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"The Philosophy of the schoolhouse in one generation..."

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This morning, while people are focusing on race and the trivialities of the recent verdict, the globalist agenda advances in America. Many American's are not even close to having any concept about what is going on and all it means for this country.

Lawfully speaking, anytime the word race and justice are used, it is what I consider to be the grossest form of racism and the most vile and despotic form of law. As far as justice, it is a mob rule form of "just US."

Constitutionally or considering common sense there are no references for any of these actions to be considered and the actions of our government are now openly treasonous while Fox News focuses on the fact that "Republics say Maxine waters advocates violence" and the left wing media has black commentators talking about the "victory in America." See, both "sides" want to keep you divided by telling you only part of the problem, not the key part that will usher in solutions.

Sadly most people are not reading between the lines of asking the tough questions and if the pathetic Republics are trying to make a stand, it would be a stronger to try to make a noodle stand on end on its own! We are witnessing an all out globalist/communist assault on not only this country but every Caucasian nation on the planet and it is a well orchestrated plan and that fact that seems to slip beyond the average intelligence of any "freedom loving American."

I believe it was Lincoln that said: "The philosophy in school house of one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next." and I think he was right. If what we witnesses with "Gay rights" was any indication of progression to now having 40 genders and mob rule in the streets, it should only tell you that this recent verdict isn't about justice or racism, or even police abuse, it is about advancing a global agenda and its time that my sleepy or priority confused peeps in America understand this. Pertaining to politics, it has been said that "The issue is never the issues." If you are bold enough and recognize the urgency, take a stand! You need to join with others to not only become more informed but to join others becoming part of a national concerted action plan to take our communities back.

Cops are not the problem, reform isn't needed. "Reform" is a progressive term so I caution anyone from using it. I would even say that the democrats aren't even the problem unless you also include the Republicans and those that are not informed or active into the mix.

This issue relating to racism is about globalist control. As it pertains to the issue of law enforcement and race, and defunding the police, it is about creating enough chaos that local law enforcement becomes overwhelmed. When they do, they will find the need to call on unconstitutional federal law enforcement agencies and once they become overwhelmed, it will be to usher in the United Nations "Peace keepers" to quell civil unrest.

This like everything else the communists do is "pressure from above and pressure from below." Additionally this pressure is also coming from both sides as well that will end up advancing globalism and a national then global police force.

The left while advocating to eliminate police and the right while calling the police "Jack booted thugs" violating our Constitution is a perfect mechanism to use both sides as "Useful idiots" to usher in the globalist plan on one side in the name of democracy and on the other, in the name of liberty. It is the perfect storm to use its people that love this country to work in concert with those that hate it, attempting to destroy it.

The reason for this and a part of the problem is lack of knowledge. it is also lack of action because "the enemy doesn't care what you know, they only care what you do about it." Another part of the problem is focusing all of one's energy in one area. The reason for this is because it narrows your periphery and keeps you from understanding the enemy as we need to if we even want a chance at winning this culture war.

The John Birch Society is still here after 60 years. Never on the wrong side of an issue which equates to 60 years of truth, JBS is a trusted source of information and has an action infrastructure above all others, all we need is for more people to know that we still exist and to join.

JBS focuses on all crucial elements required to win: A knowledge of history and current events, the ability to link the two so that we can recognize when we are repeating the mistakes of history. We focus on the Constitution and the rightful form of government. We understand our foundational principles and we also focus on an area that few if any other groups focus on...The elements of conspiracy undermining American Liberty.

The left is right in that if there is "no justice, there is no peace" but the right is right in that if "there is NO God, there is also no peace." The problem for America is how these phrases have been interpreted.

If what Lincoln said is true and the communists entered politics in the 1960's and have worked tirelessly to seek power and influence in all areas of influence in our country as they have today, just imagine what the next generation that enters the sphere of government will be like? Let that really sink in for a minute!

Most American's are overwhelmed with information to where all they can barely focus on what is in front of them daily. Imagine how they will feel when they realize all that I have said is true?

Get off the couch! Activists need you. if you can't join, offer your time in some other way. If you have no time, offer your money. if you can't offer money, offer your Circle of Influence. If you can offer neither, maybe someone should tell you that you are a part of the problem.

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Strait as an arrow to the heart. Good work Tom.

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