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To the Cheney's and Little's of the world. Part 2 of 2

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Republicans support Socialist programs but in their emails they will attempt to create fear and urgency and attempt to ask for donations to fight the Democrats that support socialist programs? Do these Republicans not realize they can't fight socialism on one hand while they supporting it on the other? Are these people that clueless or driven by something else?

To make a few points, Frank Vandersloot, for example, even Tweeted some time ago that he was happy to see the supreme court give more rights to the LGBT? Are you asking what conservative principle that was? You should be. You should also know that I strongly believe that the GOP doesn't do anything that Vandersloot doesn't want and if I am right, what does that tell you?

Why is there silence from the Democrats or praise from them for Governor Little's Emergency orders? Why are they silent or in support regarding Congressman Simpson's support of breaching four dams? Why did the Democrats never say anything about Governor Otter's support for Chines Foreign trade zones, or Tom Luna's support of bringing Common Core to Idaho? Why did Otter give the illusion he was fighting the Feds on our already lawfully passed Constitutional Amendment in support of marriage between a man and woman then cave to a branch of government that can't make law?

Does the Idaho GOP really support a set of principles that when it comes down to it, they abandon the first chance they get? If they can't adhere to a platform is there any wonder why they don't adhere to the Constitution? Does this mean that the oath also means something different to them than it does to us? They tell you they do all of these things and their excuse is that we don't understand the Constitution or the Oath. Do we also not understand the party platform or are all of these attempts to incrementally rule over us to where they need to tell us what freedom we have? It sure looks like it to me!

JBS, the most misunderstood and most Constitutional organization for over 62 years has been continually attacked by the Idaho Conservatives, Rep. Stephen Hartgen, Sheriff Ozzie from Spokane County when he even came and spoke to 500 Republicans in S.E. Idaho allegedly funded by Vandersloot and/or his entourage that bad mouthed JBS as the "political" enemy?

What message does that send when a man in Law Enforcement uses a political platform declaring us criminals? Ozzie should be jailed for treason or sedition because WE are people that adhere to the Constitution, not those Neocons but sadly today, our government defines terms, laws, and freedoms and that should scare the hell out of you.

The really sad and difficult thing thing for me is that many of these people in these positions are nice people and are even good acquaintances and even friends of mine. If they were my enemy it would be easier to draw the line. The task to define in politics is a difficult one and I now understand why people are political opponents and how they still get along. the end of the day, if we are less free because they disagree with us, it is bound not to end well for either of us. This is why all attempts to remain amicable are involved are so important because if you create a deaf ear there is only one option left and we should avoid that at all costs.

So, why are the actions of the left so similar to the words and actions of the Republicans?

I have often asked what a Republican "True Conservative Principle" is. I always thought it was an adherence to the party platform but it isn't. We all know it should be but to them it is quite something else and those principles aren't found on a party platform, they are listed in the Neoconservative playbook. You see, Neocons aren't "True American's" they are Trotskyite-style Marxists. If we all knew that, would our system run differently than it does? It sure would. So to make things crystal clear...

The reason why Republicans are more likely to attack Constitutionalists and groups like The John Birch Society is because Republicans are more like the Democrats than God fearing Liberty loving constitutionalists it's just that the public hasn't come to that realization yet. Heck, the average Republican just figured out Fox news wasn't what they thought it was!

When was the last time you saw the GOP outwardly attack the Democrats like they do us?

If what I say is true, this should help you explain why the Democrats and Republicans support more oppressive laws than freedom. They support the hiding of good bills, passing bills that empower their special interests and incrementally destroying the rights and freedom of the people...again, all in the name of "Republicanism" and "Conservatism" while they continue to tell us that we just don't understand how law works or the latest excuse..."The bill was just written poorly" as if we are the fools in the legislature.

Ever hear a Republican, with the exception of the few talk about the Constitution? Ever hear those that speak of it and if they do their actions are inconsistent with what they say? If and when you hear words that are consistent with their actions they should be supported. If you hear words inconsistent with their actions they should be remembered and ejected from office before they destroy our state!

It is truly a sad day when a party is more fractured internally than the division between the The two parties themselves. Although it is sad we are divided as a nation at all, we still seem to support the divisive mechanism of political parties when our Founder's didn't envision parties. Do you think they were right? Evidence sure points to the fact that they were. Are we doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

Idaho is in deep trouble in a variety of ways. One reason is that we have liars or fools or both in our statehouse masquerading as servants of the people. Second, we have an ignorant and still apathetic people in our state and our nation and third, we have our government in full support whether intentional or not in the fulfillment of the globalist plan of complete domination and the collapse of our country.

This may be sad to say but if you can't recognize that these examples to be true, you may just be part of the problem but if you think I am in error, I am open to discussing it and being corrected. Either way, our country is in trouble and if we don't start doing something about it in some concerted action we will lose.

Ever wonder why the "Conservative Republicans" stand idle relating to the COVID issue allowing mandates, Emergency orders and allowing for people to be arrested? Are these "True Republican Principles" or "True conservative principles?" They look more like Liberal or Communist principles to me or even....Trotskyite Principles? Imagine that!

It is for this reason, I am not a Republican and have instead chosen to be a part of The John Birch Society because we are not about party, we are about educating the public on the issues and doing something about it. We have the education and action infrastructure and all we need is you! If you want to join or discuss membership contact me or go to

If we want to win, we need education, a concerted action and the strength to say enough is enough. So what is the solution then? Abandon our Civic duty and hide? Give up? Start a Third Party? NO!

The answer is taking control of the party that we are all forced to accept as the lesser of two evils. Quite simply, the only answer is to attend and encourage massive attendance to the GOP central committee meetings, run for PC and run for office. If we want to be free, we need to be a part of maintaining that freedom not entrusting that to others, we already can see how that works!

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