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Let's talk social reform

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

"Reform" I hear this a lot in politics today. Immigration reform, healthcare reform, judicial reform, education reform and of course the biggie, "Social reform" but what does reform mean and what do those that use the terms mean by it?

Is there way to understand what the motivation is behind the word by those that use it? Sadly even attempting to define words doesn't seem to matter when in the progressive realm they pride themselves on the fact that progressivism means that there is no standard or that nothing ever stays the same. Does anyone else see this as dangerous and a better question, to those that call themselves "Progressives" is do they know what they are advocating as far as consequences? I think not, if they did, they couldn't advocate for anything- law, rights, reform or even the use of words so going forward, you and I can only operate within the realm of consistency if we talk or write about anything.

"Reform" is defined today as "Making changes in order to improve it." I'll bet since the definitions of words have changed over time that isn't even close to what the founders like Noah Webster had in mind nor did the Reformers. Reform was defined as a way to correct what was previously done, or bring back what once was and was previously lost, thus the prefix of the word "re," to return to, redo or re-read or reorganize or reform.

Evidence in the change in definitions proves our words have now been redefined and controlled by the "progressives" that to me I properly define as "regressives" as they are attempting to take us back or to take us forward as a means to bring us forward back to what others have tried that failed, if that makes any sense? If it doesn't make any sense I argue that it shouldn't, nothing does when words or actions are controlled by the progressive movement.

The sad thing is that progressives don't know because they don't know the mistakes of history and for the most part are uninformed relating to our present subject matter which is that the word they have defined as "reform" isn't even intended to make things better, it is to just reach a level (That again is contrary to their worldview) that changes it enough to have it change again and again without any end where goals of agendas will never be reached because they aren't meant to. Evidence of my claims are based in the one place they never look... history.

Immigration reform for example isn't to make immigration better, but again, who defines and controls the definitions of words like better? The question we should ask is better for whom or for what? It is better in fact for them because it just changes what is for what they don't care what it changes to. For us using words as they were defined tell them why it is bad according to what we know of the word is no different than two nationalities speaking different languages. It is bad for us in the real unchanging sense of the word bad and good for them because even the words they use are just words that have no definite meaning.

Summarily immigration reform is used to undermine the foundations of this country to use emotion to destroy our borders, thus destroying what defines us as a nation that opts for regionalism as a step to globalism. These people unbeknownst to them are being used as pawns in the fulfillment of the globalist agenda.

I could continue by offering examples of every instance they claim to use the word "reform" but the example above easily applies to every instance of their use of the word that even though their words may change, their agenda never does.

When you hear words like "reform" being used to describe something, remind yourselves to always ask those you hear it from how they define the words because their use of words (although contrary to their worldview that define a standard or consistency,) are defined differently than the way you think amd won't be defined that way for long.

As we part today, try a little exercise. Try to define words like republican, conservative, Democrat, extremist, or even what "make America great Again. If you think you can, may I suggest that you are not as politically engaged as you should be because no one has a standard meaning for the words, they are all individual to who you are and what you believe which means the very word is your own, not a national or even global standard and this revelation opens the can of worms for infinite blogs.

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