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Washington's Governor Inslee declares Idaho "Irresponsible."

I saw on a news article that Washington's Governor Inslee had the audacity to call Idaho "Irresponsible" relating to the Covid 19 (manufactured) crisis. As I thought about his accusation, he may be right but not for our mishandling of it. Where I think we may have irresponsible is our ability to quickly control the government as it used this excuse to create arbitrary law, suspend some law, (unlawfully) implement policy as law and give to itself the ability to now control all freedoms that were God given without any limitations on that abuse of power.

As for his idea of Irresponsibility, I submit the following letter in response:

Governor Inslee,

I am a 30 year resident of Idaho and I couldn't help but see your comment regarding Idaho being "irresponsible" and I find it unconscionable that with as much as you have going on in your state going to hell that you think you should judge another state without even asking why we do what we do! It obviously doesn't matter to you! Your mandates are draconian, unconstitutional, unlawful and far beyond your authority and although we do believe in freedom in our state you clearly don't for your citizens but think you do for yourself which also makes you a hypocrite.

Although the virus may be real,(like the flu) what is also far more real and abusive is the globalist fear mongering agenda for elected officials to think they can create mandates and edicts without lawful authority to usher in the UN's Agenda 21 while suspending God Given rights indefinitely. If I were in your state I would nullify any mandate you demand not because I am irresponsible but because you are! Your job as a Governor is to protect the freedoms of the people you serve not become a tyrant determining the rights of man because of some convenient excuse de jure.

Men in positions like yours with the ignorance of law and rights as well as the cluelessness of the agenda or implementing it intentionally while lying to your citizens is far more irresponsible than we would ever be.

It is for these reasons I laugh at you. I laugh at your Kingly edicts and laugh at all the unelected bureaucrats that think they have authority to do anything beyond making policy that should lawfully only apply to the agency that creates them. What I don't laugh at but pray for are those that trust you and I pray diligently for their awakening and the rebuke of you as a tyrant Governor.

May God deal with your swiftly and harshly for your complete abuse of authority and your dereliction of your "sacred" oath, which obviously isn't sacred at all.

If I could offer one piece of advice if there is any humanity or desire for truth in you, it is to not just listen to the alleged "experts" but to those that can prove that this COVID thing is a freaking hoax and we can prove it.

I have encouraged all that I know to contact you and rebuke your comments that are not only far beyond your pay grade but lawfulness that has been exceeded by your edicts.

You and other Governors are not kings, you in reality are only pawns for the furtherance of Global governance and its too bad that more people have not awakened to that fact just yet.

For those that are new to reading about your vocal opposition to Idaho, I encourage them to contact your office and leave their comments like I did.


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