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Whiners or winners? Which are you?

In a recent email to friends and subscribers, I shared that I have committed to attending city council meetings in my area. I have also asked others to commit to atteding as well, asking for them to take notes and want to meet with me peridically to discuss what is happening in their city or county and create specific action plans.


While people complain that there is nothing we can do, meetings are, for whatever reason, empty. There is really no shortage of things to do, people just need to be willing to engage. . We should be attending and reporting on such meetings at meetings if and when they can attend or watch online. If you attend any such meetings, take notes and let me know or share your notes with me or better yet, commit to being a part of a commission with others that wish to inform others.


I am committing to attend city council meetings in my area. I even created a spreadsheet that has the city name, dates of the meeting and locations to share with others as an example of what others can do as part of that commitment and growing the number of attendees. I will commit to taking notes at the meetings I attend and am looking for others that will regularly attend meetings of some kind, take notes and desire to report your findings with others that attend meetings.

We all have groups to do something but when I go to these meetings, even with the increase in our state population, there are few if anyone there. We all sure complain though don’t we, that nothing can be done? Well, nothing can be done if we don’t do anything but we all need to remove that defeatist attitude or this country is done. Some even use it as an excuse to not have to engage. If you know these people, they should be contacted. If you would like a copy of my list, ask me. If you get one, please feel free to add your city and county meetings or others to the list and send it back to me if you wish. I would like to attend these meetings when I am in your area.


Other meetings to attend are not only city and county meetings (go to their website and obtain the dates and times and locations of meetings and share this info with others.)


Each city has advisory and youth councils and other collaborative “working” meetings, there are Planning and zoning meetings, Justice commission meetings, legislative meetings, Association meetings, cultural meetings, meetings with a variety of NGO’s, and there is more than enough to do for anyone asking. No more excuses!

COMPASS (Meridian). Some of you may not be familiar with COMPASS but they are an NGO working with cities in our state to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Goals. I attended a few months ago where a representative from Florida came to speak on the utopian experience of 15-minute cities.  In attendance are government employees and other NGO’s.

Another meeting worth your consideration would be the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission meetings. If interested in that let me know.


I know we all talk about it and suggest to others what to do (like I am now) but I am finding that it isn’t enough, many need it as specific and detailed as possible.( review my sheet as an example).


I have learned that instead of asking others to attend meetings (like I suggested) try giving them a list of things to do that include contact info and dates and times of meetings and ask them to take notes and add any specifics they need to know. At this point, anything is better than no one there. People can commit to alternate meetings but if true success is to be had in these meetings, the attendees need to be informed on the issues they talk about. We can’t be informed if we don’t attend and we also can’t be informed if we don’t understand the language they use. People enjoy comeraderie and they also like others to lead by example, so they are no longer told what to do, we are actually showing them. Is it necessary? In my experience, ABSOLUTELY! It may even be a game changer!


Another important mechanism for such things is some method of accountability. If you can get people to commit (which should be a goal) we need to let them know we would like to follow up on the work they committed to do meaning that we mean business. It is way too late in the game for “Patriots” to play patty-cake, attend meetings and leaving without anything to do. No wonder everyone is complaining about our awful situation!


For example, entities (All of them indicating globalist influence-Schools, cities, counties, police, Associations and NGO’s) use code language like Sustainable, Stakeholders, Collaboration, Rigorous, SMART, and anything environmental-carbon footprint, Emissions, Multi-use, Walkable cities, Corridors, Wetlands and etc. and this is just the Agenda 21 stuff (that is all encompassing). How many people know this? Where would thry learn it? If they didn't and attended meetings, it couldn't mean much to them could it? But, if they are informed enough, they will see through it all and we need more people like this. We should want to all be like this!


Then there are a variety of other issues like defining a good candidate for office (based on what?), asking whether voting republican is enough to save our state, what are both sides of an issue (like COS for example), whether people are willing to learn AND discuss both sides of an issue if truth really is the ultimate goal. (You will know if it is or not by how they react.) And for crying out loud, if you are… stop beating people on the head and calling them names f you want them to know what you wish them to know! If they hate the truth, that is one thing, but if they hate you, you have lost them! If word traveles fast regarding ones reputation, should this not be a consideration in what we do and what we hope to gain from our actions?


Here's a teaser... Has anyone read Article 3, section 29 of the Idaho Constitution about Administrative rules? How many know that the administrative state (aside from our own ignorance) is the problem we have with any issues in our state? Are all rules consistent and authorized by the legislature? Is anyone talking about this?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, if you are waiting for it, here it is...


If we are serious about what we wish to do, we should finally (as many have resisted because of what they have been told- I was once there too) consider reviewing JBS info and acting on what you learn. See for yourself if the way you think and what you know isn't far better in short order. We are not the longest standing (hated by those that hate you and I-coincidence?) education and action organization of its kind for nothing. Who has a legacy like we do? If you prefer not to educate yourself on our information, could you be taking the wrong side of an issue? If so or not, how would you know? So many have and do and we still elected them! Do you really want good candidates? Then inform yourselves and others and that means learning then asking harder questions to your candidates and holding them accountable all along the way, not just until they get elected!


Join JBS or not, at least use the info we have to educate yourself and others because everything you learn will be relevant in every part of what you do from getting good candidates and PC’s elected, to testifying at meetings, doing podcasts, writing blogs and meeting with your elected officials, opinion molders and those that are crafting policy because they don’t know better and because no one understands, no one questions what they do.


Yes, I will admit membership is important to me but I am more concerned with my fellow Idahoans being armed with the right information to finally decide to commit to others to hold others accountable. There is no, “we can’t” or “it’s too late,” in a faith-based and confident attitude. If yours stinks, like mine does from time to time, remind yourself that negativity can breed negativity and winners don’t whine! Do you whine? Do you call yourself a winner?


Do you want to win? Do you really want to win? We need winners and not whiners, don’t you agree? Do you consider yourself “old,” infirmed, stupid, frustrated at others or yourself? Are you stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to get out of? If I need to guess, I would say that you are surrounded by the same people with the same attitude and we need to rely on each other to remove such toxicity, Amen? We all get that way, but we can’t win this way.


Whew! Anyway, I guess that's all for now. LOL. I just hope my words have helped in some way, because they were not meant to spread toxic text just to get yourselves up and get ready for the fight of your lives! If a man can say nothing and can't be done, he is right, if a man says "it ain't over" and there is plenty to do, he is also right so I guess it all depends on your attitude.

Happy new year everyone! Buckle up, you will be needed, I just hope you are ready.

I think I am back and ready!

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