alive?

Years ago we remember a quote that "we should never let a good crisis go to waste?" What was meant by that? Who knew, at the time and who cared? Few. The people just went about their business. You had presidents openly tell you about the New World Order and what happened? We were called conspiracy theorists in an effort to change our focus and we did and do everytime they do it and we wonder why all of this is happening and try to blame everyone else for what we should have known ourselves.

COVID was planned, Vaccines were planned and the "depop" agenda is also planned. Can you see the connection? If the goal is a One World Government and global submission was necessary, what better excuse than to institute a plan and make it look like it wasn't.

Forget Event 201 that was a simulation months before the "outbreak." Forget that vaccines were sold to us as a miracle that they were ready in just months and not years or decades. Forget about the fact that these vaccines weren't tested yet the media touted how safe they were while people were and are dying. Forget about the fact that these vaccines altered human DNA. Forget about the part of the global plan to implement transhumanism, forget about their desire to use ESG and create a massive technocratic surveillance state to control travel and commmerce, forget that they want to reduce the population, restructure the family and how you live, to restrict what you can and cannot eat, or forget the fact that people won't even bother to ask what is in our food, water, air, what's in the vaccines, where COVID actually came from or what it is used for.

How about the fact that the two best excuses government uses are "for the sake of the children" or "in the name of security" and yet people are none the wiser. Most people can't tell the difference between a constitutional republican form of government from anything else because they don't know. This is how I believe freedom becomes slavery and slavery becomes freedom, because people believe what they are told.

"Its not a baby, abortion is an option," "freedom of speech isn't total freedom. You can't have freedom without limits and govenrment controls," "the food/water vaccines you eat are healthy," "Anyone that believes that is racist, bigot, honophobe and white supremecist," "we need to occupy other countries to fight for democracy..." "That's not what Jesus would do!" IT"S ALL A LIE! ALL OF IT!

COVID was sold for the same of the common good "in the name of public health." If people are dying, it isn't health, it is death. Forget that billions of dollars have been invested by corporations, tax dollars and billionaire globalists and international health associations and research universities, but not for insuring safe vaccines or the safe mitigation of COVID but to support the globalist agenda. Is it any surprise to you that all of these entities are the most woke?

Rather than the govenrment keeping the peace and securing our blessings of liberty as they were created to do, they, instead, were successful sowing irrational fear, agitation, division and chaos with conflicting information and actions and although more and more people knew it, all the govenrment needed to do when it got to hot was to back off the restrictions to a degree, then when people go back to sleep, they can ramp them up but always increasing overall restrictions and control leading to incremental, total control.

If your govenrment cared about you or humanity as it says it does, why did it deny all of the known remedies (basic vitamin/mineral supplements, HCQ and Ivermectin and others) that have been used for multiple decades and then after all this time, they tell you those remedies were unsafe? Were they derilect then or now or both? (Remember the food pyramid that told us how to eat to stay healthy and decades later they turned it upside down? As if that shouldn't be a slap in your face!) Then they tell you their "protocol" is the only one that can be used only for us to find out it was litterally killing people? What was it, Redesivir and respirators? then they admit the breathing machines can kill people?

The govenrment has always manipulated the minds of the people. They tell you one thing and do another and people still comply. They change the words of one thing to mean something else and the people still don't question it. A big one for me was Quarantine was used for the healthy people. Another was that PCR testing wasn't even created to test for COVID? Yet, the quarantined were denied basic access to food, water and good healthcare, some were locked in their homes and forbidden to leave, yet we blame politicians for all of this or we now believe "all politics is local" when these issues are clearly local but are originated globally and pushed on local levels?

Vaccines were made available to the elderly (kill off the useless eaters that are God Fearing Americans) while they were locked in thier assisted living centers without being visited by family members? The vaccines were given emergency use authorization, touted as life saving, and we were brainwashed to believe not only that masks work even though Fauci said they didn't, we were forced to believe we were to endure this time for the safety of others around us?

Everything about COVID was a lie, everything about vaccines was a lie, everything about the depopulation agenda is a lie (unless you read those pushing it openly admit it that the media won't expose) and everything about The Great Reset is a lie (unless you go to the sources that openly admit it while the media continues to lie.) The numbers were a lie, remedies are a lie, deaths and lives saved was a lie. The use on the military was a lie, the fact that people that have taken the vaccine are not now genetically modified is a lie, the fact that people around the planet are dropping dead from something other than the vaccine is a lie and the dire need to add this to the childrens full vaccine panel to create immunity is also a lie. We were finally even told that vaccines were needed to reach herd immunity on one hand, then told if you got vaccinated you still got COVID and people STILL accepted it while people that were vaccinated got "COVID" multiple times? Why are we still none the wiser? The lies are right there! The average sould with even bacis critical thinking skills can only cone up with one conclusion... it's not about saving people (even children) it is to kill them.

So, with all of these lies, if they are as I say they are, the next logical question should be to ask why? Finding the answer to why is key to understand not only the agenda and its sub issues but to connect the dots that are desperately needed to awaken people to understand what is happening and to understand that each issue isn't just a single issue, it is a smaller part of the greater whole. I believe once they see this, people will awaken in mass but we can't do this is people are irrational, emotional and see things with such a narrow focus and only complain to their smaller circle of influence.

Total global human enslavement and extinction is the overall goal to achieve The Great Reset. The smaller issues are all merely mechanisms working towards that whole and that goal. Remember that each issue we face locally (that is interestingly happening the same way at the same time globally unrealized or unquestioned by most) is part of that goal because the Great Reset is global not local, although in order to be implemented globally it needs to be implemented locally. See, now they have me spewing confusion.

To learn more about the Globalist conspiracy go to If you still have issues with JBS, you should probably come to terms with the fact that you have been brainwashed to believe yet, one more lie.

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