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UN, Cloward and Piven and the Homosexual Manifesto and illegal immigration.

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

You may ask by reading the title of this post, what the UN has to do with anything much less Cloward and Piven (whoever they are), the Homosexual Manifesto (The what?) Exactly, and immigration?

Most people still think that when people mention the UN that they are somehow psychotic or deranged or just plain paranoid. Well, then the plan is working just as it should.

A plan so brilliant that it can manage to hoodwink the entire world? Absolutely. Well we are actually seeing how easy it is to hoodwink the world and if the UN wasn't a great enough example we can sure look at the COVID fiasco. World communism united in fear of something no one can see but we still need to "trust the experts?" What this showed me and many others is how misled and fearful we are not only as a nation but as a globe. It also helped me understand what people really don't know and that what they think they are told to feel trumps anything that they thought they knew.

The insiders behind the creation of the UN since 1945 have primed citizens and governments globally to accept "Our New Normal" but in reality it is anything but normal and if more would realize it would totally reject it. You see this idea has been in play for a long time but for the sake of this post and for brevity (which you alll know I am not known for) let's just look at the summary of assumptions first. There are three major outcomes that have and are plauging the US and the globe:

  1. World War I was created or to aid in the goal of submission to The League of Nations.

  2. World War II was created or to aid in the goal of submission to The United Nations

  3. World War III is happening to bring about global submission to The Great Reset, through Agenda 2030 to empower the United Nations to be instituted as our new World Government as they envision by 2030.

Most that have read a little know that the government, through the Hegelian Dialectic, has used fear and intimidation to control the masses to bring about their chosen agenda which always results in the loss of freedom and sovereignty. WWI, in my view was a reason and goal to enter the League of Nations in an effort to create a global community that would be the mediator sold to try to prevent more wars. The issue at that time was that congress saw that it would be a major blow to American sovereignty and refused to enter.

We had another war and since the US didn't enter the League of Nations, the war (funded both sides by insider elites), needed a war far worse to instill enough fear in the American people that there would be no way the US would reject it and we didn't. It was to be "the war to end all wars," right? But if we look at it carefully, the Globe has been in more wars and have had higher casualties after the UN was created than any time before.

Today, there is so much happening. People are frantic and fearful (big surprise) and if we know history, when this happens, we should all be looking at what the government's plan is next. They have openly admitted "the Issue is never the issue." Those that study, know what's next... the Great Reset will be the final nail in the coffin for liberty worldwide that will ultimately grant the United Nations all the power needed to control not only every nation on the planet but every person. The problem is that the people and many govenrments still see that as an impossibility which is sad.

I was on the radio this morning and people were talking about illegals (undocumented workers) getting licenses here in Idaho. Another was talking about the the homosexuals that just wanted equal rights a decade or so ago and wondering if the illegal issue is like the homosexual issue as the camel's nose under the is. The problem for me is that I think that people see these issues as separate issues when they are indeed all brilliantly connected and designed to fulfill an agenda. Let me try to connect the dots and make a few points if I can.

In order for world government to be successful, people need to be brainwashed to believe that national sovereignty is bad. In order to do this, take America for example, there needs to be a multi-faceted way to manipulate the minds of people to believe that we should support world govenment. In order to do this, they would need to launch such a campaign to overwhelm governments and people to where in the heat of confusion they give up and submit. Is this really happening? Absolutely. One way is going after the children, and going after those that don't know any better and using them both as political pawns or what may have been referred to in history as "useful idiots." It isn't that they are stupid, they are just products of the system that created them. So, who would these people be? Those brainwashed by the system. Why not use children and illegals and why not use those brainwashed by the media to support and defend these entities by condemning others that can see through the agenda as racist or xenophobic that are trying desperately to wake poeople up? If "Divide and Conquor" is a strategy use by governments to gain control by dividing the people, would what they are doing be clear to everyone? Not if you don't know history.

Society has become more tolerant, fewer people will openly say what they mean and they won't openly condemn or "offend" anyone even when they need to be called out. Take the homosexuals for example. People, even Christians, in order to be tolerant, are willing to say they don't care if people are gay and even today, believe that if "love is love" who would be against a person marrying a dog, a child or a plant? In doing so are we offering up Christian values and promoting anti-americanism in the name of tolerance? We sure are. Won't anyone say what needs to be said to expose this lunacy for what it is? Apparently very few.

People this year became concerned in Idaho finding out about porn literacy in libraries and gender neutral policies in their local government schools but when I asked them why they are so angry about it, they said they were going after the children. What?! What these people don't know is that the entire agenda was to not only take control of the children from the beginning but to destroy the traditional family and welcome global government. So it wasn't about gays being accepted, the government, in this case, the UN and its NGO's manipulated people and local governments to accept this agenda. This is why there is a push to allow children to choose their gender and to condemn their parents about their traditional beliefs in religion and things like national sovereignty. Today, the UN and its "global partners" are still manipulating the minds of the youth (See UNESCO) to believe they are smarter than their parents and sadly and ironcially, those that are fighting this still have their children in govenment schools. If you want to know more in their own words, I strongly recommend reading the Homosexual Manifesto where they openly admit their forceful desire to sodomize your children!

Now, the issue with immigration and offering licenses and more to illegals or what they call undocumented. First of all, no one bothers to mention why they are being called undocumented and not illegal. The overall reason is that in the formation of a world govenrment, not only national sovereignty needs to be abolished but this means borders. Well isn't is revealing to see that the Biden administrations and others have adamantaly refused border control? It is because they understand and are pushing for the political and economic integration of the US, Canada, and Mexico. Don't believe me? Try looking up The Cloward and Piven strategy, the history of the formation of the European Union and the history of trade agreements, and also read the latest from DC, called the New Declaration for North America which openly proclaims these integrations and more. You see, you could see immigration as a single issue or as racist but when you see the bigger picture so much becomes so clear, it becomes difficult to deny if you want the truth supplied by evidence.

Sure you could say "I know illegals and they are great people" or "I know the importance of illegals working in the ag industry to help the farmers" but there is so much more that needs to be seen and considered that isn't. Additionally, how ironic is it to claim to be a constitutionaliist but allow illegals to work in the US. Furthermore, the irony continues when we can plainly see the War on Farmers and Food, and the continual implementation of Agenda 2030 that exposes part of the plan to reduce overall global consumption, to work toward zero economic growth and reducing the population, as gates says by 70%, all that were once considered radical conspiracy theories that are openly true. Gates, openly says it and even admits to using vacciines to meet that end. Gates is also one of the largest land owners in the country, even in Idaho. We won't even get into how the farmers have unknowingly sold their souls in support of globalism by being subsidized by the federal government and doing their bidding that includes well meters,wind and solar farms and the forced implementation of environmental polices that push the globalist agenda. Truth be told, the military and private businesses are also used to meet this end so no one is immune from this agenda!

In addition to these people being sold a bill of goods that they are coming to a free country and that our government is giving them free stuff, there are ALWAYS strings attached and there is ALWAYS an agenda that is not so openly recognized. They/We are political pawns in the fulfillments for their world agenda. The homosexuals, the illegals, the brainwashed masses out of government schools and the part few others see, the buy-in from the banks, multi-national coprorations, media and the NGO's that have been strategically placed to support and aid in the control of the narrative and now they are attempting to control all dissent as people begin to awaken to this truth? What a plan!

People that have been taught to hate America, along with un-assimilated immigrants will for sure change the way we vote, which is part of that plan, but overwhelming the system of "the weight of the poor" as Cloward and Piven clearly state make clear it is also part of that plan but it isn't just to collapse the system because although Biden has openly proclaimed his "Build Back Better" framework there is more. If you sift through his word salad, you would know in order to build back better, a demolition first needs to take place, where all of the old infrastructure, all of the old traditions and principles and laws and belief systems (even old people) need to be a destroyed so that a new system can emerge and this is what Biden and many others in the past have proclaimed to be the New World order. How can this still not exist and people still think we are conspiracy nuts when it is and has been openly written about and publicly proclaimed by presidents for for more than two decades or longer? We really are brainwashed aren't we to hear something over and over again on one hand while denying it on the other and further dividing ourselves not only from the truth itself but those desiring to proclaim the truth that would only result in us maintaining our freedom.

Are you in the military? Are you in law enforcement or a public school teacher or employed by a multi-national corporation? Are you a local business or work in local government that has bought into this agenda? If you can't answer that question I can answer it for you. If you want to know how and still can't see it from what I have written today, I would love to hear from you so that you may help me save our country. If I don't hear from you and you do, I will assume you already know the answer to the question and all I can say then is God help your children and our posterity because if we continue to travel down this road, we are headed straight to Hell. If no one else will say it, you can count on me.

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Well said. It is frustrating and disgusting that people don't know where we are heading. Especially since the world's leaders are openly saying telling us. To deny it is pure ignorance.

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