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What is The Great Reset?

Behold, a Pandora's box! It seems that the world has become a virtual cornucopia of new things waiting to dazzle you when you least expect it! If even our most recent history is accurate we are continually sold things that rarely are what they are sold to be, whether it is a politician, the threat of War, a new president, a call for a constitutional convention, support for trade agreements or a "Pandemic," nothing is what we are told it is. At first it is sold as a lie, then over time, they eventually openly admit it was a lie and that there is nothing you can do about it. The proverbial Emperor has no clothes and there are still some that still see him fully clothed.

It almost seems like almost everyone is either evil or is too stupid to know they have been co-opted, right? Perhaps, people are baffled and enamoured by the latest and greatest lie and they stand hoping, although they most probably know it will be a lie, that this time it won't be. How ignorant and short sighted have we become? Enough that people still call people like me and those that believe like we do "conspiracy theorists." Before I go into it however, I would like to share a a few things I have learned from the field to add complexity to the issue at hand. Also, if you have answers to these dilemmas, please let me know.

One scheme, as if there weren't enough to overwhelm the average soul already, is something called The Great Reset. As I have worked hard to try to expose it, what I am finding out is something I just thought of and is the strangest phenomenon. When you ask people if they have heard of something sometimes people say yes but what they are really saying is that because they have heard something they automatically know what it is. I just assumed if you asked somebody about something and they knew about it, they knew but I realize they don't. I have proven it to myself over and over again.

I think this strange phenonemon is another sort of "mind-screw" not between govenrment and the people this time but between people. As I have stated before, human nature is that we will follow the path of least resistence. If we don't want to do it, we will find a way not to. This includes civic engagement and even includes becoming more educated on a topic. So, when someone tells me "yep, I know that," more times that not, they really don't. What they are saying most times, is that "yeah, I have head of it therefore I know it and you don't have to tell me" almost neutering the conversation and destroying any hope of getting them to engage because if you ask them details, most times, you see I was right, they know little to nothing and they know it and get angry because you asked. They are more angry that you put them on the spot than they are about what the government is doing to them. Sad right?


"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."


In reality, if the people that said they knew what something so serious was and didn't act, they would be brain-dead, right? If a person understands a threat well enough, fear would set in like we have seen over and over again. I know people are apathetic but they still react emotionally to real and even not so real threats, they don't just not say anything about it, even when overwhelmed. Likewise, if you don't know what something like the the Great Reset is in detail, You really may be a huge part of the problem and in the name of that ignorance, be part of the absolute enslavement of humanity. Yes! it is that serious.

There are many terms and phrases out there to confuse you, Earth day, care for the environment, Climate change, sustainability, SMART cities, "The Green Deal," "Build Back better to name a few. Additionally, there are also subtopics within each main topic and it is important to know the hierarchy and magnitude of what is coming at us. Understanding this also helps identify what is happening, who is behind it and why they are peddling it and to what end. If the enemies plans are to overwhelm people single issues, and people focus on the issues rather than those creating the issue, people will have way too many issues to fight and eventually give up. Sound familiar? My question is what would you rather do, fight the issues or the entity(s) focused on creating these issues? As I try to figure out how to reach people and become more successful in getting people to engage, these are a few of the issues I struggle with in exposing and stopping anything and your help is always greatly appreciated.


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Burke


The Great Reset... we have all heard of it, we all seem to have heard of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum and even terms like globalism are familar terms but these terms, seem to be just terms, because I don't see too many people concerned about them and if they love freedom, they should be.

So, what is The Great Reset? It is a plan sold to be a solution to all of the woe's that apparently plague humanity.You know the same woe's communists have tried to correct in the past like Poverty, equality, rights for the special classes, the extermination of HATE, providing for all equally etc. In reality, what they are selling is global tyranny, I call it total global human enslavement and it should scare the heck out of you, it does me but I have read to understand the issue while others haven't. This is nothing short of the enslavement of governments, businesses, religions and every individual around the world and all, ironically while being supported by the same entities. It has also been called a complete dystopian transhumanist future where Schwab admits that " it is a fusion of pyhisical, biological and digital identities." WHAT? How can this not set off alarm bells among men?

What makes matters worse is Schwab and how open he is about his plan and still it seems to trigger no one. Even in a video Schwab called "8 predictions of the world in 2030" where he openly says "You will own nothing and you will be happy." And although people talk about it, there is still no response or major concern from the people? I am not sure what is worse, to watch evil or for good people to complain on one hand and do nothing about it on the other?

The end game of all this like I said is total human enslavement, the mechanisms are to incrementally measure, monitor, manipulate and eventually totally control every move you make. Maybe that is why people aren't concerned because they are of the mindset that "it can't happen here" or "There is no way it will happen because people will see it." Well, not so far and the agenda advances more rapidly today that in any other time before its concoction was created.

If you have read 1984, Animal farm or Brave New World, and you read them as fiction or watched movies like The Hunger Games and Terminator, welcome to your new non-fiction reality.

"We need more conspiracy theories because all of the theories have come true."

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