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The Marijuana Menagerie- Part 3

I argue that Pot is a crime to our government and its colluding entities because it can't be or hasn't yet been controlled by Big Pharma and/or the government can't get the money it thinks it should get so they ban it. God forbid anyone get creative in how to make money especially in a nation headed for collapse!

From a local and federal government perspective- Since there are no Constitutional limits place on the prohibition (Speaking of Prohibition, consider the 18th and 22nd amendments on how well banning alcohol worked) the power was unlawfully taken from the people by both the Feds and local governments. Federally, they have no standing and their regulations don't lawfully apply to the states but yet, in the name of "The War of Drugs" the federal government has abused it authority and allowed, in the process, the local governments to abuse the freedom of the people by the financial gain and boundless arbitrary authority using a blanket excuse that needs no proof, just the movement of a dog or a feeling someone has. Can a person be biased or looking for a needle in a haystack to make himself look good better? Can he not manipulate the movements of a K-9 to gain access to what he desires and is such arbitrary control over the citizens consistent with the citizens “arbitrary” authority over government or do the citizens even have the right of redress when it comes to such abuse of authority?

Is “Disobeying a lawful order” constitutional? I would actually say yes but this is highly abused! Notice how it says “disobeying a LAWFUL order, not a legal order? This I believe is on purpose and few people including officers understand or have considered the difference and to them it is all the same. “Do it because I said so!” may not be lawful but it is at all times legal and how can you blame them since most people are ignorant whiners anyway? Sadly, in their defense they are badged babysitters because we have lost self-respect, personal responsibility and have given most of them no evidence that we can or care to govern ourselves. Who was it that said, “when the people become unruly, they have more need for masters?” So how can we hold government to few and defined powers on one hand while the mob-rule majority is clamoring for more government control on the other? The solution to these problems is Education and concerted action and for the most part, for now as much as it may bother you, playing by their rules. After all you allowed them decades to create them and so did I.

Is it lawful to disobey? In my view, yes. when laws are abused by the governing authority, it is an American foundational principle and our duty as citizens.

From a medical/health standpoint, when the medical industry or Big Pharma corporations as mentioned above, collude with the government to maintain control of what is accessible to the people and the FDA, as ridiculous as they are, work not for the safety of the people but “in the name of safety” which really isn’t, what happens? On the other hand, the health professionals truly focused on health at the root cause of the issue are being censored again, at the advantage of Big Pharma because they need no competition. They don’t need their narrative challenged and they certainly do not want the agenda to be exposed. The Big Pharma tentacles and evil nature of what they do is as exhaustive as explaining the corruption in our economic system. We haven’t even covered the medicinal benefits of Pot either and it seems no one in government is even interested…big surprise.

Suffice it to say that people no longer have the right to think for themselves and to choose which remedy is right for them, they are directed by force through a legal and unlawful statute to comply with the out-of-control government that “in the name of the law” acts unlawfully…yeah, that’s lawful!

From a conspiratorial standpoint which is always a standpoint that is rarely or never considered no one ever wants to ask the questions about how the drug war or desire for drugs started much less who is behind it. I think if most people understood the conspiratorial elements, we would not be incarcerating users or sellers, we would be punishing those that brought it to our country but again, are they the criminal because they are merely supplying a need to those that desire that need or is it something else?

An enlightening book that reveals such an alternate and important perspective is a book called the Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. You won’t find the book anywhere from where I have looked but I do believe there is a pdf somewhere on the internet but I found the book so fascinating and so full of information that connects the dots on so many other issues, I decided to read it for people on my podcasting site for people’s consideration when seeing the vast complexity of the issue.

The book highlights globalist organizations by name and included the names of the people and why these organizations were created and what they have been responsible for around the globe and they make the case that the drug infestation problem began with the British East India Company and under the guise of selling tea, it wasn’t tea at all, it was Opium. For the BEIC it was about money and control. The BEIC was responsible for addicting the Coolies (as they were called) or the Chinese to the Opium to subdue and control them. The book says that the British Crown and global banking elitists have always been in control of the drug trade because it fulfills a several-fold narrative: Places drugs over God, destroys the traditional family, creates apathy and dependency on the governments, and enslaves the masses while they create and take advantage of the national vulnerabilities they created and create violent situations in communities between neighbors and law enforcement.

When you look at America today is not the same scenario possible knowing that the CIA are intimately involved in the drug trade as the military openly states they use their control and oversea the poppy fields? And what about CIA elements of Mind Control like the Milgram Experiment and MK Ultra?

Think of it this way, if the federal government was in fact doing its job and securing the borders, how has the drug problem in this country become such a problem? Well, it may be an engineered problem or may not be a problem at all but rather seen as a solution or a means to an end to achieve or fulfill the agenda planned for using drugs as an excuse, much like they use war and poverty and equality as an excuse to achieve other agendas.

If you look at this perspective and consider others like the Libertarian standpoint above you would see things a bit, differently wouldn’t you? You could say on one hand that people have the freedom to do drugs if they wanted to as long as they were not harming anyone else. First of all, who is to say doing drugs wouldn’t be harming another and second what if the libertarian ideology was carefully crafted to willingly get them to accept and push for the legalization of pot that would indeed get people to willingly accept becoming dumbed down? Plausible?

So, the fact that this issue is such an issue of contention is rightly so not because it is “this or that” but because of the accumulation of “this and that’s. Sadly, the further complication to me is that few if anyone I know has expressed the complications the way I have but to be honest, I haven’t looked because I wanted the words you read to be mine on how I navigate through any issue, not from others and not just one on Pot because “the issue is never the issue.”

From a personal standpoint, I have several views neither of which would help anyone unless we deal with other issues first and maybe that may be the best way to find the solution to this issue.

Generally speaking, overall, I do not support smoking pot or do I support people getting bombed possibly hurting people while driving but I do not care to support the criminalization of it either because lawful law is the law not some legal bastardization of law in the name of being illegal. I certainly do not support the criminalization of use or possession because those in themselves do not fit as defined by law and are defined instead by a legal system that always empowers the government. I also do not support the criminalization of pot on a federal or local level under the “War on Drugs” and because of seeing the federal and local abuse under such an excess and arbitrary power, it has caused me to be more willing to accept the freedom of pot use because of principle and consistency of law. Do you think the government has realized they may have created a problem that has backfired? I doubt it. Although I do find it personally harmful depending upon its use and its overall effect on communities I think at the very least, but I also understand that people want to act irresponsibly and could care less about harming others and that indeed it where the rubber meets the road for most people on this issue. Above all however, the law should be preserved and applied properly and consistently without question or the peace, of a community will be disrupted with an abusive government.

It really comes down to this for me…God gave us two of His greatest Commandments: To Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. I believe that if we did just those two, others laws wouldn’t necessarily be needed. I also believe that God granted us Liberty. He has placed within us the desire to be free. I also believe that God gave America to the world and to its inhabitants and placed the iron will of the Founders to shake of the tyranny of a British King and to create a clearly God- inspired document that was to limit the powers of government allowing for the people to remain free, even to make mistakes either intentional or unintended as well as to suffer any consequences.

Due to those decisions and knowing all of this based on Principle, no matter what and how people use Pot, I still feel it is an excuse for not only for governmental to abuse its authority and an arbitrary opening to tyrannical control by governments at all levels. Therefore, no matter what happens to users, because people will always be people, government if lawful should always recognize and remain within their confines and use that lawful power not to redefine what crimes but punish people when real crimes are committed. People will remain free while government is limited and as long as the controllers are not advocating for civil war and people still have room for the moral and religious component that should guide their lives

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said the Constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other form of government.” It was also said that when people become lawless, they will have more need for masters.

I personally believe in the Law of God, I also believe that religion, morality and personal responsibility are necessary to a free state and if not carefully exercised and guarded, it will crumble into the despair of a failed empire where neither freedom or law even matter or can be resurrected.

I spoke about consequences earlier. Are we as people or the government even considering the long-term consequences of our actions or just kicking the can down the road expecting someone else to deal with the issues we have created? I don’t think I need to answer that question when a quick self-reflection will be all that is necessary to answer that question.

In the grant scheme of things, I think it is important to ask if we looking narrowly at a particular issue or seeing it for what it is in its complexity as we should? If we are not and we truly care about meaningful solutions we may want to.

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