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The Great Reset and trade agreements- NAFTA, USMCA

People often confuse trade agreements with free trade but there is an organization out there that has sounded the alarm about the dangers of trade agreements for decades but few seem to care or want to understand. I get it though, when I was first asked to do presentations on the topic, I was rather disinterested because it seemed so uninteresting and stated to me by others, unsexy. It isn't like hot issues going after children or getting arrested as a political prisoner that arouse the public but it would if they knew about why it is important. I was certainly on board after I understood this topic which is why I am trying to write about it now. Perhaps, you didn't want to learn about the issue because you had some issue with the source or didn't know where to find the truth? Sadly while doing so, many have missed out on the topic altogether and/or for the sake of denying what is true or not knowing, have allowed the agenda to advance.

There is free trade or the free excahnge of goods and services between countries and there is managed trade where a mediator or controlling entity becomes the middle man that creates the rules and bureaucratic red tape. Which would you prefer? We know anytime a government gets involved in anything, they tend to make most things worse not better and that relates to things within our own country. Imagine what it would be like if you gave up a part of your sovereignty to allow an international entity to manage your affairs between nations? Would that be better than keeping things local or worse? I guess one could say, it depends upon who that entity was and how they managed it and what interestes they had in managing it and their desired outcome.

The Laws of Nature have allowed for free trade and contracts, and controlling governments have always desired to regulate or manage trade citing chaos and lawlessness if there aren't any rules both entities abide by. I think because no one wants chaos and lawlessness, people opt for the managed trade option but could the free trade agenda be just another excuse like terrorism, national security, Climate Change or COVID to advance an agenda for a desired outcome? Who wins anyway and why is it important and why don't people on a local level not pay attention to it?

As I recall, the first trade agreement was what was called The Coal and Steel community founded in 1951, where a few nations got together to better trade issues between them but what was it? As I see it, it was the first collective effort to politically and economically intergrate these partner countries. What has happened since that time? More trade agreements, like the ECC, The European Economic Community that became the EU in 1992, so if these agreements all work the same way, you can see a progression and an outcome.

Fast forward, we have heard of Lisbon Treaty of 2007, which established an EU Constitution. not by vote by each country, after France and the Netherlands opposed it but through treaty, The Mastricht treaty.

Since that time we have seen a multitude of agreements like GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, the SPP, TPP, TTIP and Trump's support of UNESCO. Sure, there are other details including ceding power to the President, Fast Track Authority (FTA) and the creation of the World trade Organization and circumventing congress but we will save those details for another time.

Most recently there have been multitudes of agreements that clearly state the intention of these agreements that show a desire by member countries to begin the process of political and economic intergration like the separate and equal sovereign european nations and they, bit by bit, ceded their sovereignty to what they call "Soviet-style bloc nations" that reduced these countries to nothing more than members or parts of the whole where the governing entity become the new sovereign. If you doubt how they start, consider the most recent Declaration for North America that openly admits the desire for this progression that also admits the desire to intergrate politiclaly and economically. Why does no one know about this? Are thoughts of the formation of a North American Union still considered radical conspiracy theories that will come true like the others while others just feel it can't happen?

Remember, Nations are defined as nations for their independence and the power to opereate within the desires of that country. The U.S., for example, was founded on individual liberty. As a soveriegn nation, with soveriegn states, the states had the authority to rebuke unlawful authority by other states or the whole at any time. Even the state had the authority to rebuke the federal goventrment, if the government exercised unlawful authority. This, to me, is what was meant by separate but equal and that we were not formed as a national govenrment, we were a federation of states.

So what is the logical sequence when each sovereign state or country gives up a bit of its sovereignty over time? They become less free to make decisions and giving that authority to a supra-national governing body. In the case of countries, we can see that treaties, although people are told that they are lawful and legitimate, may not be if they are used as an end run around the states or countries approval by vote on such agreements and would certainly not be legitimate if they eroded the power of countries to operate without governing interference from other states or a governing body outside of that state or countries government.

Can we conclude then, if what I say is true, that when we know the history of trade agreements and we can acknowledge the global one world conspiracy, plain for all to see, that these agreements may have been instigated "In the name of security and prosperity" but instead to create or further empower that supra-national govening entity like the UN? Can we conclude by creating, pertaining to trade, the World Trade Organization? Can we also see the empowerment of such an entity by the creation of the WHO, power that was shown during COVID, the Food Alliance dealing with food, Agenda 21/2030/The Great Reset for climate change and International courts (ICC), UNESCO for global education, INTERPOL and the UN police for police, The UN charter on Human Rights to deal with rights of chosen classes of people and far more that all empower the same entity?

With this knowledge, how can anyone deny the march toward world government unless, Americans, for example don't know anything about the principles of freedom or their constitutional republic placing limits on govenrment and not on people?

If you think because you don't hear much about trade agreements that nothing is happening, you should know, there is more happening than you know and they are working on political and economic intergration to not only destroy our country and its sovereign authority, the controlling oligarchs are destroying borders of all nations toward bloc-style nations to merge these blocs into a world govenrment.

One more thing, if you are looking at trade as a single issue and not a smaller part of the greater whole, it would be helpful to see the bigger picture and go backwards because everything is connected. To think trade is all about one thing without seeing what is connected to it, we can never expose it for what it is. For example, this trade agenda has everything to do with supply chain breakdowns, food shortages, banking failures, COVID, the ability to travel, what we eat, what we buy and how much and more. I hope if you didn't see it before, I have helped in some small way to see the bigger picture. It also has everything to do with our economy in that U/S. corporations that have moved overseas due to environmental regulations, burdensome taxes and more are increasing the economies of the countries where these corporations are and using the power and authority to regulate every part of your country. Is it any wonder, for example that China is so empowered against the US, yet US corporations have moved there that now have a direct effect on our country or perhaps through the United Nations? Can you see the writing on the wall?

To learn more about the trade agenda, please go to

Other useful links include The UN , The USMCA and The NAU

If, after reading, you still question JBS and what we do and why, ask yourself, what other organization exposes what we do and while you ponder this question, think about what would happen if more people knew what we are talking about and did something about it?

If you still have questions about trade or other issues or about what I do or what we do, feel free to contact me anytime.

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