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Timeline and urgent action on Governor Little's order

Idaho Under Martial Law – Rights Suspended

Health Freedom Idaho

Alert! Rights suspended! Money allocated without legislative input! Martial law declared! All power lies solely in the hands of Governor Little!

Rather than call the legislature back into session and work with our representatives to speak on behalf of the people, Governor Little moves forward with a plan to invade privacy, remove parental rights, and remove the elderly’s rights, all for an illness that has caused 82 deaths in Idaho and causes no symptoms in 80% of people. Idaho has only 97% of the deaths that would have been normally expected between February 1, 2020 and May 29th, 2020.

What can YOU DO? Contact your legislator and tell them you expect them to represent you on June 23rd! Why the 23rd? See below!

Why did Brad Little use martial law powers to suspend multiple line items in the Idaho Administrative Code related to parents’ rights when their children are in state custody?

Constitutional Republic form of government in Idaho completely gone, all power is held by Governor.

The Timeline:

MARCH 13 State of Emergency Brad Little puts Idaho in a state of emergency on March 13 using Idaho Code 46-1008(5)(a) to justify suspending line items from IDAPA Administrative Rules.

March 23 there were 1,818 hospital beds available in Idaho only 9 of which were needed, representing a mere 0.5% utilization rate of hospital beds.

MARCH 23 125+ Rules Suspended Hundreds of rules suspended, but the most concerning are parents’ rights when children are taken into state custody. No visitation, no notice of transfer of children, changes to facility requirements where children are housed when in state custody (numbers of bathrooms, etc).

MARCH 25 State of EXTREME Emergency State of Extreme Emergency on March 25, invoking Idaho Code 46-601 – martial law in effect.

April 10 At the peak of the “crisis” Idaho utilized only 3.8% of the available hospital beds on April 10, 2020.

CDC’s own data released May 23rd shows that the risk to those under 60 is less than or equal to the flu. We also know that those who test positive but don’t have symptoms are actually NOT sick and can’t infect others, 1/3 to 1/2 of those who died were in nursing homes where they are fed nutrient deficient food and given flu vaccines which increase the risk of respiratory infections such as coronavirus, the actual number of deaths is about 1/20th the original extreme estimates Still, the Governor to move forward with mass testing.

APRIL 17 / APRIL 20 Idaho receives $1.25 Billion from the Federal Government from the CARES Act with more on the way. Brad Little allocates as he sees fit because he refuses to convene the Legislature to do so.

· Little has allocated $7 million of a possible $55 million to ‘contact tracing’ and hiring 255 individuals to track people down. <SEE MORE ON CONTACT TRACING>

· Plan mass testing of 150,000 COVID-19 molecular tests a week.

· Governor Little plans on conducting molecular (genetic) tests, not serology (antibody) tests – because serology tests detect antibodies and would prove most have been exposed, had the disease, and recovered. With molecular tests, government and media can continue to frighten people with the now old trope “You’re asymptomatic but test positive so you must be quarantined as you’re a danger to others.” even though FDA admits, “The detection of viral RNA by RT-PCR does not necessarily equate with an infectious virus.” Got that, FDA admits a positive test does not mean you have an infectious virus! But a positive test will be followed by, “If you have no one to care for your children then we must ‘provide out of home care’ through social services/CPS.” Little and his team can continue to push the lie that those who test positive without symptoms can infect others despite the fact science has clearly disproven this.

Other Authoritarian Acts:

Federal Bill HR 6666 – This is a Federal bill that intends to provide Federal money to HHS to conduct mass forced COVID testing, including at people’s homes Washington State Governor Inslee has hired people to supervise children in state Emergency Quarantine Centers. Will Idaho do the same? Idaho is increasing the number of Contact Tracers from 23 to 255 The federal government gives states billions of $$$ if states declare an “emergency” and even more for declaring an “extreme emergency”

Legislature discusses convening, acknowledges authority to, but sees no legal ‘mechanism’ to do so. TITLE 67 STATE GOVERNMENT AND STATE AFFAIRS CHAPTER 4 LEGISLATURE 67-422. CONVENING OF LEGISLATURE IN EVENT OF ATTACK. In the event of an attack, the governor shall call the legislature into session as soon as practicable, and in any case within ninety (90) days following the inception of the attack. If the governor fails to issue such a call, the legislature shall, on the ninetieth day from the date of inception of the attack, automatically convene at the place where the governor then has his office. Each legislator and each emergency interim successor, unless he is certain that the legislator to whose powers and duties he is designated to succeed or any emergency interim successor higher in order of succession will not be available [unavailable], shall proceed to the place of session as expeditiously as practicable. At such session or at any session in operation at the inception of the attack, and at subsequent sessions, limitations on the length of session and on the subjects which may be acted upon shall be suspended.

67-422 Idaho Code demands that Legislature shall convene no later than 90 days following an ‘attack’ whether the Governor calls them back or not.

Attack is defined in 67-415 Idaho Code. By the definition given and by the comments of the POTUS, Covid is certainly an attack as defined by law.

Again, thanks to the gals at Health Freedom Idaho for their research and this article.

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