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The Ideological differences between law enforcement and those they serve Part 2

In the last post I attempted to provide a wide introduction to a series I hope to complete that completely surmises my thoughts on a topic I find to be one of the most important. In the next series of posts I would like to offer a perspective relating to a long list of differences with an explanation and also include links to help make my case where I can. We all know people have opinions so I find it important to back mine up with evidence where I can. All of what I will be sharing is from my own research and education and first hand general accounts of details from personal one on one conversations with Law enforcement overall.

If you are one that has an attention a short attention span or don't like to read or just want what I have to say in a nutshell, this won't be that post, so I hope you will hang with me, read, hopefully learn a little but more importantly make comments that will challenge my thoughts.

If I don't have any readers, when I pass on if anyone was ever interested in what made me tick, these posts would hopefully help clear up any misunderstanding about me.

As I begin this series, please know I am a bit organizationally challenged in that I am always reading, always on the go and don't have the time needed to write as nicely as I would like to and quite frankly, we as a state and a nation don't have much time either and ALL of my efforts are dedicated to awakening my fellow Idahoan. I will begin this series with attempting to law a basic foundation so that readers will have some frame of reference about where I am coming from and why.

If I had to start as the beginning, I would start from a Biblical view. I believe that God Created the Heavens and the Earth and that he Created us to subdue it, or to manage it not as man but in Accordance with God's will. Knowing this, we understand that People were created to be free to roam and do as they please as long as they do not do harm to others. I also believe that God gave us Government, of course to be run by men, but again, in accordance with God's will.

Since I began at the Genesis of the Bible, I should also try to do the same for our our country and our Constitution. I believe that Our Founders were Divinely led, by God to break the chains of tyranny from Great Britain in the name of freedom, to actually sacrifice carnal security. I also believe that America in its 238 years of existence has been the most blessed nation in the world and the evidence for this if you need it would be to just generally look at every nation in the world and compare it to the US. Cleon Skousen's book The 5000 year Leap includes 27 principles that prove that God blesses a nation that loves God and will destroy a nation that turns from Him and why American has done so much more in 238 years that others have in 5000. You can purchase the book online of download a pdf of the book here.

As you see and hope to see from this series everything I attempt to convey will be referenced from a Biblical and/or Constitutional perspective because in my view there is way more in common with both that they they differ from one another.

Summarizing today's post, I in no way want to suggest that law enforcement generally speaking are anti-God or Anti-American, nor do I desire to stir up strife of hatred in anything I post, it is merely to share what I have seen to be true. People today regardless of profession come from all walks of life, differences in cultures, religions and how they perceive not only God and America but our Constitution, freedom and law. Did it used to be that way and if so to what degree and what would the consequences be for such differing beliefs? I believe those in the Founding Era most were capable of individual thought but collectively understood the basic truths that I don't think people understand or even know enough to care today.

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