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"You don't do anything!"

This is the most common statement I get, not just daily but multiple times a day, ad naseum almost as if people think I don't have an answer or that no matter what answer I offer, it won't be good enough.

Sadly while many are thinking it isn't good enough, when I ask them the same questions, they have no answers regarding other options, all the while the enemy runs rampant out in the open. Although this could be broken into several posts and probably should be, I felt it important to defend my position and offer clarity and a bit of hope in the shortest way possible.

The first thing I would like to address is the importance of the work I do. I am an activist but because people find the term so offensive, I have coined a new name that I find far more palatable- Civic Engineer. Many of you know I am a Field Coordinator for The John Birch Society. If you don't but like what I post, maybe it would be time to review the website and join the education and action army at

Some may say they joined or ar leery of joining for a variety of reasons and many, most never been members enjoy saying we don't do anything which I find a bit sad and humerous at the same time. So, I thought I would provide some clarity on what we do and actually what and how things should be done that may follow in the next post.

JBS is the longest standing education and action organization of its kind in the country. For 65 years while we have been continually smeared and people believed it, we were waving the warning flags with 65 years of truth that we believe the American public deserves but wasn't getting. What I found surprising is that people would be comfortable living a lie that living in with an uncomfortable truth and here we are. We believe that if more Americans were aware of the truth by what we were expressing, we wouldn't be here today- let that sink in.

Now I could bore you with hours of details about how we were created and why which you can find on our website on your own if you care to look but this post is more about what we do.

I already stated that JBS is an education and action organization. Some see us as purely focused on federal issues and see us only as educational, both which are false.

Some have claimed JBS doesn’t do much. Most that say so are those that don’t understand. To aid in this understanding, I have offered the following information. Suffice it to say that for 65 years JBS has provided the education and direction and it is up the people to do what needs to be done.

What few realize is that many of the issues we talk about are not well known or common knowledge and if the topic may be, our perspective generally isn’t. In 65 years, JBS has never taken a wrong position on an issue and has evidence to prove it. While the State GOP and Democrats have smeared us for decades, it is time for people to, at the very least, understand who we are and what we do and recognize supporting party over country will not save us, after all, our Founders didn't even support political parties. As another eldction season is upon us, remember that.

It is important to know that we are not an organization that focuses on federal issues necessarily but federal and global issues that affect us at the local level and as individuals and help people understand what to do about these issues. It is also imperative that people understand not only that everything is connected but what they are connected to and how. We are not political and our desire is not to get good people elected but to educate the electorate to get and keep good people info office.

Most JBS actions are found on our website and in our monthly bulletin. I have attached our monthly bulletin (below) as an example for people that may want to know what one looks like. Inside there is always an action checklist. You can share the attachment with anyone on this list. This bulletin goes out to all members as they all read an act in concert to maximize our effectiveness.

Members are encouraged to start and join chapters. Meetings are at least once a month, the best being one business action meeting and another, what we call Information and Action meetings, also known as video nights, where people meet to learn and discuss what they learned and devise action projects.

Such concerted actions help members become educated together and act together increasing the influence in their communities and begin to take their country back community by community. Growth, education and concerted action are key to the success of any movement and is hindered by the lack of each which I believe is why groups start strong and over time they fizzle out. Of all the reasons people leave, I have found they lack purpose, understanding, and most important of all, commitment. Because there are some that prefer not to meet in a chapter or can't, we have what we call "home chapters" where individual members do the work on their own as a part of a national concerted action with all other members.

For those that wish to stay engaged and performing requested actions any time, I would encourage them to visit here:

Contact your local coordinator:

Sign up for local legislative alerts:

Sign up for federal alerts:

Sign up for state alerts:

Contact your elected officials:

Act on Idaho Alerts: (Or click state of your choice)


Thanks to JBS, Congressmen and state legislators have scorecards and we have a Freedom Index. This is a great tool to help others (including your congressmen and legislators) understand how they voted. These can be printed out and shared everywhere.

Here is access to the Freedom Index: . (Click on the individual and print scorecard)

Here is the state index, Click on your state.

Further actions include understanding our Agenda items, a few are listed below:

Article 5 convention (Convention of States)

There is already a huge push for support for a convention and those that oppose it will need to be ready and aren’t. Every year I get fewer and fewer that seem to be interested in knowing about this topic or they have just given up. I think it is imperative for people whether they support it or preferably not, that they know enough about the issue to make the right choice. It is very disappointing to me that few if anyone talks about it and fewer even know or care about it. We should be up to speed already but at the very least we need to be by the start of our legislative session. By this time, we hope that all Idahoans have at least contacted their legilators and know what position they are taking and why. To learn more go here: If JBS is the only organization that opposes this agenda, how else will you know if you have been lied to unless you understand our arguments. remember, JBS has been fighting this issue for more than 46 years, a lot longer than most advocating suport for it.

Agenda 2030

It isn’t coming it is already here. Do you know what it is and can you stand and talk about it, defend it or more hopefully oppose it? Do you know enough to see it? The Environmental agenda has permeated every facet of our society at every level of government and yet, people still don’t seem to be talking too much about it. Their goal is 2030, that leaves 7 years for us to figure it out. Meanwhile wind turbine parts clog freeway systems and kids, schools and libraries are aiding in the removal of parents from their children. To lean more go here:

There are many actions that can be taken on a variety of issues, some few are even talking about and it is free and you don’t need to be a member to participate. You are requested to me a member to join a chapter however.

To see all of our action projects, click here: and click on Actions Projects at the top.

Current actions included are:

As you can see there is plenty to do and these are just a few. If there is any question on how much we know, we are encouraged to learn about these issues and educate others. Success comes from the groundswell of knowledge and action. If we want to win, we need the masses to understand and it all begins with each of us individually and what we do with what we have.

We often use sayings like "The enemy doesn't care what you know, they only care what you do about it" and "We are not interested in being the smartest people in a concentration camp"both which convey the fact that we are not just about education but education and action.

If you want videos and articles, we produce them all day long. If you need assistance, Please feel free to contact me at or 208-861-6405.Don’t rely on information that someone tells you that may or not be true, consider an organization with 65 years of preaching the truth!

Idaho and America needs people that read and also do more than read and to act on what they read and work with others in a concerted action to create that awareness that stops bad things from happening!

Members recieve two issues of The New American Magazine and a monthly bulletin with an action checklist to be completed. Here is the Monthly bulletin for August for members

JBS offers the education and action infrastructure, it is up to us to recognize it and make the best of what we have to offer.

Franklin said "it is a republic if YOU can keep it." Who exactly is YOU?

Americans have spent way more time expecting others to do what we should be doing ourselves which, ironically is un-American, which is partly why the JBS motto is "less government, more responsibility and with God's help a better world."

Now, as you review what we do, compare what we do to what others do and if you still find your time is better spent elsewhere, go there and commit to the cause and do not delay, our window of opportunity is closing fast.

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