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The government is controlling what our freedoms are and the media wants to maintain that government narrative. Even the corporations are against the God given rights of man as they ironically support the courts decision to give corporations the status of a person having rights! 

Can the courts give rights and better yet, can corporations,the media and government dictate what our rights are?

This campaign came from an idea  by North Idaho JBS Coordinator Caleb Collier. With the help of a few members and that financial support, the billboard idea was born and in short order the billboard was up! Sadly in a matter of less than half the time to get it up, Lamar removed it. Yes, the donors got their money back but it still doesn't change the fact that they think they won and to me, they did.

Finding issue with the scenario as it played out since it was clear billboard companies are more likely to support Pot shops and sex toy shops, I wanted to continue to send a message that will not so easily be squelched and I think I found it and if we can raise the money we can make it happen.

This last week I have found 11 billboard prospects and locations in highly visible areas including busy truck stops and 7 of them have already committed! We need more locations and we need your financial support to make it happen can't and won't be done without you!

This campaign although it began with a billboard will be expanded to a signage/billboard campaign since it will be a grass roots campaign at circumventing the billboard companies and instead be placing our own signage everywhere we can which will mean that we will have election-sized signs, 4 x 8 signs, banners on tractor-trailers to murals on walls of people willing along with any other idea people may have to challenge the current narrative!

Therefore I am asking you to do several things which include:

1. Change the narrative by changing our speech! "Freedom is the Cure!"

2. Tell others about the billboard/signage campaign

3. Think and list people you know with money willing to offer support

4. Think and list people that own property in high traffic area and along the interstate that may be willing to consider placing signage on their property.

5. List those that are willing or can offer materials that will help to erect these signs

6. If you wish to join The John Birch Society or want more information, please go to

                                                        CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Presently, there is no way to order online. Until I remedy this issue, please call or email me. 

 If you would like to order such signage without a donation, please call me at 208-861-6405 or email

Checks are also accepted. Please send checks payable to:


Tom Munds

P.O Box 851 

Middleton, ID 83644

In the check memo, please write Billboard campaign unless you prefer to leave it blank but please leave direction on where you would like the money to go.

         All donations received (unless instructed otherwise) will go specifically go signage for Idaho             and Eastern Oregon with the exception of BLIP Billboards that can be viewed nationally.

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