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The Great Reset- The 15 minute city

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

When I was really young I always thought I didn't know much. I never read much and I was not interested in intellectual things. I wasn't even really paying attention in school or even at church and at the time didn't really understand the significance of it all and how the world works.

The strange thing was in all of the things I never seemed to paid attention to, I realized there was a part of me that must have, I just didn't know it. I remember watching movies like The Terminator in 1984. As I watched there was something dark and totally dystopian about it and I just knew this could be our reality someday. Isn't it ironic that that movie came out in 1984, as some kind of Orwellian (planned) coincidence?

Years later, my wife and our boys wanted to go see Hunger Games and later the Divergent series and as much as I didn't want to go for the same reasons I felt watching the Terminator, I went anyway. I remember as I watched, I was totally horrified. As I internalized those feelings the best I could, It consumed more of my time as I wanted to understand more about what was happening and why others didn't seem as concerned as I was.

As I continued to study conspiracies and history and current events, most of these "theories" either had come true or I could see the writing on the wall that they would. Today, the saying is "we need more conspiracy theories because most of them had come true." Well, in that light, I learned that the enemy will always reveal his plan before he does it, it is just up to the people to see it. I already knew Hollywood peddled the new global order in movies as they colluded with government to manipulate the minds of the people like they did with the invention of the television or the eventual use of it to get people to accept such a fictional reality again, with help from agencies like the CIA and Stanford Research Center to control the program and the outcomes.

I remember, in the Hunger Games when the two were chosen to compete and they left their walled district and traveled in that bullet train to the city where there was nothing in between their district and the city but forests. The People, dressed up in strangeness wanting their bread and circus and got it. Many of the same conditions were consistent in later movies, where people were separated by class but the common theme overall was an oppressive government entity that controlled everyone in every way possible.

I learned about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset and realized what I thought was coming isn't coming, it is already here. As the globalist oligarchs continue to brainwash people into believing their plans as the benevolent kings of the planet, many have yet to realize they are in the midst of global enslavement.

Last night, as I was having dinner one of my sons taking a college class on globalism, I was interested in knowing about the class. We had spoken a few times before about wanting to talk about it and I was excited to do it. I did tell him that we should probably talk after the class because if I armed him with enough information, his teacher would most likely fail him and he agreed. As we discussed it all, and I told him about Agenda 21, 2030, The Great Reset and the 15 minute cities. He then asked me if I had ever heard of "The Mile." I told him I was aware that Cleveland, Ohio was planning to be the first 15 minute city in the US but not The Mile. As he shared a video, he said that "The Mile" was already under construction in Saudi Aradia. I watched the video with him and my heart fell to the floor again. It was one more conspiracy I had read about for years that I am seeing in plain view. If cities like this catch on, our freedoms are screwed and my son saw it as I did, it wasn't rocket science or a far stretch to make for either one of us. This is the video he shared.

I was on facebook just last week or so and someone asked me what a 15 minute city was and I tried my best to say it as simply as I could. Although there is so much to it, I tried to be as succinct as possible and left out a lot in the description and I was fearful in doing so, that would in some way diminish the seriousness of the agenda.


"A 15 minute city is part of the county comprehensive plans instituted on a local level that were created by the United Nations outlined in Agenda 21, again in 2030 and the Great Reset. A 15 minute city is a city where all inhabitants will find everything they need within 15 minutes. Not only will a permit be required to get outside of that city (ESG) but private transportation will be terminated in order to support public transportation (mass transit) in an effort to be carbon free to save the planet from climate change."


Sure, this topic is far more invasive and far more comprehensive but so well thought out that there is seemingly "no stone unturned" as the enemy revealed the entire plan to people that for the most part have no clue.

Although, you can ask me a question about one issue and I feel confident I can connect it to many others, I rarely get the opportunity but I believe it is absolutely imparative this happens. My concern is that if the people can only see the single issues and not see the bigger picture, I hardly see how we can fight and win if all the enemy has to do is create enough issues to overwhelm the people fighting for thier freedom.

Although there is a small group of people concerned locally about thier issues, the concern of others beyond that echo chamber, to me, doesn't seem to even compete with the reality of what is happening. The question for me now is how can we share what we know and have people understand it to the degree they need to? I am not worried about what to do about it, just people stepping up willing to do it. The answer in my view is reaching out beyond that circle of influence in a very big way and do it in a consistent manner, not as a part time issue.

As fearful as I am about the overall coming global agenda, and as sad as it is that my children know about our form of govenrment and how it differs from others, they seem almost helpless to do anything about it and I can't blame them but they, at half my age, know what is coming and yet people my age and older, that are best suited to do something about it won't or don't see it?

I guess a few take aways from this is that everything I suspected was true and that the information I had read extensively on this topic was once again accurate as people still condemn the source. As sad as the issues we face are, it is good to knowThe JBS was right, yet once again, exposing the truth decades ago when people thought we were crazy. Well, it wouldn't appear that we are crazy now would it? Sometimes truth is hard to hear, especially when it comes as a surprise. It is a gut-wrenching experience to realize all you had thought or were told was a lie but if we are wanting to seek truth and we love freedom, we better be willing to accept it because if we don't, we will be living in hell where there will no longer be anything we can do about it.

The one question I asked my son to ask his teacher is how they plan on implementing this plan in America knowing the constitution is the one thing that stood in the way. I know how they plan to do it, I was just interested in what her answer would be. Although, I am not sure if he will ask her or not, he did tell me that when he was questioning her about certain things, she replied "You are making way to much sense." As if that statement isn't telling enough?

If what I understand what she was saying to him was correct, she said, "Don't overthink it, just accept it. it may not make any sense but it won't matter because sense no longer matters in determining anything. How can a teacher live with themselves thinking this way and isn't is the epitome of irony?

Here are a few links on 15 minute cities. If you want more info on where it started and where they are going, go to and visit other links below.

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