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Action item! Idaho's congressional delegation needs your help now!

I know I hadn't written for awhile and for those following me, I apologize but I guess it isn't really a bad thing when all we need is just one more emil right? So, I guess in that light, I have been doing everyone a favor? LOL.

Anway, if you are anything like I am your head is hit with so many things going on, it is hard to catch up and with any special projects that take any additional time, it carves time from what we routinely do or even things we like to do or need to do on a regular basis. I haven't even done videos in awhile but hope to as I (finally) migrate everything from You Tube to Rumble since I didn't like Odysee much.

So, if you are still there thank you for hanging with me. Just because no one has heard from me doesn't mean I am no longer "in it to win it." I don't think that will ever go away especially when every day is worse that the previous day and there are still not enough people educated and active enough to make the difference we CAN make, if we believe we can.

I will say, I am perplexed that as things get worse and people wake up, we still have the same problems we have always had. We blame politicians, cops, and whoever else we can for our own derilection of our civic duty. To make matters worse, as people become more fearful and frantic, people seem to either have given up, don't now where to start and find excuses why they feel like they don't need to engage. I must be born with this ability because in my view all that is necessary is "if you see something, to say something." Sometimes government comes up with great sayings but they use them against us rather in defense of us and to make sure we use this to our advantage, it is up to us but if we are stupid, ignorant or just don't care, this is EXACTLY what we get and it will get worse. You can't hide. If you do it will find you and force you to fight so you either engage now with that awesome possibility of winning , or do so when you absolutely have to and will absolutely lose.

Consider what is apparently the most popular saying in Idaho. "Keep it local." I am not sure who the heck started it but I wonder if they were controlled opposition or it was taken out of context but wither way, when it comes to things related to things outside of one's town, state or country, it doesn't matter and that my friends is how the enemy wins.

Take congress for example. Few if anyone contacts them. They say 'Well, they are beyond help so I focus locally because there is nothing I can do and they won't hear me anyway." There are several things wrong with this mindset that actually reminds me of a brainwashing video you should all watch or watch again. I can elaborate further on a different post but it is all a lie. Do you know why? Because it is all perception. Ever wonder why you now hear the phrase "perception is reality?" Why do you think that is? It is that way so you may become so overwhelmed you will give up witout firing a shot and that is part of the plan. Rebuke it! Perception is not all. Just because you feel or think something doesn't make it real!

Oh! What a state or "un-state" we are in. If the state is a state of being, I am really not sure where that puts us. All I know is that is people committing to becoming more informed and acting upon what they learned about how things come together would be far better able to fight the conspiracy that has created ALL of these single issues.

To understand how everything is connected is key! Even if you don't know anything and want to engage, don't hide that fact, own it! Most of us when we started owned that we didn't know anything and besides there are so many people that can help you. The worst problem about following anyone is being deceived. Sadly that knowledge comes over time so keep your ears and eyes open and learn constantly and act but for crying out loud don't just look to the GOP to save you.

For example, there are many things the GOP either won't touch or supports that is dangerous to liberty. Among one of them is support for the radical climate change agenda. Many don't even know it. So, Whos fault is this?

So, here is an education and action item I wrote for you today. If you follow it, if you didn't know this stuff before, you will not only become a bit more educated on the topic, you will have done something to help educate others. Please act on the action item below and if you do, let me know in the comments, or send me an email or a text or call me and let me know how it went. You wouldn't want me to assume you didn't do anything would you? Talk to you all soon!



Dear leaders, members and friends,

I know everyone is super busy and focused on their issues of concern as we all are but I would like to bring your attention to an issue that involves you to know and act. While most don’t focus on the invasiveness and complexity of the climate change agenda, it is ironic that almost everyone of our elected officials, at every level of government do and some don’t even know it.

That being said, I received a press release this morning from a chapter leader that alerted me to this press release and it has provided a window of opportunity for you to know a bit more about the topic and to act and share and ask others to do the same thing.

I sent this email below with links out to each of our congressional delegation this morning. I would like you to not only sent it to each of them but inform others on your email lists and other opinion molders like your AG.

Please review this information, call and email, at the very least the following:

Senator Jim Risch: DC: 202-224-2752, Boise: 208-342-7985, CDA: 208-667-6130, Idaho Falls: 208-523-5541, Pocatello: 208-236-6817, Twin Falls: 208-734-6780

Senator Mike Crapo: DC: (202) 224-6142, Boise: (208) 334-1776, Twin Falls: (208) 734-2515, Idaho Falls: (208) 522-9779, Pocatello: (208) 236-6775

Congressman Simpson: DC: 202-225-5531, Boise: 208-334-1953, Twin Falls: 208-734-7219, Eastern ID: 208-523-6701

Congressman Fulcher: DC: (202) 225-6611, Meridian: (208) 888-3188, CDA: (208) 667-0127

Raul Labrador (AG): 208-334-2400

Copy, paste and she the following:

Dear elected official, (Use their name),

Thank you for taking my call this morning. I called in regards to commending our congressional delegation on their most recent press release HERE or

The reason for my email is to alert you and your office their position on this is not only commendable, but just a small part of a greater plan and exposing it is critical to saving our state and our country. Below you will find evidence of not only info directly related to this issue but to show some chronology and how invasive this issue really is. We have ample evidence and experts available to speak to this issue in detail when you desire it.

All of these single issues, whether it be immigration, carbon pipelines, food, healthcare, inclusivity and tolerance, wind farms, dam breaching, COVID, private businesses, PPP’s (Public Private partnerships between government and corporations), digital currency, collusion with NGO’s and multi-national corporations and inflation all... everything has to do with the climate change agenda that was originally called Agenda 21, also known as climate change, Sustainable Development, or “The Green New Deal” now called Agenda 2030 will usher in The Great Reset, the total re-blueprinting of humanity around the globe and as Klaus Schwab says: “The merging of the physical, digital and biological identities…

Since all of this is related and as not to overwhelm the average soul, I offer you the following evidence. Notice the time of the Iron Mountain report and the First Earth Day.

Report From Iron Mountain article:

Need to read the intro to understand. Page 16 identifies environment as the threat


And, like it or not, JBS has been right all along: ,

I can be contacted at any time by email or by the phone number below. Please tell the rest of our delegation, they are on the right path with their most recent press release but to not stop there, encourage others where you are about the toxicity of this Agenda to not only America but the globe!

Please review this information and communicate what you have reviewed with others to stop the advancement of the climate Agenda and the full implementation of The Great Reset.

Tom Munds


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