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The Great Reset- War, famine

War, known by many to be the tragedy of all tragedies. To a few, it is known as the the best excuse to "reset" collapsing economies, to empower a particular entity toward a desired end and exponentially increase wealth of those that desire that particular end.

As I had mentioned before, WW1 was to bring about the League of Nations toward a world government, WWII to usher all nations to submit to the United Nations to prevent war and yet few question the combat, "police actions," "humanitarian missions," death and destruction and dirty politics created by the insiders that many nations joined to prevent just what is happening. Why is it so few, at least in this country, won't hold their elected officials accountable to the fact that such U.S. interventions are blatantly unconstitutional? I believe it is because not enough of them know better or care.

Sadly, I think it is easy to say that the 20th century has been the century of the most war, death an destruction than any time before the creation of the United Nations. If this is true, how can nations still be a part of what I would easily call the International War Machine? Easy, nations have been transformed, hijacked, if you will, by those desiring a particular end. So what is that end you may ask? Dare I say World government?

Well, its true and there is far more evidence of this that one would require in a court room for one to be pronounced guilty of high crimes so why won't anyone sound the horn? Well, the good news is that some people are. One reason why we are not as successful as we should be is that there are not enough people shouting it. Another reason is that governments at all levels are being hijacked, now working with non-governmental organizations and corporations to make it even more difficult to bring it to light. The cool thing for these conspirators is that they have all of the money, influence and power as well as control of the narrative to silence those of us speaking the truth.

So, what is left for people to do? They need to make their voices heard by educating their neighbors and their representatives and all of their friends that can widen the globe's understanding of what is taking place. If you can't or won't, don't worry, the global insiders aren't worried, they will come for you when they are good and ready all while people see what is happening and complain about it and rather than doing something, they point fingers at others asking what they can do when many arguably aren't interested in doing a thing about it because while asking on one hand, they really are asking with a defeatist mindset, almost looking for a reason not to engage while looking like they desire to.

Pertaining to The Great Reset and war, in order to control the masses, fear is paramount for absolute submission and complainace of a people. If the indisiders create an enemy, then they can appear as the saviors and instead of saving us from the threat, they use it to advance their control over us. Consider the history of U.S involvement in wars. If you look carefully, you can see that the U.S. has always had its hand in every war under the guise of "defending our interests in the region?" What if China or Russia decided to "defend its interest in our region?" That wouldn't go so well.

Take Russia and Ukraine. As long as I have been alive, the favorite villain has always been Russia and what a great excuse they are with a history of communism? So if an excuse can be created to make Russia look like the bad guy, the U.S. has successfully created a problem and made themselves the savior by joining with lesser nations to go against Russia. What if Russia wasn't instigating war with Ukraine? Why should the U.S even care if it had nothing do with us? We shouldn't be involved but we are under international alliances that are also unconstitutional and if we are there, make no mistake, we are there to "defend our interests in the region" not to defend other nations, so why is no one questioning what those interests are?

If the Devil is in the details, it may be good to know their motive(s). What if the U.S. worked with Ukraine or what if Ukraine was a geopolitical pawn to be used for a desired end? What if the insiders overthrew Ukraine (in 2014), installed its own regime, then with its control in place blamed it on another nation? It isn't like the U.S. has never done this before? Are we seeing a trend? The same M.O that still exists today as the media is stirred and working overtime to keep people divided and ignorant on the issue?


What if war was a means to an end and it was used to force nations, like ours, into full submission to the UN, expanding NATO and helping to destroy national sovereignties, aid in population reduction and comply to world government by creating hostilities between nations, controlling energy, creating supply-chain crises, collapsing or "resetting" or "transitioning" our economy and governmental structure as well as creating food shortages that were all created by the insiders, working with the U.S. military, multi-national corporations, NGO's and world religions to usher in The Great Reset?


The Great Reset is being radically instituted at every local level. Sure some see these as single issues and fight them with a vengeance but can they stem the tide without understanding the bigger picture? The Greater Agenda? I sure hope so because, overall, people seemingly aren't too intersted in what people like us know. Some that are, may be too afaid to engage because it may threaten their families or their personal safety. Some will disregard it as if we are still a conspiracy theorists. If these examples are true, it just shows me just what people don't know about how these issues are connected, how big the threat is, and how much they care more about themselves than they do about the future of freedom around the globe and our posterity.

There is a narrow window of time to bring about that great awakening of freedom before nothing we do will bring about the success we desire, and yet, many feel engaging is still an option.

In my view God may not have put us here, for such a time as this, to win, and if we do or not shouldn't be the focus. Our focus should be on engaging the enemy in faith, in relentless and tireless pursuit, trusting, either way, His will be done.

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