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The Great Reset- Eat bugs, really?

If you prefer the audio/video alternative:

Mmmmmm! Look at that! Well contrary to what people think, this could be your next meal or part of it anyway.

That's right! When I ask people on the street if they know about this, people look at me like they already ate one and look horrified but this is the plan. This is a prt of the globalist insider oligarchs plan for human submission while they eat and live in excess, we will, in the name of climate change be utterly enslaved as human's around the globe, not just America.

There have already been articles in mainstream magazines and newspapers and on the television and it probably wouldn'tt surprise you to know that Hollywood is all on board with the new propaganda campaign. It also shouldn't surprise you that, as tyrants do, they go after the children and in this case it is no different as the children in these government indoctination centers are the perfect test cases because the parents, won't ever ask, are really not interested in holding people accountable that care for thise children 40+ hours a week. I suppose if they can get the kids to eat these bugs, or at least not notice, it would be a perfect way to gauge the success of "transforming" the eating habits of what the elitists call "useless eaters" and "CO2 emitting killers of the planet" as they all believe climate change is considered anthropogenic or man (and apparently cow made.)

First, so you know I am not lying, google "eating bugs." When you are done looking around, come back and read the rest of this post, then, if horrified, try doing something about it and if you aren't sure what to do, contact me.

As with most agenda's, they are done incrementally as not to awaken the sleepy masses and, to date, those numbers are still very large. Here is a snippet of how it works...Lets first start with teaching personal responsibility to do your part in cleaning up the planet, then we will blame CO2 on cow flattulence, then in an effort to kill the ranches, lets sell climate alarmism and that humans (and in recent articles, White humans) are the blame and that it is drastic enough that we can no longer eat meat and that the population needs to be reduced by at much as 75%. Then let's launch continual propaganda campaigns and offer subsidies and special perks for corporations that go along with it all, like fast food joints that serve "mystery meat" as plant-based. Whether it is or isn't isn't the issue, it is a test case experiment that if people don't ask and buy it and like it, it would open the doors to whatever they decide to sell and do it successfully without question. If we can get enough people not to question what is in it, (like people do with everything including vaccines, fast food, GMO etc) we are well on our way in the transformation of socety toward The Great Reset!

To offer a bit of evidence, The WEF in January, came out with an "Alternative Proteins Report" that clearly states that the bug based diet has much to be commended. The one setback they see for now is that until the propaganda campaign has had time to successfully brainwash people (like they did with gender issues/LGBT agenda/War and more) the people will be reluctant to consider eating something that has societally been considered inedible or just plain gross but don't worry, the propagandists have been at it for a long time and know how to overcome objections from its serfs. Here is just one such report to understand their plans. Make sure you notice the use of vague language that makes it hard to tell what they actually mean. Its seems to me this entire global conspiracy has been implemented this way because people are not digging into exactly what they are saying but the WEF also had a promo in 2019 to popularize the idea and will continue to do so.

As people are still totally confused about what information sources are truthful, and some even still bad mouth one's with excemplary records of accurracy, The John Birch Society (always way ahead of their time) pointed to a report in 2013 called "Edible Insects" put out by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to prove even then the merging and empowering of the UN and its desire to control food. In the TNA article "Let them eat bugs" you can see that the John Birch Society has once again been the beacon of truth and this time easier to see as all one would need to do is to google Eat bugs to see this is a clearly intended propaganda campaign to transform the way we eat.

In this article anyway, a connection is made between the UN, WEF and Wangeningen University in the Netherlands which just happens to be the home of WEF's new Global Coordinating Secretariat for the Food Innovation hubs of its Food Action Alliance. Coincidence? Hardly.

If you still doubt the global elitists desire to make us east bugs, by brainwashing our children, consider another article by the TNA called "Public School brainwashing our kids to eat bugs."

in Septermber, 2022.

If the globalists have their way, you will be eating what they tell you to and you will like it and they will get your kids to eat it them if you don't so once you are dead and gone, the plan may reach their desired utopian state of Nirvana that we call hell on earth.

As dismal as it all looks with all that is happening, you can turn the tide. You just need to be willing to do it. You have two choices, you can fight or you can enslave your children and be a part of the enslavement of the world due to your inaction. The choice is up to you but don't let anyone ever tell you there is nothing we can do.

Just coming in today, as if it doesn't make matters worse, it should also help clarify the plan beyond just eating habits that may arguably include population control and, of course the empowerment of the Medical NGO's and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) doing the bidding to bring about the new utopian hellish global order. Consider making eating bugs more dangerous and how that could affect humanity. Here is the REPORT. from Dr. Mercola. If it won't open, go to his website.

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