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What if the pandemic was fake? A letter to Caller Amy

I would like to begin this post with my most fervent prayers for people like Amy, a frequent caller on KIDO radio and others that think what they believe to be true without much evidence to support that truth and if the evidence appears to substantiate it, maybe it doesn't at all.

I was on the radio this morning discussing the abuse of authority by a what I feel is a tyrannical Governor as I espoused those most fundamental principles regarding why. I cited a few of the Governor's authoritarian statements like "Rights violations are patently false" and "The community supports his mandates" and a few more. I mentioned to Kevin that I wondered what patent Little was referring to and suggested that rights are not defined by government, or him for that matter and he doesn't get to decide whether rights are violated or not because that, in itself, places unlawful and abusive power in his hands. Regarding the "community," I would like to ask who he defines as community?

And furthermore his reference to the community is communal or even communistic or at the very least it proves that he doesn't recognize Idaho as a republic, he views it and treats it like a corporate democracy where the rights of the people are secondary to the "rights" of his stakeholders or the rights of an uninformed electorate that he thinks should trump those of the most skeptical kind. Being skeptical does not mean that our rights should be diminished simply because we are not buying the bull pucky. I am a strong believer that Little if full of Bull Pucky and extremely dangerous to Idaho and is in no way what anyone should ever consider a "conservative" unless you define the term as a Neocon which is a Trotskyite-style Marxist.

I asked what I believed to be the most important question of our age..."What if this Pandemic (or anything we are told to believe) was fake?" If the government is colluding with Big Pharma, the global agenda and hospitals and the media maintains control of the narrative, How would the people know the difference? Without evidence and with present arbitrary and ever changing statements why are more people not questioning its legitimacy now?

People like caller Amy will call as if they didn't hear anything else I said and focused on the one thing that uses fear and pulls on her heart...the virus as she tries to discredit my statements by saying that I said the virus was fake. First of all I know from being a frequent caller myself when others are unable to address the issues of the caller before or the particular subject matter, they skirt them and try to make what they feel relevant to the conversation. I think at times I am even guilty of that but in doing so on this call, she exposed the fact that she doesn't know anything about rights and privileges or the lawful powers of the government and decided to build on an element of the conversation that wasn't there.

I did at no time say Coronavirus was fake so people should not put words in my mouth. I asked what if the virus, or anything they ever tell us is fake or a contortion of the truth? Is it not a legitimate question? Should American's be questioning our government to hold them accountable and wouldn't the result of not doing so be fertile ground for the seeds of tyranny to grow?


The intent of the question was to get people to really think about what I was asking so I will ask it again... "What if the pandemic was fake?


If the Governor wants to maintain control, can you think of a better way to maintain control that to use an excuse that they could control not only the numbers, the outcome and duration but the people? If he or the government or his NGO supporters had something to gain, wouldn't this be the perfect way to insure that those investments and wishes are brought to fruition? If the corporate entities that surround him can guarantee his re-election by doing their bidding, wouldn't that be fertile ground not matter how disgruntled his supporters were with him?

What if the Big pharma supported by globalist billionaires like George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Johns Hopkins, The World Economic Forum, the CCP and other "world leaders" as Amy calls them, supported not only the Governors of the state but the governors of other countries, could guarantee their re-election if they bought on to the globalist agenda? Does Amy know about the local national governments colluding with the globalists to implement "SDG's" of Sustainable Development Goals under Agenda 21 and the "Great Reset" that will ultimately create a one world governing super power under the United Nations while collapsing America?

It is not and never has been ridiculous to question government but as history shows it eventually becomes dangerous because when they all come to the point where people can plainly see through the façade, and people awaken to their awful situation, force by government is required and necessary to silence and reduce or terminate the rights of the people to maintain control over the people and that, my dear Amy is exactly where we are.

To callers and believers like Amy that may come to read this post, it is not written out of disrespect, it is to challenge and dialogue with you to help you understand that there is way more that is going on behind the scenes than the average American is even remotely aware and that the only way to expose the evil is to make every attempt to awaken others to the urgency of the times we face and how they can become a part of the solution.

May American's wake up before the government takes full control over the masses and we can't do anything about it.

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