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The question of using Article 5 to rein in an out of control government

Most people have no idea what Article 5 is. Many that call themselves constitutional patriots like many at local gun shows are included and I am not surprised.

Ever walk up to someone that has a "Don't tread on me" shirt and ask them what it means? Well, I was at a gun show with a friend a few weeks ago and I began the show by energetically asking people "so you support the Second Amendment huh?" There answer was a graveling resounding yes! That would be enough for most people but not me. I followed up with "Can you name the two main themes in the amendment?" I was hit with a blank stare. Asking that rhetorical question, I followed up with another, "So if you support the Second Amendment, do you also support Article 5?" I got two main responses. One, was "What is article 5?" and the other real shocker and most popular ressponse by at least 2:1 was "I don't pay attention to politics because politicians are corrupt." So I asked one more question, "So you have heard of Term limits and the Balanced Budget amendment right? You support those don't you?" and again, the answer was yes. I need to remind you, I was sitting at a booth at a gun show with alleged 2A patriots and this is the types of responses I got.

Well, it shouldn't be surprising why our country is in the trouble when people that claim to be one thing clearly aren't and they wouldn't know history if it slapped them in the face. Even veterans and active duty military were posed this question and failed, some vets even told me they did their time and its time to let the younger generation figure it out? What does that even mean? Have we lost all understanding or morality, virtue and principle as well? Apparently, we have, even among those we would entrust to save our country because they took an oath to defend it. Apparently, the oath most likely isn't what you think it is or how it is defined either when they are traveling over seas, fighting in UN humanitarian missions and police actions so America can be safe for democracy? How embarrassing.

Let's consider another demographic, fellow political activists or what I call those in civic engagement. Many enjoy being active but it appears that education is secondary to action. What I mean to say is that good people will fight for something, take a position because it either sounds good or because they "trust the experts" not realizing trusting experts is a push for globalism and anti-Americanism. Emotion on the "right" is a lot like emotion on the "left" that seems to drive decisions. The "right" laughs at the left because they think they are brainwashed but they don't realize they are also brainwashed to some degree suffering from idol worship if nothing else. They also fail to realize although they don't trust the television, its okay to trust the radio and nothing ever seems to change.

So, you want an example? How about the subject of Article 5, also hijacked and sadly better known as a "Convention of States," which it isn't at all, that is the first lie. This topic also includes things like term Limits and a balanced budget amendment. So, what is the excuse for states to apply for a convention? We are told it is to rein in an out of control govenrment! How brilliant! Afterall, the government is corrupt right? It is totally out of control, abusive and needs to be reined in so on that note alone, people buy into it without knowing anything about it! I mean who would argue that? Common sense and logic seem to be out the window at this point because there is a glaring major disconnect in the arguments of supporters or questions are never asked or the answers are never given or there is an end run around the answers used that seem to pacify supporters and those that don't know better.

Does anyone think of asking basic questions about anything anymore? Can people spot inconcistencies? The more I do this, the more disappointed I get because what I see defies logic. How Exactly?

Okay, lets start with the first question I think people should ask... what is Article 5, why it is there and does the supporters or the opposition declare why it is there? If they do, would the electorate even know if they were being lied to? The truth is, it seems that those that support Article 5 or this "Convention of States" believe and are told that Article 5 was a creation and a gift by our Founders to rein in an out of control government. So why the big deal for those that oppose it? It is because not only do people not know better, but if they did, they would realize our Founders put Article 5 there to "fix errors" in the constitution. To fix errors, not to rein in an out of control government!

So, logically speaking, as metaphorically challenged as I may be, try to follow my line of thinking...If I told you motor oil and transmission fluid were both made for your car, would it matter which one you used where in your car? I mean afterall, your fluid is low and if both are for your car, what harm could come from it right?

Would you entrust "experts" to tell you what Article 5 is for? Only if you didn't know what you should have known in the first place. Shall we misapply other amendments or articles as well? We sure don't like it when the government does but aren't we hypocrites for poining our fingers at the govenrment for mis-applying a provision but its okay if we do it? Frankly, I don't think many have thought about it. Quite simply, this is one more example of the fact that "we get the govenrment we deserve." If we are ignorant and corrupt so is the government, if the people are moral and religious, so would be our govenrment. IF THE PEOPLE, SO IS GOVERNMENT!

Logic and reason both on this issue should cause anyone to question this topice before supporting or opposing it and the best way to make the right decision is to not only understand it but to become educated enough on the topic and being logically consistent in scrutinizing the idea. yet Idaho legislators support "Convention of States" not even realizing it is Article 5! What does that tell you? Those elected to office are emotional and ignorant and they were elected by the People!

The Article 5 convention was created to fix errors in the constituion, not rein in an out of control government. If you support it on this most basic first level as I have described, you would certainly be baffled in support by their word salad on deeper levels.

If the goal is to rein in an out of control government and knowing we get the government we deserve, the problem isn't the constituion, although they tell you it is, it is the ill-informed electorate and the only solution for that is education. People may say, we don't have time for that to which I reply, it took us over 100 years to get here, and it is the only way back. Where have you been the last 50 years?

Sadly the emotionally pathetic response devolves into "Well, things are already going to hell and we are going to guns anyway in a civil war so if the convention doesn't work, we haven't lost anything?" These are quotes from your patriots, the people many of you entrust to save our country? Are you still trusting who they say they are?

Finally, if I may be honest, stop blaming others for problems you may have created by remaining ignorant or expecting others to do what you should have been doing for yourselves. The issue isn't politicians, it is your failure, as people, to hold them accountable! If you love your country, I would boldly ask you to act like it and not just randomly act, become informed and act because we all know "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions!"

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What Constitutional errors need fixing?


2000 words and I still don't know what article 5 is except that it is supposed to fix errors. This could have been written a lot better.

Tom Munds
Tom Munds
Jun 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your suggestions Scott. Your comment could have been better formed as a question. Was the fact that the purpose for A5 was contorted not be enough? if you want more, I can give you more but you would have to tell me what you need. As for writing better, are you volunteering to help me write better? If not, I hadly see the point in mentioning it. I don't write because I am good at it, I write because most people are being played and I understand how and why. Thanks again.

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