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To The Cheney's and Little's of the world. Part 1 of 2

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Little tyrants, that's what they are. I have watched and have been engaged in Idaho politics for almost two decades. I have watched the life and freedom incrementally sucked out of my fellow Idahoans because of people like them in the name of "voting republican" or "voting conservative." The sad part is that most people don't realize those terms are as arbitrary as the language of the left and therefore have no true meaning with the exception on what they once mean on paper.

These people take an oath but the oath is a smoke screen because people don't understand the reverence behind the oath. They define themselves as something be it Republican or conservative and it is also a smoke screen for the ignorant because we assume they adhere to the principles of both. Sadly many don't realize that they do at least partially adhere to "principles" but they are hidden or just accepted as one thing when they are something else. In so doing they are deceiving their voters by taking advantage of them rather than educating them the way they should. Instead they attempt to brainwash and control the people which I find intolerable and an act of war against those they claimed to serve.

But, we know who they serve. Anyone with a basic understanding of the history of the Republican party and has watched the GOP in Idaho and nationally knows who they serve. They serve their special interests and their corporations and support for "humanitarian" socialist programs and Neocon wars and foreign intervention to name a few. Its always been that way but the reasons people remain Republicans are because they either don't know or are pushed in a corner forced to accept the lesser of two evils of a two party system and this is where we are today.

Well the good thing for us is that they know things are about to change and now in order for them to remain in control, they will give themselves enough rope to hang yourselves by being so out in the open about what they do and what you want, people will wake up and "establishment" Neocon control party will end. Most revealing is that all tyrants show their cards when they feel threatened and will use any excuse to maintain control. You can spot a tyrant in your government just by the bills they pass, how they attempt to control others and who they align themselves with.

Did you know tyrants are the only one's fearful enough to oppress people? Why is it that the elected officials that support and defend their oaths aren't scared? Idaho has petite women in our statehouse and in speaking with any and all of them personally, none of them are fearful to go to work. As a matter of fact, they all say they would actually prefer, although they love law enforcement, that law enforcement wasn't even there. The only reason they prefer they not be there isn't out of disrespect but because it causes anxiety among those that visit that Capitol. Like it or not, even admitted to my by several in Law Enforcement, the uniform is well known and used as intimidation. Well, the tyrants sure like them there and they miss-use Law Enforcement to show us who they think the boss is, as if that isn't revealing enough.

If those elected officials can use Law Enforcement to enforce their edicts and rules, is it not easily seen how the Law Enforcement entity can be used as the governments henchmen pinning them against the people they were to protect? How disrespectful is it to be an elected official and use and force Law Enforcement against their will against the people?

Many in Law Enforcement love their careers and many I know are super people and more like us than you know. The problem is that they are employed and told what to do and, like you in your job, if you don't do it, YOU ARE FIRED! We think we have issues with tyranny? Imagine being a cop! And the Liberty community blames Law Enforcement and the Republicans allow it to continue which isn't Republican, or conservative or even constitutional so why do people still support the tyrant GOP? Force with no other options just like those in Law Enforcement.

The GOP nationally and locally knows we are catching on, why else would they be more willing to attack the Constitutionalists than the Democrats? We endure attacks from that Sleeze-bag Mitch McConnell, the local GOP funding mechanism, Frank Vandersloot, we get attacked by our own Representatives and Senators and are castigated at local central committee meetings as if we are lesser people than they are. These people will even go so far as to suspend rules if it threatens their positions then when you ask them why, they tell you with their chins in the air that we don't know the law and we should just leave it to them to determine what the law is and are freedom are? The accusation by these NEO-conservatives is that we do not posses "True Republican Principles" and again, no one asks what they mean? A few of us know and we want you to know too.

I will pick up the rest of this story in the next post.

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