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Why The Pluck Is Boise Turning Socialist?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

I moved to Idaho almost 30 years ago and wow how it has changed. I remember listening to local radio with KTVB talking about how bad the traffic was and all I could do was laugh as I entered the freeway onramp without ever having to look behind me to merge-there was no traffic. It was shortly when I realized small town like Boise wanted to be the big city, almost seeming to want to have its problems- its traffic, crimes and political strife. At that time, I didn't see any of these issues, certainly not like I do today.

Well, after almost 30 years, news media sources like KTVB can feel finally feel legitimate because what I left then is here, all of it! Nasty people, traffic, endless construction, political strife, crime, the increasing police state, abuse of political powers at all level of governments and people on both sides completely unhappy with the direction of where we are going even when most that comment are uninformed. That being said, much of the comment is misdirected that proves just how uninformed people are. Sadly since truth is seen as more relative due to a variety of confusion factors. Those that are informed speaking the truth are finding it difficult to be seen as any credible source of truth that could calm the confusion when truth has been reduced to mere opinion like that of our opposition.

Are people that are leaving California and other states coming here conservative? Some say they are and the media even says that those moving here will not contribute to becoming blue rather than red. I can tell you that this is a mathematical impossibility and personal meetings with many of them will confirm what I already knew but let's not be too quick to post the entire problem on those moving here. What most moving here don't know is that Idaho was already becoming like what they left. The good thing for Idaho is that few have found people like me to help them understand how bad Idaho has become.

So, if we do not or are not to blame most of the problem on the migrants, what other factors are there to consider? First, a majority of Idahoans are uninformed, they know nothing about what made Idaho great, they know nothing of our founding form of government nor do they understand the difference between a republic and a democracy. Why is this? Because while so many are enjoying Idaho, they are apathetic and ignorant about the conspiratorial elements undermining our state by the multitude of non-profit, orgs, the National Education Association, the globalist influences brought in by United Nations certified NGOs and not only their effective tactics but their mechanisms of subversion circumventing every branch of government and because of their organization, money, and multitude of people maintaining the narrative to the point that the side of liberty is not only not heard but brushed off and even denied completely.

People think because Idaho is a republican state, we are safe. The sad part is that few that are even republican can not only not define what a republican is, to Idaho republicans it is not even necessary to adhere to the platform. With all that I have said here, I feel I have more than made my case regarding why I believe Idaho is turning socialist and how this will have dangers and long reaching consequences to not only our future as a state but what it will mean for the future freedom of the next generations.

The solution always has been education. The longer good moral Biblical and constitutional people distance themselves from Civic engagement, not only the longer it will take to bring us back but will become harder as our perspective is eliminated while positions we should be in are occupied by those either intentionally or otherwise remove us from our foundations of not only what made America great but what made Idaho great.

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