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Brad Little, Davy Crockett, Horacio Bunce (and Karl Marx)

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

In Idaho, another election season is upon us and yet again, we are forced to endure grown adults acting like children that include lies and manipulation, where we are overwhelmed and baffled with bull. As we hope to nail down what is ours to prevent the government eating our substance or yet eating from us and reguritating upon others, what I ponder is eerily familiar in some regard to moma birds feeding their babies. Afterall, the babies don't know they are eating from the momma's mouth and apparently, neither do we.

With all the hoopla about Little calling his "extraordinary session" to address inflation, I call bull. What he should have said is he is having a session "in the name of inflation" or like "in the name of security," or "for the sake of the children," all phrases used to incrementally enslave humanity elevating the position of one to a dictatorship or one as the front man to an oligarchy.

"So, why the title Tom and why the pictures?" Well, shock value for one. Since smears have worked so well that come after people like me, I thought maybe I would return the favor only the smear I share is openly a smear but my smear is also accurate, not like others that are outward lies.

As I was considering the details about the governors "special "session, the story about Davy Crockett and Horacio Bunce came across my email and the timing couldn't have been more perfect and the story, as I read it again is worth serious contemplation. As we face an election this November that I believe will determine the future direction from Idaho,whether people will prefer freedom or be soothed to sleep by the deception of a man that seems to be more interested in helping the people that get him elected than standing for the people, Idaho will clearly know soon enough. The difference I emplore you all to consider is not only the lawfulness and principle of a thing, it is also the intent.

We all know Karl Marx, right? The Grandfather of Marxism, the platform that seeks to abolish private property, offer a heavy graduated tax, free healthcare and public school and ultimately have govenrment determine who should get what? I think it is fair to say that Marx was intentional in applying his "utopian" and contorted worldview to society, wouldn't you? The people that have supported Marxism have even become so brilliant, they have managed to make it "American" and "patrotic" but as some people get on board and start to oppose governments, people under such delusions, like Brad Little hide and have others do their bidding like his empowering bureaucratic unelected bureaucracies, brilliant! Right?

The more I know Little, I see him as a suppoter of Marx, way more than I do a supporter of Americanism, the Constitution, the limitations of his office. Why are people okay with this guy not being publicly "kissing babies" as we say, but has insulated himself as a tyrant, one that rules from on high? The only clear reasons I can think of are that he is not concerned about the election, which means he is not concerned about you or your inflaction or other "crisis de jure" and people still are uninformed enough to support him?

I almost felt I was disrespecting Davy Crockett and Horacio Bunce which is why I added Karl Marx into the mix. When I posted the pic for shock value I knew I could not create a meme that compared Crockett, or Bunce to Little because, to me, they are nothing alike in principle. It is in the intent. God forbid I did anything to link Little with good people. My intent rather is to show good from bad for those that don't know better.

First, it is an election year and Little isn't a bit worried about the turn out, which should concern us all. Furthermore, the people don't seem to be bothered that he has created such unlawful edicts, then lied about initiating them and still won't address the people or does he even look like he cares what the people think or want? This guy is so out of touch, it has to be intentional.

Today, Idahoans and all Americans are struggling to make it. What better way during an election year to kick the people in the head and taking advantage of their emotion, ignorance and aweful situation, offer them money as if he has either the right, or the authority to do it?! To no surprise folks, it is more bull. What person would claim to help with inflation "for the sake of the people" and give them relief on one hand while empowering the govenrment on the other than only exaserbates the problem in the first place? To no surprise if what I am saying isn't telling enough already...its about education... again? Education or not, healthcare or not, in principle and constitutionally, this out of control executive has no lawful or moral authority to do what he is doing! At all!

Will the people as desparate as they are take the money? I bet they will because eating and living is immediatly in front of them and is more important to freedom isn't it? I mean look at all of the patriots "on the dole" now? So, in this regard are not Little and Marx similar in that regard? If so, how can one claim to be an American and one claim to be a Marxist and have them mean the same thing? They appeal only to the ingorant with their messages.This is why understanidng Neconservatism is so important.

I hardly see how this issue with the similarities with Little and Marx can be compared to Crockett and Bunce because the principle, in my mind, was applied differently. One was intentional and the other arguably by mistake because the man elected, Crockett, lacked a principally firm foundation. It wasn't until Bunce corrected Crockett after the fact (as if that isn't a problem then as it is today) where Crockett understood his error regarding support of a bill to help certan people that had endured a tragedy, that he shouldn't have supported and lacked lawful authority.

Do you suppose if the people of Idaho held Little accoutable for his unlawful actions that he would change his mind? Arguably no, because not only does he lack any firm foundation, he has obviously aligned himself with people that have Marxist leanings and they are perceive by him to be more powerul than we are, at least so far. The people meanwhile in dire straights. they see fires and their country buring everywhere and this time, they, people like Little want to give us ALL money, which is still beyond his authority or the authority of govenment in general.

As we face a "special" session in Idaho called forth by Idaho's "king" I emplore you to not only read the Crockett Bunce story and share it but attend the session and voice your absolute displeasure of of the abuse of his authority. If you are not displeaded or you don't show up or state your displeasure, you are in fact part of the problem.

Read the story, "Not Yours To Give" HERE

Here is my video on this topic HERE

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