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The Great Reset- Why?

I remember when I was in elementary school and I was always in so much trouble. As I thought about it for a long time, I remembered it was because I always asked why.

What took me so long to realize is that not only was I always asking why but why I was in so much trouble. Then it dawned on me...I was always in trouble for asking why because the questions I was asking didn't have answers by those I was questioning.

If you are a parent, you understand how frustrating it can be when your children get to that age where all they do is ask why right? Sadly, I know so many children that went through that but the response from the parents was common but, in my view, not helpful. Growing up in a slightly dysfuctional family, I was aware of the answer to why and chances are, you do too.

"Because I said so!" remember that? Well, this was a real sore issue for me and totally unacceptable and so when my kids did it, I almost always told them why and I believe they are far better men for it. If for no other reason, they know answers that they would never had known if they either didn't ask or were told "because!"

As an activist, today, I frequently find humor in how I turned out. Today, I spend most of my time still trying to find answers to why and when I am not reading, I am asking others "why." Although as adults those I ask have answers, what I find that they are often times either poor answers or somewhat dangerous answers especially since those I ask have been elevated to positions representing the people.

So, why the Great Reset? As you can probably surmise from reading or watching Klaus Scwab videos, his why, isn't necessarily the real why, although, if you can recognize truth, you can see that he is also becoming rather honest with his why but not in a sense that you would see what he is saying for what it is, if that makes any sense. You will see, if you don't already, none of this agenda makes sense, its so Orwellian.

Schwab's why and other insiders that back him say it is needed to combat climate change. What they are really saying is that they needed a planned excuse to force a global distribution of wealth using all means available including natural resources, and human capital and utilize all methods of control to do it. What we are saying is this is all about global control and total human enslavement.

It sounds impossible right? I totally agree but under the guise of being impossible, it is being and has been incrementally implemented and all that one needs to do is to entertain it as a possibility and then look at the evidence. The evidence I am talking about is that I have watched videos from Schwab's mouth, visited supporting websites including his own, read documentation, two of his books, his quotes and reviewed what other supporters and critics have shared about it.

To avoid confusion, let me say that in my experience, this move toward a global order has had many names attached to it. You may know some of them like AOC's "The Green Deal," Biden's "Build Back Better," the UN global partners once called "global warming," now called "climate change" (as if that should be a red flag), names also include Sustainable Development, SMART cities, SMART devices, Wildlands Corridors, Wetlands, Green technology and for those that know most about it that call it what it is, Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030. Within it all are countless mechanisms and even sub mechanisms.

So do yourself a favor, avoid the frustration of understanding as they are all different wings of the same bird. (multi-winged birds? Sure! You can have it all in the Global utopian order!) Where it may also get confusing, is when digging into it, realizing how invasive and complex it is. It is also beyond comprehension how they have managed to connect each smaller and significant issue not only to one another but to a larger part.

For example, looking at Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Developement Goals (SDG's), you will find that it includes all of the utopian remedies for all of the ills of society from erradicating poverty, redistributing global wealth, shaming the largest capitalist countries, preserving the planet, restricting every part of one's lifestyle and even elevating the indigenous people's and increasing the rights of the LGBT? How do these issues have anything to do with one another? They don't but people have allowed these oligarchs to influence not only your local government at every level and to brainwash you, but still few question how or why? How stupid are we and our representatives for not seeing subversive elements in our free constitutional republic?

The only way the insiders could get away with it is if the people don't understand the difference between freedom and slavery or a constitutional republic from another form of government and truth be told, most don't know and as sad as it is, those that do know seem more comfortable preaching in their echo chamber where numbers remain dismal without reaching out to those beyond it to aid in that great freedom awakening. Maybe I am wrong in what I am thinking on this but I do know without hesistation that this global plan is happening not only because people are ignorant, but those that don't know are not doing enough to being attention to it, globally.

Make no mistake, they are coming for you, your children and their future and if you do not stand in the gap like your life depends on it, maybe praying to Satan would be more prefferable since is appears people, through inaction support the darkness rather than to use the light to expose it.

Let us call it what it is. It is global human enslavement and calling it anything less is just not being honest.

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Excellent Tom. I was raised to question authority. And why is one of thise questions...

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