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"You can pry it from my what?"

People are under some pretty strong delusion that we have a Second Amendment to protect ourselves, but it seems no one wants to address “the lunacy in the room” in that I argue we don’t have a second amendment and people need to seriously consider what I am saying so they are under no illusion that we do. People look for any excuse to find apathy.

If people proclaim we have a second amendment, I think it is like sporting those “patriotic sayings” like: “You can pry it from my cold dead hands, support our troops, back the blue and never forget.” Every time I hear these I cringe because it seems like people like to think they are patriots but just may not be because patriotism requires sacrifice and people don’t seem to be willing to sacrifice yet, if they ever will.

So, does the Second Amendment really exist? I argue only on paper and if people are not aware of how easily that can change, they make my case and may not be “patriots” at all. For example, few even understand the threat of the UN or the call for a constitutional convention or…anything that can remove that privilege at any time. (Yes, I said privilege.)

Why doesn’t the Second Amendment exist?

Well, first of all, the purpose of the amendment was to PREVENT the feds from regulating firearms at all. Do they? Yes! This is now no longer a right; it is a privilege because we have allowed it to become one. Secondly, people have forgotten the two main parts of the amendment, the second part, the establishment and maintenance of the Militia. Why won’t any 2a org touch it? LOL, why do you think? Whether they touch it or not, what this shows is that people are either uneducated or not willing to make that sacrifice to understand this or clueless as to what to do about it.

People are delusional if they think because the feds and states allow them to have pea shooters, that, somehow, they are some formidable forces against a tyrannical government? This is both scary and laughable.

The bigger issue I think is that few are still not willing to acknowledge the conspiratorial elements of an emerging world government and realizing that single issues aren’t single issues, they are all connected to one issue and that merely supporting the GOP won't fix this either.

To help people understand what we are facing and connect the dots, I have offered a few examples: War on drugs- world government, open borders- world government, gun control-world government, trade agreements- world government, environmental regs-world government, expanded police powers-world government, Religion-world government, food and water and people control-world government, Local agitation- world government, Education-world government, foreign wars (including our involvement in Israel)- world government and corporate and NGO collusion with government- world government!

I think it is time for my fellow Idahoans to face the music in a big way. Don’t hide behind trendy sayings, don’t expect someone else to do what you know you should be doing yourself and make sure at all times, we are meeting and educating as many people as possible. There is much to do before one takes up arms.

If we think we are going to fight off what is coming with just a pistol and a rifle, you may as well go home and watch TV, because we have already lost.

"Pry it from my cold dead hands?" Why would this be necessary when they have done it while you are still alive?

If this issue sets a precedent, the Insiders now know we are all talk and and no action. What few realize is that war or the usage of such firearms is a last result, not the first and to those excited and waiting in anticipation to use your firearms, I would only ask why you waited so long or did you just want war, a war you couldn't win?

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1 Yorum

Hi Tom, a good thought provoking article. While I agree with you on most points, I don't agree with every point.

I do believe most haven't read or understand the Second Amendment. We lost the 2A long ago when we lost the County Militias replaced with the fed controlled National Gaurd. The feds, the fed controlled media, and citizens running around the forests in cammo have all convinced people the milias are bad for America. Not so, the Militia was part of the judicial system, serving warrant and arresting people to stand trial once an indictment was issued. The citizen people could actually lodge complaints to the local militia and they could make recommendations for investigation by the district attorneys.…

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