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“The Great Reset” or “fundamentally changing the globe?”

"The Great Reset" to me is the most massive comprehensive, most complete, most controlling, most manipulative global coup on mankind. It is essentially a culmination of work from many different areas that are all being finalized and brought together for what it should be called "The grand Finale" as its mission is not only to establish a global redistribution of wealth but to measure, monitor, manipulate and control every facet or every humans life across the globe. It is the final call before the curtain goes up and they openly expose their plans to the world. The precursors go back a long way and prior to the Great Reset they were alternatively known in parts: Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, The Green Deal. I argue that the creation of the Federal Reserve, the attempted passage of the League of Nations and False Flag wars and police actions, trade agreements, banker bail outs and stimulus checks and quantitative easing mechanisms were part all of that plan along with other major issues in our history that helped lend a hand to incremental destruction of our sovereignty as a nation.

Some would say, that a plan like this would be impossible to set in place without people knowing and I would say that would ordinarily be true if the people were paying attention or weren't so pre-occupied calling those warning them of the dangers "Conspiracy Theorists."

Incrementally a man or few men with ideas since as late as 1919 have carefully, brilliantly and successfully worked together in secret to plan on the enslavement of the world and although they may have met and communicated in secret, the weren't secret in writing and speaking about it to the public. The public in my opinion just didn't care or were so dumbed down they didn't think it worth paying attention to. When this all comes out, we will wish we had paid attention.


"The Great Reset" to me is the most massive comprehensive, most complete, most controlling, most manipulative global coup on mankind."


The Great Reset is a culmination of Agenda 21 and its separate parts within that agenda-Technocracy with transhumanism and the Sustainable Development portion that include Wildlife reserves (wetlands project) and controlling urban sprawl (Urban Initiative).

Supporters are Banking Elites (Financial), Common core (Education), the environment (The Excuse), Big Tech (Surveillance) and Big Pharma (Mind control and behavioral manipulation), Big Ag (food control),the media (Mind control), Hollywood (narrative control), and even your local school boards (education), and the mechanisms and willingness of local city councils, county commissioners, your legislators and even your executive branch. (Physical control and implementation), even the excuse de jure as the back up plan when with the oppositional exposure of the Environmental Agenda of COVID-19 (Fear control). A major part of the Reset is to abolish our form of government replacing it with Un certified NGO's and the power of Multi-national corporations, empowering Big Tech, Big Pharma and ultimately the United Nations as that Supra-national governing entity. You can even hear the globalists talking about empowering the UN and read about it by those in their own words. Any UN document will help make that clear and so will going to the World Economic Forum's website

If you are new to the topic, I know it seems like a lot, it was overwhelming and still is for me knowing what I do. This agenda is so invasive and so complex, I have read books about it and can still only tell people..."That's Agenda 21" as they get a blank stare. This is to say if you are overwhelmed, its okay, you are definitely not alone. Imagine how you would feel if you have taken time to study the issue and have it fall on deaf ears? I am not sure what is worse, not knowing about this agenda or knowing what we do and not having anyone care to listen.

In future posts, as I hope this helps to educate others and hopefully helps me commit the issue to memory, I will write more about it. I personally feel like it is the most major agenda item we are facing today, that rivals the election because if we don't have Trump to continue to expose the Deep State, America is gone because there will no longer be any resistance to the globalists that have fully and completely taken control.

More more information on the invasiveness and comprehensive detail and the many components of this agenda, please check out the following:, , ,,,

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