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To fund or to defund...

I would like to think that I am a man of reason but if reason is to be defined today as compromise or not taking a strong position on an issue, I guess it would be better to say I am "unreasonable" or better stated more "black and white" than "shades of grey." I guess in today's language, I would even be called "extreme" because of the fact I see things so clearly one way or another.

Like truth for example, the "tolerant" inclusive position would be to "live and let live" and keep my opinions to myself and allow people to believe that they are entitled to their own truth. Although I am a big proponent of individual liberty and that people can do or think they want to, as a person that believes in liberty, I believe that even comes with limitations. Can't the collective undermine the freedom of the individual?

Speaking of Liberty and freedom, as our country seems to continue to spin out of control, I believe it is a direct result of people exercising their freedom to the point is interferes with the freedom of others. Government force is a perfect example.

If the majority of people are uninformed and they prefer to allow government to exercise more power than they were supposed to constitutionally, should they? On the other hand, if the government becomes to abusive, should the majority of the uninformed have the power to rein in an abuse of authority?

It seems that those that don't know the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them. As I see things clearly, we are again repeating history and the majority of people clearly don't understand this. We are experiencing the same issues in a multitude of areas that we did decades ago and one example is the issue of "police abuse."

I wasn't paying much attention to politics in the 1960's, I was born in 1962 so who could blame me right? What I did learn from the 60's, I had to read and working as an Area Coordinator for The John Birch Society gave me a window into many areas that are not even discussed today like the the plot to defund police or that JBS launched a national campaign in "Support Of Local Police and Keeping them Independent" while others believed for decades we were anti-government through decades of smear campaigns against us. I mean how could we be anti-government on one hand while launching a national campaign in support of local police anyway? And it seemed few that believed such smears even questioned the truth. Not much has changed here either.

I became politically active 15 years ago and have not only learned but seen and heard a lot as people shared their perspectives on issues and it was up to be to determine my position as well. After all, I didn't want to speak out of ignorance, I saw too may people doing that and I wasn't going to be one of them but I did gain an understanding about why they felt the way they did and I do to some degree today as well.

The 1960's, the years of the Civil Rights movement- a time at where most people believed it was about equality for black people under the guise of "Black Power" with the fist in the air. Part of the movement was also about "police abuse" but few if any except for the organizers saw it as much else except for The John Birch Society.

Part of that national campaign was the same as any other JBS campaign, it was to educate and inform others about what they are not told. In this case about the intentional communist plot to "divide and conquer" and part of that plan was to discredit the cops citing a variety of abuses and applying such a characterization generally, to all police. Its really sad how people get caught up in emotion to where they are not willing to know the truth.

Today, and for the last 10 years, since the "Divider in Chief" Obama came around the race war was re-ignited as we experience the race war all over again. Obama did do as he said he would, "Fundamentally change America" and he is a bigger bastard because of it but the people he was preaching to allowed it to happen because many were uninformed.

Anyway, if one did any research on the 1960's, one could easily see the similarities today and of course at the top of the list, calling police abuse and now they want to "Defund the Police."

I also find it ironic that they call for the defunding on one hand while they call police when they need them and use the race card when they show up to late after being called even if the officer is the same color.

This should clearly expose to anyone that they really are taking orders from someone else and not thinking to clearly about what they really want. Today, however, the freedom and liberty people are joining the Defund movement because they too see the abuse of authority of local police but like the left they fail to see the conspiracy and rather than label those that are behind the movement, they align with the left to label an enemy and that enemy to them is police.

JBS saw what was happening a long time ago and 62 years later, we are still proud of our Support Your Local Police Campaign, the entire point of the campaign was to better inform people on the subversives and to help people see the importance of the local police rather than the abuse because abuse wasn't general, it was only applicable to those that abused that power and that local police offered a check on our system that isn't present in any other country because they have national police forces. If these people think they have no accountability now, wait until they have abolished police altogether and are they sure they want to abolish police when America is on the brink of Civil War? And what exactly fills that vacancy?

How can we be a more inclusive society on one hand while a more divided society on the other and how much more divided can a nation be before there is no putting us back together again? I often ponder how we got through the rough 1960's and the civil rights wars just seemed to end and it wasn't until recently I realized that once a goal has been achieved by the Globalists they simply end the particular campaign, the Civil Rights movement was such a campaign. The only problem is that I don't see today's campaign ending until the globalist plan is complete and they will stop at nothing to insure that it is completed and...once it is, the agenda-driven agitation will end like other campaigns but in this case will be replaced by a global agitation once they realize what they allowed to happen while they were sleeping.

I didn't know the goal in the 1960's, but I do today. The goal is Agenda 21 Sustainable Development- the framework for an Anti-God, One World Government, the manipulation of every man, woman and child and every country around the globe to be controlled, measured and monitored by the Global Elites under the United Nations.

The Insiders- the bankers, multi-national corporations, the environmentalist and health care NGO's and even the local governments- your Mayor, Governor, your city councils and legislatures all working against you. The only problem is that we can't tell if they are intentional or they are just "useful idiots" implementing a plan. I do know many know what they are doing even in our local governments. The sad part is that any attempt to fight against that Anti-God, Anti-American globalist agenda will be protected by the local police just "doing their job." They certainly would appear as the enemy wouldn't they?

Talk about "between a rock and a hard place" both Liberty people and leftists complain about them doing their job and the left yells, "Defund police" and the right yells: "Don't you understand your oath?" My question is not to ask why the left yells what it does, we already know, they are uninformed, emotional beings that are easily misled to support any agenda that they can believe in. It is to ask why "the right" that seems to be more informed yells? Does the right not know that in order to maintain peace and freedom in a free society it was our duty to hold government accountable? Ever raise a child or a pet without discipline and allow it to do what it will? What happens when it is older?

If we were informed, we would know that the government is like a pet or a child because nature does not distinguish between individual or collective, human or animal in this regard. It will get away with whatever it can. The sad part is when we realize the mistake we made, it is often too late and its hard to "put the Jeannie back in the box" so to speak. So what do we do now?

Are all people now the enemy for abusing their power? What about those that were derelict in their duty to maintain or "train" the government on its duties? Well, we must not have thought it was important, or we were led to believe we didn't need to and look where we are now! All this being said however, I do understand why both the right and the left feel they need to rein in the power of the police, there is just way more to the issue that simply "throwing the baby out with the bath water."

I have many friends in law enforcement and I would defend them as I would anyone if the situation warranted it and although I am clearly not a fan of a "Totalitarian Police State" I also understand that if people spent more time reaching out to law enforcement than condemning those behind the badge, I do not believe that we would be where we are today.

JBS believes as I do that we need to "Support your Local Police and Keep them Independent" and by focusing on the relational aspect rather than the adversarial aspect, they would have found less need for tax dollars to protect themselves from those they were to serve and would have understood more than many of them do regarding their oath.

Make no mistake therefore, the enemy is not local police, the enemy are really those that control them. In this case as in the 1960's, it was a "Communist Plot against the Free World Police that was inadvertently a war on freedom because the globalists also know like JBS does that Supporting local police was more conducive to freedom than tyranny. In our case, its not all about how we see things and what we want to do about what we see, it is about the truth behind what we may not see. JBS is chastised on one hand and appreciated on the other for focusing on what most can't see.

As America is clearly on the brink, I see that we have two choices: Peaceful outreach or "get the guns." As a man of peace rather than war, I chose to get to know Sheriff's, Police Chiefs, State Police and others in law enforcement and if you did too, you may see what I see that there are far more than believe like you do than those that don't.

Realizing all this to be true, it will always be Our duty to hold government accountable, the choice and the success will be determined in how we choose to do that.

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