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Trespass and the law- Part 1

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It seems that more and more people are getting cited or arrested on public property. Sadly it seems that these citations and arrests only apply to private citizens and not any public official. To me, this has catastrophic consequences to liberty and the law and I wish to share my thoughts.

Ever wonder why someone...anyone from government can show up on your property and you can't do anything to cite them for trespassing but if you enter upon public property engaging in your civic duty, you can be arrested?

I have a friend I spoke to the other day that told me a guy showed up at her house and tried to tell her that he was there to buy something she allegedly had for sale. After she told him he was mistaken he didn't seem to care, sat on his vehicle, lit up a smoke and just sat there and told her she couldn't do anything to get rid of him. So she calls the Sheriff and the Sheriff Deputy asks if the guy had hurt her. When she said no, the Deputy then told her that that guy had a right to be on her property and that if she did anything that caused harm to him, She would be arrested not him...On her own property? Yes!

In my job traveling the state, I hear stories almost every day just like those I have shared with you above and the stories are disheartened when you know enough about the way things should be seeing things the way they are. When I see what I see, it helps me realize how much trouble this nation is in because of so few that know what I do. It follows me wherever i go. Knowing what I do it is truly humbling that people trust me enough to tell me these things but the burden that comes with being unable to help them and is overwhelming most of the time. I finally had to realize that even though I may not be able to do anything about it, I can listen and I guess there aren't too many people that do that too well.

A bit of the insight into who I am if you are remotely interested is the fact that these abuses that happen to people drive me harder to do what I do not want me to back away. It is my most sincere prayer that all I have done and all that I do will have had some impact in making this world a better and freer place to live even if it happens after I am long gone. I just can't sit back and do nothing knowing I left my kids and yours in this mess.

This post will be like all past posts as well as future posts where I also pray that the words here will also help in some way to restore what we are losing as well as to encourage others to let them know if they feel like I do, they aren't the only one. You are not alone and we will fight together.

As for this topic of trespass, I will attempt to make a case proving what I believe that law should be regarding trespass and how like everything else it was yet one more law that was created originally used to protect the rights of people that has now been used to abuse those rights empowering the government.

To my knowledge as I think about it, there hasn't been one law that was created to protect the rights of the people that hasn't been abused or suspended or turned into a privilege by the government. From Freedom of Speech, to the Right to Bear Arms, to the right of redress to the right of assembly to religion, suspension of trial by jury, taxation without representation, activist judges and endless spending and long standing foreign alliances and of course trespass to name a few.

If we are honest though the problem isn't just the government or because of the government or the cops, legislators or judges per se, it was because Franklin told Mrs. Powell that he gave us a republic if WE could keep it and we decided we didn't want to until we finally understood what he meant and today we have an uphill climb to find our way back if it is even possible.

The victory or failure of us getting back depends on how much we know and how many of us are willing to do something about it and how successful we are in our concerted action. What is also important is the way we act as we attempt to get there.

If you are a legislator or in law enforcement, I hope you will be challenged by some part or even all of what I write that will encourage you to see things for the way they are, not the way you are told they should be. Remember, it's not about you or me, it is about what we leave as a legacy.

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Tom Munds
Tom Munds
Jul 02, 2021

Alan, thank you for your comments. I love your "could it be questions" and I am happy to say that I know quite a bit about those. I followed Rod Class, Michael James Anthony and others on topics like these and learned a lot. Still not an expert but I an definitely aware. the issue is and in my view has always been, gaining any traction in using that understanding to take back what is ours. Also I read a book by Randy Barnett some time ago 'The lost constitution" that was all about the 14th amendment federalized citizen, it was truly enlightening. The sad part is that there wasn't much of an action plan for more than just a…


Alan Hart
Alan Hart
Jun 29, 2021

could it be the woman did not have absolute title to the property and therefore only has color of title? Could it be you need to learn about absolute title? Could it be you all need to learn what your common law rights are and how to avail yourselves of them?Could it be that you are presumed to be a 14th amendment citizen and an infant according to Title 1 USC s/s 8?


The state of the country is shocking. 😡

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