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The Ideological differences between law enforcement and those they serve. Part 1

I wish I were a better student of history but even with my somewhat limited knowledge, I have found that there are things in general that seem to re-occur and have seem for myself that history does, in fact repeat itself for those that don't know it. Take for instance the reversal of the master/servant relationship.

No matter what book I have read, no matter what video or documentary I have watched, one thing is clear throughout history, a once free people that creates a government for its benefit has always been eventually used to their detriment...always, well almost always. In reading stories of dictators, Kings, Potentates, the rights of the people have always been turned into privileges with the exception of people that were born under such oppressive governments that they never had rights to exercise to begin with. We have read these stories about many other countries across the world but never really about America and that is changing in a way that few Americans would have ever dreamed or would even believe even today.

You see, for most of us that know enough about history not to repeat its mistakes, we see the warning signs, the writing on the wall if you will and we sound alarm bells as loud as we feel we need to while others even in the positions of government (that even say they think like we do) think we are crazy and this to me is the essence of the difference.

Most that understand conspiracy, understand first of all that Conspiracy and conspiracy theory are different. One is based purely on facts and the other a blend of facts and projections and opinions with the probability of a degree of fabrication. This confusion helps to create a world where truth and facts are relative and now just because you believe the way you do even if you have facts to back it up doesn't mean you can defend your position against someone that believes the opposite. I believe that a controlling elite intentionally created this confusion in an effort to subjugate its people. If you can confuse the governors and the governed, you can control both.

In my many years of activism, I have many friends in the legislature and also have many friends in law enforcement. In my years however I have watched people every year bang their heads against the wall trying to get bills passed or "killed" and only have them tabled and was enough to make me crazy and although I do believe the legislature needs to be held accountable, I believed we were somewhat short sighted in our actions. In my reading of history and seeing that legislators legislate the people's rights away, I was also reminded and haunted about the enforcement mechanism and because it seemed like I was the only one that realized this, I grew extremely concerned and felt action was necessary. This is one reason why I deviated from the traditional course of activism and became a part of The John Birch Society's "Support Your Local Police and Keep them independent" campaign.

You see, there are some people that hate law enforcement and consider them "the enemy" while others love law enforcement to the point where they would support a totalitarian police state. Both positions were incredibly unsettling for me and I knew why, at that time I was just unable to articulate what I knew. What I couldn't understand is why it seemed like no one else was bothered by it. Knowing this, I committed to the journey of meeting every sheriff in my area and as many police chiefs as possible and after five years, met almost all of the sheriffs and many of the chiefs and made great contacts and even better friends.

Many people in the liberty movement I associated with at first thought I was crazy- they were either scared or felt they couldn't "suck-up to the F'ing Cops." I felt way differently, I felt differently because in the time that I had taken to meet law enforcement in my area, I realized there were far more people in uniform that loved America, our Founding, our heritage and Constitution and felt more like we did that we didn't. I hardly saw them as the enemy and saw many of them as not only friends but good friends and I would do for them as much as I would do for anyone, even today. These people were just like me before I began to understand what was happening to our country and how we had been dumbed down to where we don't even know our own heritage but claim a reverence for what we don't really know? Again, programming.

Before proceeding, I felt my disclaimer was necessary to alleviate any possible confusion. This was not written to be disrespectful to anyone because I was once there too. One way to find solutions to the problem is to understand the problem, admit the problem and look for solutions. Once we realize we have been programmed or de-programmed, and recognize and separate what is real from what isn't, we can then and only then become part of the solution but I believe we need each other to accomplish this, "Iron Sharpens Iron," if you will. A solution will never come if we don't first recognize this. This is the positive side of this campaign and this journey.

The Negative side and the daunting task of this journey is navigating through people's fears, emotions and lies, disinformation and inconsistent worldviews that do more to create the clash than to prevent it and I thought it was pretty ironic that those that were created to keep the peace were historically used to enslave those they serve and many of them didn't even know it. I wrote this thinking it was time to talk about what few others are talking about, at least in the way I hope to, that may be considered both by law enforcement and the citizens that fear or hate them with the goal of restoring liberty to our great land.

Please again don't take offense but just because one states they have a reverence for America and its Founding and swore an oath doesn't mean that there are no problems. What you hear is of course soothing but the negative side is what you don't hear or see till later and this is the same with anyone in any elected position. Many that take the oath don't know what the Principles behind the Oath are, much like those that Pledge Allegiance to the Flag but refer to America as a Democracy. Its programming. Another example regarding the oath to consider is that it may be coerced or empty as in they would be fired if they actually adhered to the oath instead of a policy manual. Its is a rough spot for anyone in law enforcement elevating the Oath over that employers manual especially if Law enforcement was your chosen profession. Many of you and I myself are under a policy manual.

For over five years I have met with law enforcement, and in most of my conversations they all, for the most part have incredible similarities. As I list these similarities in my next post, please use caution and think critically not only about what they say but what I point out they don't say because that to me is where the problem is.

In my next post, I hope to lay out the similarities, the differences, perspectives, outcomes, problems, solutions between law enforcement and those they serve. I will attempt to be as detailed because I believe it is important.

The desire behind this post is to begin to foster a better understanding of not only the differences between law enforcement and those they serve but to help more people understand that this relationship is extremely crucial for Liberty and of course that many issues that include the abolition of local police in favor of a national or global police force and that we are facing are part of a global conspiracy to destroy America and control humanity across the globe and you and I and those in law enforcement are all pawns in that shell game.

Also, I encourage you to leave comments and share your thoughts to aid in that dialogue.

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