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The Great Reset-Pestilence

A few days ago I wrote about the Great Reset from a more principled and more general position. Today, I would like to briefly cover areas I mentioned that were examples I listed as you consider, as I do, the Biblical significance of history as it applies to us today.

As a side note, I have always found it interesting that the non-religious become militant when the religious claim historical events are happening because they were written in the Scriptures. There has always been some excuse to say it is someting else. I wonder how long that will take before they realize what they didn't know was something maybe they should have?

Pestilence: Defined as a fatal epidemic but would COVID count if it was only sold that way but wasn't what they said it was? For the sake of argument, let's place the COVID fiasco under pestilence because although the COVID issue wasn't as fatal as, let's say, Bubonic Plague, it did kill people. Let's also recognize that although it may not have killed people to the degree they hoped or to the degree the media saud it would, it may have been designed to. Additionally, although the disease itself may not have been as serious, we could call the govenrment's involvement in the creation of an extremely harmful vaccine that did and continue to kill people. For all intents and purposes, I think the pestilence definition shall work fine to meet the desired end of the elitist oligarchs. I would probably have used words and phrases like Exinction level event (ELE) or just plain genocidal as we watch history repeat itself.

Most of us all know now, COVID was a lie. It was a planned excuse with a planned desired outcome. Since we were all home, it didn't take long for us to see how totalitarian the government was in its radical departure from the truth and becoming rabid mice scrambling to keep the truth hidden that they just couldn't, so instead they confused the public with so many differing versions of every part we exposed, that people gave up thinking the truth was never coming to light.

If I had to list a few glaring examples, I would say that COVID could never really be defined as a pandemic. I also know that historically never have healthy people ever been quarantined. I also know that N95 masks don't work and Fauci even said so but then reversed his position and people went on wearing them. There was some questionable premeditation with Event 201 that the media buried and admissions by globalist oligarchs that COVID was used to usher in The Great Reset. Although I could list 1000 other examples of tyranny being sold as confusion, few realize confusion is a tactic of totalitarians.

We know The U.S. funded Gain of Function research and we know they continually lied or confused the public about not knowing the origin of COVID but ironically, any mention of it about it coming from China was most likely, according to the media and Woke health NGO's, verbalized by white racists which only does more to prove this had a politically desired outcome. We were led to believe that HCQ and Ivermectin were dangerous although they had been proven effective for decades. They banned the substances and restricted use of vitamin/mineral supplements and totally avoided reporting on states and countries that banned COVID regs like Florida and Texas because it would have revealed it was all a lie.

If what I am writing is true and it appears that we have a government that manufactured or colluded with agencies, using your tax dollars to manufacture and they lied about every part of the story and then withheld the remedies that were cheap and readily available to the public, what other conclusion can you come to other than that the govenrment is not purposely killing its people? The only question most should be asking isn't whether COVID was real or not but why the government wants to kill its people?

I meet people all the time that reveal themselves by telling me what they think they know and it really does more to tell me what people really don't know. The best and most frequent example is "Why would a government hurt people?" To me, this reveals that these people know nothing of history and they know nothing of humans inate desire to control and how dangeous it can be. It also reveals they don't understand historically what has happened when there is a collective entity that desires that end. This is why the saying "history repeats itself for those that don't know it" is so relevent. This is also why tragedies have happened and left people decades later wondering, "How could that have happened' when clearly we now know why, "ignorance is bliss" but what they don't know is the blood just may be on their hands.

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