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Twin Falls Representative Hartgen: The epitome of Vile hatreds

Dear Good People of Twin Falls and the Times News,

Representative Stephen Hartgen, husband to Linda Linda Wright Hartgen should be ashamed of himself. When I had the opportunity to meet both of them, I was treated like dirt and I can't respect people that treat others this way- attacking our movement then turning around and saying we are the haters when we defend ourselves from being attacked. He sounds more like a liberal than a conservative and uses the same tactics.

I would like to propose these two people join me in an open dialogue anywhere. Maybe Bill Colley would entertain the idea or perhaps someone else since I have a feeling Hartgen considers Bill Colley like he did in his article, a "radio troll." Aren't trolls, old angry people that live in their holes condemning all things that they do not know or understand? Sounds more like Hartgen to me.

It's time for the lies and smears and false statements and the childish bickering to stop. It is also time for the slander and libel to stop as well. This post is to let you know I will not allow articles like this to go without being rebutted. Although he seems to have Carte Blanche with his liberal newspaper rag and they will continue to squelch the freedom of speech they say they support by those that oppose or challenge them, they should realize outward statements and articles about us are attacks and my actions are in response and in self defense.

So he is a "true conservative" that uses tactics from the left as the leftist rag has no issue posting his views in it and people consider him conservative? When people like this talk about hate, they are so hypocritical in their worldview they don't even know that hate is apparent through attacks not in self defense.

If you are old and angry and prefer to lie or live in ignorance about others, maybe that should be considered unbecoming of a public official. Stay tuned for my rebuttal. Yes, as usual, it will be long but in it, I shall identify and deal with each accusation against us to further expose and thereby further discredit the man's false statements. Here is his Pathetic article:

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