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The Ideological Differences... Part 3- Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law

I believe that if man adhered to the Two Greatest Commandments of God, to Love God and love they neighbor there would be no need for other laws. I also believe that America was great not because of what government was allowed to do but what it was kept from doing and finally I believe that knowing the more godless we become, the more need we will have of masters/tyrants. You may think this statement is arrogant and bold to say but I personally don't need man made laws because I possess the Knowledge the Principles of Freedom. I believe William Blackstone, consistent with the Bible even stated Laws were created for those that don't possess them.


Why do we have more laws today than ever and yet people are far more lawless? They lack the Understanding of the Principles of Freedom.


In previous posts probably belaboring the point I was going to write a series without offering anything substantive, I did so in an attempt to walk carefully through something that can easily be misconstrued to mean something different than what I meant. This should help you understand how important this topic is to me. We are either men that can handle the truth or are have become fallen snowflakes aiding in the destruction of this land.

As I had intended to share my experience and what I have learned regarding the differences between law enforcement and those they serve, I realized just because my interactions with law enforcement may have prompted me to write the series, it really shouldn't point to them as law enforcement any more than it should apply to anyone in any position in government or any agency related to government so I have decided to change the name of my series mid-stream to the Ideological Differences between Servant and master or just ideological differences....

Please, again, understand this is not a blanket judgement, condemnation or hatred, it is intended to be quite the opposite. All I post is intended to encourage a frank discussion because it is sorely needed. It is for consideration and to share my perspective in hope that we will all take time to self-reflect about what we think as well as the actions we take and whether those thoughts and actions are more conducive to the restoration of Liberty or destructive. I believe if we all pondered on these issues frequently, we have a far better chance at living lives we would all like to live than to allow history to repeat itself.

Spirit of the Law vs. the Letter of the Law

With even a limited amount of reading one would or should easily see that the Founding of this great nation was based upon what is called Organic Documents, in other words something that laid the foundation for something else. These documents created the framework for this great nation.

The most popular of course are the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights but what few realize is where a huge part of the problem is, that people talk about the Constitution without referencing the Declaration or the Bill of Rights, why? Our Founders never separated them (although they were written at different times) and even stated themselves for the Constitution to be understood, they would need to have understood or even just read the Declaration which is not only the intent for the creation of the Constitution but created the light in which the Constitution should be applied and the Bill of Rights was to be considered extra protection to clarify what the Government could not do.

Today we have a growing disdain by people in government against "constitutionalists" and yet we have many that claim to have reverence for our Heritage and their oath in these positions. There is also a growing disdain by the people against their government. If people don't understand the purpose, intent and creation for even just these organic documents, how much reverence can one have? How much reverence can one have for both people in government or the Citizens in charge of keeping our republic?

The Declaration is stated to be the Spirit of the law, The Constitution is to be the letter of the law to be applied with the understanding of God's will and God's law. If adherence is given to the letter of the law to apply only what it says, can the application be abused? It sure can and in my view is one reason why it is and will continue to be abused until such principles are known and applied.

The Declaration was a document that was written by bold men that had grown tired of the "Rule by Decree" of the tyrant King. After trying to find remedy in every way possible the only solution was to break away but out of respect for the King, the Declaration was formed to put the King on notice citing why they wrote the Declaration, the list of abuses and the remedy sought. In simple terms as we apply this thought today, it was people that were tired of government abuse.

Now knowing the intent and purpose of the Declaration and Constitution it should be easy to suggest that the Constitution was to limit the power of Government so that people could remain free not to allow the government unlimited power to do as they please.

If the government today is labeling and targeting "Constitutionalists" it should be easy to see we have a huge problem. In their minds they are the Masters and they are forcing us to be the servants rather than the other way around. After all, weren't THEY the one's that took the oath? What they are effectually saying in my mind is what the King did, "What we say goes and if you don't like it, we will label you, we will isolate you and either incarcerate you or annihilate you." You are now the enemy of the state. What they are also saying is that any law or decree or order by any agency in government (or even those that aren't in government) "is the law" and is constitutional because we were out in charge to create them and we are not to be rightfully and righteously indignant about the hypocrisy they desire to shove down our throats even though the legislatures are the only entity that can constitutionally make law?

The Sprit of the law is Freedom, the Constitution created the framework to limit government to "few and defined powers' and shored up by the Bill of Rights that was even more restrictive, to the government NOT the People.

If Americans don't want to believe in God, they have that Right not to but they have to ask where those rights came from and the answer to that will be further explained in the series.

If Americans don't want to believe in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, they also have that right, but at what point of denial do they then affect my liberty and who protects my liberty from the encroachment of others and what are the consequences of that particular exercise of their "freedom?"

If People claim to have a reverence for our country, heritage and founding documents, and want to pay "lip service" and label those of us that have done our homework that have taken the time to know our heritage and the law, maybe the issues is that the light that we shine on the darkness of ignorance of others isn't seen in the light of humility as love for another as an accountability measure, it is seen as an excuse to embolden themselves for a fight, not realizing that what they are doing more harm to our republic than adhering with any consistency to the reverence for the country they claimed they loved.

My next post will be on the Natural law vs. Statutory law or God's Law vs. Man's Law. I hope you stay with me and share your comments.

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