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The unintended consequences of well intended legislation

Well, here it is, another legislative session, Yippee! I always tell people to take November and December to nail down all things you hold dear so that the legislative session won't strip those things from you and although some laugh, it was not meant to be funny. What it was meant to do was to make people think how abusive our government has become to where not only all rights are in the hands of government but all you own.

A government that was created to protect your property and your rights now works to undermine them and no matter how much resistance the government gets by the people, it never seems to be realized by them that the frustration we feel was created by them. Then when things escalate, they spend more of our money further restricting more of our rights so protect themselves from us leaving us to defend ourselves from them. I call this tyranny, plain and simple and we are living it and still so few recognize it.

Sure there are a few elected officials with the right heart and mind that understand these concepts but for the others, they either are ignorant or don't care what we think or are intentionally subverting what is right and good in America . Some people acknowledge the system as totally corrupt and believe that any attempt to engage in the restoration process is futile and that they should just "hunker" until someone's rights are violated then call on others to defend them. This position is completely short-sighted and absolute foolishness not to mention absolutely dangerous. Besides what happens when no one partakes in this system and what happens to those few good elected officials that need support to defend the people? This idea being propagated by patriots is utterly ridiculous!

On the other hand, we have those few legislators that see what is coming and believe if they could just create a bill to prevent what is coming somehow we will live another day preventing us from the horrors of what is coming. The problem is, will these bills save us and if they do, for how long and are there any unintended consequences? I believe there are and I will explain.

Principally speaking, our Founder's believed that Rights were given by God and Unalienable that no man or government could take away...if the people themselves safeguarded them. Pretty simple right? I am born a free man and as long as I don't harm another or violate another's liberty, I was to remain free. How is this so difficult for some to understand?

Another principle was that the Constitution was intended to limit government to "few and defined powers" which meant if it wasn't specifically enumerated, they couldn't do it which was to help keep people free. Well through fancy words, dark conspiracies and hatred for freedom, man managed to, over time corrupt the system with the overall agenda to replace God with himself. Using Judges, Executives and legislators, they worked incrementally to not only slightly modify what America was meant to be but to completely transform us into exactly what we were never intended to be! This in turn empowered government to empower itself and limit us. Now they believe that if it is not expressly enumerated they can do whatever they wish which gives them boundless authority and enslaves a free people. So, what can be done them to turn us back? How did we even get here?

Some well intended individuals think that writing and passing statutes to control the government will work. On the surface it is easy to think it would if passed but the point of this post is to share how I think it is or could be dangerous.

I remember years ago, in Idaho, a "pro-family" bill was brought forth to codify that parents were the sole guardians of their children. Sounds great right? I mean it is true, parents created the child and in a free country should have complete control or raising that child so who wouldn't support it? I didn't and I will tell you why.

A few years ago, there was a resolution up for vote called HJR5. The stated intended purpose, if I remember correctly was to allow the legislature to review bills that has passed before and determine whether they should be repealed or modified. Sounds good right? I even had discussions and even disagreed with good friends that have analyzed policy for years where I even had to check myself because he had been watching this stuff way longer than I had. After considering all the options, I still opposed it.

This year a great friend and awesome legislator is proposing a bill that will make it illegal to forcefully vaccine anyone. If you like freedom why would you oppose this right?

These are just a few of the many instances of arguably well intended people attempting to prevent government from over reaching and abusing its power but I see several issues with them all.

Principally speaking, if rights are ours, given to us by God and we have a Constitution that was to limit government and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land to protect our rights, and those elected into office took an oath to the Constitution acknowledging those limitations why would we need statutes and furthermore why would we need statutes to defend rights that I would say were pretty well protected as described above? I also continued to also imagine what the negatives were of supporting them as well as the conspiratorial element for such support or opposition for such bills and there I found my answer or did I?

We all know that the globalist conspiracy to destroy America has been so well sold to most and even the well intentioned people support it without even knowing the unintended consequences so what if statutes were used the same way? What if the incremental power of government was used to destroy our Constitution and our rights by undermining Constitutional supremacy as in Article 6 with the idea of replacing it with statutory supremacy instead? Isn't that what's happening after all?

If limits are enumerated upon the government they are bound to lawfully obey the limits and if they don't, and won't obey their oath or limitations, why would other words help defend those rights? They won't. Its as ludicrous as the arguments for the call for an Article 5 convention to rein in an out of control government!

Furthermore if a well intended bill is passed will it not now enumerate a right that was given to us by God and limit that right to only the verbiage attached and could the definition and the bill changed to be used against us? What if the bill passes and then in future sessions, the wording changes or if the law is repealed? Does that "right" still exist afterwards? I would say no for the simple reason that the fact that a right is written, it is limited and then placed in the control of the legislature or the judges to hash over the meanings of words that ultimately over time suffer the same fate as our Constitution.

I believe in the latter Federalists Papers this very discussion took place because our Founding Fathers understood that Rights were not to have been enumerated and why several of them opposed the Bill of Rights. Our Founders knew over time rights controlled by the government would determine what the limits of those rights were or that that such God given rights would be made into privileges or denied or ignored completely.

So what is to be done then to safeguard our rights then? Would the solution be to over legislate or codify our rights to prevent such abuse that it would happen anyway or would it be best for the people to stand for the rights they have in defense of liberty knowing that the government created to do so won't? Wouldn't it be important to know any attempt to list rights allowing the government to define them is no solution at all?

The solution is and always has been a well informed electorate, there are no other solutions to this problem! There is no "quick fix." Whether it is reining in an out of control federal government or a local one, words have no teeth unless they have an enforcement mechanism and that mechanism in a free republic is an informed electorate.

Our Founders said" those that are ignorant and wish to be free can have what will never be." This should be plain to see.

For more information on history, current events, our Constitution or the elements of conspiracy undermining American Liberty, or you are looking to get involved and to join the fight please contact me or go to

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