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Time to get to work exposing this menace to the general public! Here is all you need!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for taking the time to subscribe to my page. I am so glad that someone thinks what I have to say has some merit. It should, you guys helped me in the formulation of my worldview and I thank you.

Most of you that know me know it is extremely difficult for me to sit idle as our country goes to hell so if I am not on my feet, recruiting members and awakening others, or travelling around the state building organization, I am either deep in thought, reading or working on some project on my computer or thinking about what to write on my next blog. All of what I do is for the cause of liberty and truth.

In this post I want to share my latest project with you hoping you will become more active in what you do. If I can't get you to join JBS, at least for now, maybe I can sell you on an idea I think could change things more that they do right now. If you could do something that would change things for the better in an exponential way, would you consider doing it?

If you say you are not a joiner, but I told you, you would need to join with others to win, would you? Would you be willing to get out of your comfort zone if it meant you could save your fellow man as well as yourself and your family and your country? What if I told you all you had to do was something small, would it make it easier to say yes? I need to tell you if you aren't willing to join others we could very well lose and I know you don't like the sound of that any more than I do. Maybe you haven't found the right thing that you want to do yet? If that is true, I would like to ask you to consider what I am telling you below.

COVID is a menace. I know COVID itself isn't the menace, it is what the government and media has done to make it that way. Do you support the freedom for people to do as they please and even wear masks? What if it wasn't what they wanted to do? How would you know? Do you like to only think that people and businesses are free to be controlled by their government? What if all of it was under fear and duress? Would you still sit back and allow them to "exercise their freedom?" I know, I wouldn't either.

From the day we heard about COVID, there have been lies, inconsistencies, agendas, money, corruption and global control, media manipulation censorship and more. We have experienced and allowed the government to suspend or altogether eliminate our God given rights for the first excuse they could think of and now because we are on to them, they are further depriving our rights by censoring the truth while feeding us the narrative to keep us stupid and in fear as well as divided!


I don't care what political party you are! What would I need to prove to you I care about people and their freedom and am not just some "Trump supporting right-wing extremist?"


To me, first you are a living human being and second you deserve to know the truth no matter how much it hurts. Just know your pain and frustration in getting it from me is just as painful for me to have to upset you without trying but here is the thing: If I share my info and I am wrong, what harm has it caused you? If I am right about what I share, how would you feel then?

It is crucial that you know my love of humanity and freedom far outweighs my political position and I don't do it for money or to rule over you, I don't support any "special interests," I do it because it is the right thing to do. I know democrats will tell me I am stupid and misled and I actually expect it but what I hope for is after they see the work I have done, they will have no choice but to see there is more to COVID than what the government and the media are saying. How can all that I have provided be a lie? And what would I have to gain from the propagation of such a lie? Those propagating the lie have everything to gain!

Since COVID started I have been collecting articles and information on this issue because I wanted to try to keep myself informed as well as informing others. I did it to share an article here and there and I am not sure exactly why it took me so long to think to do this but months ago I began a webpage and expanded the idea to include an action element or elements that included the creation of a tri-fold brochure for distribution. Then the idea failed because I couldn't figure out a way to get people to click the links I originally had on paper and I know no one was going to sit and type them on a computer! Then it came to me...A QR code! So it was added to the paper brochure to drive people directly from their phones to my web page! Voila! Now I only need one more thing...

This is my idea to help others to become more informed as fast as we can because if we don't, I believe America will fail to exist as the global agenda is finalized. Urgency is the word of the day. Knowing this to be true will you help me?

Will you do me a favor? And please don't wait because if you are like me, you may never get around to it. I am hoping you will like what I have done for you and for us and now all we need are boots on the ground as well as the keyboard warriors to activate!

So I need you to do me a favor right now, ok?

I need you to try something for me right now! This isn't as complicated as it looks and if you need help let me know,

1. Click my Dropbox link and open the brochure attachment HERE

2. Please print a copy.

2. Open your phone to take a picture (but don’t take one) or use a QR reader

3. Place your phone over the black square (which is the QR code)

4. When it notifies you that it sees the square, click the notification and go to the site it wants you to go to.

5. It should take you to the page with this link:

6. Once there, try to click on any of the underlined articles and see if they open up.

7. If the links work, PERFECT! You should be able to scroll and see an endless list of articles and data on COVID. You can share the link, you can share this blog post, you can print the articles or share them on social media.

8.Then Scroll to the bottom of the COVID page and click on "Print copies of the COVID Conspiracy trifold brochure HERE"

9. Print brochure and see if it will print you one. before you print it, make sure you choose "print both sides" since it is a two-sided pamphlet.

10. If it prints, give it to someone or make hundreds to pass out. if it doesn't print, please let me know.

If you don’t have a SMART phone, try just going to my website here or by clicking on the link in #5, then go to the bottom of the page and print a brochure.

If you like what you see and how it works, and think the information is worthy, please send out this email and include the attachment if possible. To my knowledge, The only one besides me that has created a page just for the COVID BS is INLAND NW REPORT but as far as I know I am the only one with an interactive brochure that will take people to the page with the links.

Any and all help is always appreciated! If you have more links, I will try my best to put them on the webpage. To send links, please do not send one email at a time. Please instead, copy links and maybe send me one email a week with all of the collected links. Also when submitting them, please do not just send the links forcing me to open each one, please include a short description of each. Thank you!

Please share this information with your Congressman, you Senators, your Legislators, your Law Enforcement as well as any group you may be in and help get the word out. If I can afford to have copies made, I know you can too!

If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, please let me know ASAP.

If there is nothing else, let's get to it, We don't have much time!!!

Thoughts and information are greatly appreciated!


Tom Munds

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Very bad news Tom. I just clicked on your covid truth page and this is what I got: I DO hope you had that information backed up...somewhere. I use google drive for storage but I'm realizing that as their draconian censorship net tightens, it will probably start including their 'neutral' services as well although I expect they will avidly deny this. Here are some options for you. I think I'm going to go with carbonite but there are others out there that look reliable and trustworthy as well. I HOPE your databanks aren't gone for good. Keep on doing what you're doing and God bless and best wishes always! krys stromsted


I will try this asap.

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