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Why? What is the point...

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I have been as politically active as I can be for almost two decades. I have attended and spoken at Local Protests, mask burnings, Capitol protests and more and I have been asked over and over: "What is the point and what has it or what would it accomplish?" So I thought I would try to explain what I believe it does and what it accomplishes.

For the last twenty years I have often asked myself the same question. In 2007 I used to see hundreds and even thousands of people and for years afterwards, I spoke to groups at the statehouse ranging from 30- 50 people and no more. This was the norm until Trump ran for office then the people once again came out of the woodwork again. It didn't matter what I said or did, it seemed like noting I said or did would bring more people out and I realized that American's have become lazy, ignorant, apathetic and/or way more busy so people tend to take the time to do things they enjoy rather than things they need to do to secure their freedom. I guess that job is left for those that eat it, sleep it and dream it like me and a few others.

Watching what affects people and being as active as I have been, I think entitles me not only to be given a degree in psychology but a trip to the looney bin seeing people lazily and mindlessly squander their freedom on one hand while it is being robbed blind from them on the other. How can people not engage and how can we win if they don't? Believe me, I have asked myself time and time again: "What is the point?"

I always knew why I did what I did but I didn't really think about what accomplishments we achieved. It really wasn't until I was asked did I begin to really think about what the accomplishments that were derived from my years of sacrifice and it took some time to realize the answer.

My first answer was by asking what did the democrats accomplish when they became active? They planned, got kicked in the teeth, planned and strategized, organized and now they control all three branches of government. I would say from the days of a few Fabian Socialists in a room discussing how to gain control to gaining all three branches of government, it may have taken awhile but they did it. Was it just one action that did it? Absolutely not! It was a collection of successive concerted actions that brought success. It was a culmination of bra burners, civil rights activists, it was protestors over wars, over inequality, poverty, education, infiltration and more that collectively made a difference and they should be commended for their success, not so much for the results of their actions on what it has done to our country but if we wanted to we could have stopped it but we chose not to.

Sure the "conservatives" don't like when I use references from people that aren't us but that is just a part of our problem in that we are so compartmentalized and so unwilling to step beyond our paradigm, winning would be a miracle. I remember fellow patriots telling me how bad I was for suggesting we learn from those on the left that are successful and they wanted to have nothing to do with it and because they are still unwilling to understand the power of the collective, we may keep losing until they realize nothing else is working. We certainly can't unify and we must be the laughing stock by our political opponents.

So, relating back to why it matters and what we have accomplished, what we do have in common like the left is that we utilize our lawful Freedom of Speech and right of assembly to state our grievances. What's more is that since those days of small protest groups and since the days or increasing governmental abuse, the greatest thing we have accomplished is in knowing that there is in fact a silent majority and that open protest of millions of people boost the morale of other attendees as well as others watching and it sends a message not only to eachother that we are here but that there are more of us that anyone thought and if there is truly power in numbers, that unification above anything else is one hell of accomplishment.

As for making "real changes," I don't think there is anyone that can say that the Tea Party didn't do anything when it literally changed the political landscape of an entire election cycle not to mention freak the left out when they saw such a wave. Mediocre candidates were replaced with much more staunch conservatives, they were way more outspoken and the bills produced worked to reverse decades of leftist bills.

But what did the Tea Party do exactly? They unified, stood together, protested together and educated one another together and shared their common purpose together. So how can one ask how and what has been accomplished unless our attention spans are so short we don't remember? I am sure there are countless examples of stories just like these.

Another success was Trump's election. What did people do to get him elected, they unified, they protested, they educated and they voted. can we say this was not an accomplishment? I think the left even though they hate Trump would have to say it was indeed an accomplishment.

Years ago, I remember a movement to impeach Earl Warren, seems to me that may have also been considered an accomplishment, as well the impeachment of Nixon and Bill Clinton

As for me though, as I look back at all we have done, I am left with an analogy I can't seem to remember verbatim but it had to do with asking the question regarding a man that strikes a rock with a hammer or pick and whether it was the culmination of hits that broke the rock or the one hit in the right place that broke the rock.

My answer to what the point is and what it accomplishes is that every successive action works toward a desired goal and only though actions can accomplishments be made. Activism and the accomplishments through activism I can tell you are more about the culmination of hits than the one hit to the right place because most often times, most acting don't know where that right place is which is probably why were were active in the first place.

Today, the globalists are hitting us on multiple fronts. They are unified, well funded and have dupes doing their dirty work. Do you suppose they will not celebrate accomplishments for their actions?

Accomplishments are rewards for hard work, whether evil of for good, it seems that hard work gets rewarded and for that, those that work the hardest reap the greatest rewards. The question for us is not if we can obtain such accomplishments but it we are willing to work harder to gain them than our opposition.

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